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Moon Hunters 10 rate Moon Hunters is a choice-driven adventure game that allows you to decide who your character will be, gives you the freedom to explore the amazing landscapes, and offers you the chance to create your own myth. Will you be successful in your quest to hunt down the missing moon and become a legend in your tribe? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Inspired by classic adventure games like Legend of Zelda and Gauntlet, Moon Hunters is a choice-driven adventure game that allows you to decide who your character will be, gives you the freedom to explore the amazing in-game landscapes, and offers you the chance to create your own myth. Best played cooperatively with up to 3 friends, you and your team of players will need to scour the world for clues that will help you restore the moon to its rightful place in the night’s sky. However, since the moon’s disappearance, various monsters now prowl the realm. You will need to work together with your fellow adventurers to help the poor terrorized civilians while guarding each other’s backs. Will you be successful in your quest to hunt down the missing moon and become a legend among your tribesmen? Find out now by playing Moon Hunters!


When the moon did not rise on one fateful night, monsters awaken from their slumber to terrorize the people of the land. In hopes of restoring balance to the world and get to moon to rise again, you and the other chosen Children of the Moon have to set off into an exciting adventure across the ever-changing world, filled with myths to find and stories to uncover.

In the process, you’ll encounter many scenarios and characters, each providing you with 2 vote-driven dialogue choices. What you and the other Chosen decide to do will have a strong impact on your reputation, will mold your character’s traits and personality, and ultimately determine which constellation you belong to. Will you choose to walk the path of evil, or will you fight to stay on the path of righteousness... even when other people took advantage of your kindness?


To start playing Moon Hunters, you will need to first choose between playing via LAN or through their peer-to-peer online multiplayer mode. For the multiplayer mode, you can decide to set your computer up as a host and let other players join in your game, or you could join other people’s games by picking the ‘Join Game’ option. Even though it is a cooperative-based game, you could still play Moon Hunters on your own.

During the team set up process, you and your team members will be allowed to pick a character class they like. Moon Hunters currently provide 6 unique classes, namely the quick Spellblade, the wielder of mathematical magics, the Ritualist, the shape-shifting master of wild magics Druid, blood magic-wielding Witch and 2 more unlockable classes. Although the characters are gender-locked (due to storyline reasons, no doubt), you’re allowed to choose between 4 different colors (for their outfits) and type in a name that you’d like.

Everyone’s characters are set up and ready? Well, let the adventure begin! The game starts off with a nice story introduction, which you can choose to skip if you want to dive straight into the game and start your adventure. The first thing that will strike you once you’re running around in the game world is that how the game, particularly its combat mechanics, feels a bit like the older Diablo games (not Diablo 3), albeit with slightly brighter colored graphics and less creepy music.

However, although both games have really immersive storylines, Moon Hunters could not be more different. In this game, you’ll encounter various scenarios where you and your team will need to vote on the action you all would like to collectively take. The voting process is not anonymous and you can actually see which player voted for which option. Naturally, the decision with the majority vote will be executed, but in the case of a draw, the vote will be, in some way, vetoed by the leader of the team, which is the host player, or any character in the game that has the most Charm. Decisions that are made are not reversible.

Each dialogue option you’ll get is usually consisted of a ‘good’ and a ‘bad’ action, and you’ll be awarded reputation based on which decision your team makes. Of course, if you’re the only ‘good guy’ in the team – don’t despair! Your unwavering votes for taking the good path will still count in the game and your character’s personal reputation will be inclined to the good side.

That said, each character will also have their own set of personal traits (can be good, bad or somewhere in the middle) that are determined depending on which action they cast their votes on. It is this personality that the storytellers of different faction will use to describe your feats to their tribespeople. Different factions will value different types of traits though, so your stories will be told in a distinct perspective from storyteller to storyteller. The NPCs in the game will even react to you differently depending on your personality.

Adventuring is a very tiring thing to do and when your team happens to come across an area that looks like a good camping spot, your team can choose to rest. Once the camp site is set up, each player will then need to decide which task they want to spend their time on. There are 5 tasks in total in this game, namely Cook, Stargaze, Hunt, Keep watch and Rest.

Each task will reward the player who undertook the task with varying degrees of points in 1 or 2 types of attributes (endurance, spirit, strength, intellect, faith and charm), but at the end of the day, how many stat bonuses you’ll exactly get boils down to how well your character performs the said task. Sometimes, the outcome of a task relies on how you solve a problem that pops up as you’re trying to complete your task.

Another interesting aspect in Moon Hunters is its shared loot system. Monsters that are successfully killed will sometimes drop opals that any member of your team can collect. Any opal collected will be added to everyone’s stash. What’s the point of gathering these opals though? According to the lore of the game, moonlight can be harvested from the opals you’ve collected (with some help, of course) and the moonlight you get can then be invested into your skill tree, which will give your character new and stronger skills and abilities.

There are also many small details that some players might miss in the game that adds to the charm of Moon Hunters. For instance, you can break all the pottery in town or mushrooms that grow in the wild for bonus health. Considering that there are no potions in the game, these bonuses are the main way for you to regenerate your health. There are also the occasional health pools that you’ll come across during your adventures which you can use to heal or revive a team member.

Not to mention, since the game world is procedurally generated, you’ll definitely have a fun time exploring all the different parts of the land. Who knows? You might just stumble on to something special!


Moon Hunters is a very well-received game and part of that success is because of its incredibly supportive community. If you would love to meet and interact with them, you can do so by heading over to the game’s community-driven wikia page, the game's Steam community page, or the developers’ Facebook page.

Graphics/ Sound

The pixel-based graphics in Moon Hunters are amazing and give the game a nostalgia-inducing old-school look. The landscapes look really beautiful and I love the art style of the characters in the game’s dialogues. The charming music that the game features along with some very cool sound effects for various character abilities further add to the entertainment value of the game.


In short, Moon Hunters is a choice-based, story-driven, co-op adventure game that where every decision you or your team makes will change your respective characters’ personalities. The combat aspect of the game is very Diablo-like, which, in other words, means fun, and I love that instead of mindlessly ‘leveling up’, players will be gaining most of their stat points by doing tasks while camping. The pixel-based look and the soothing music also add to the charm of the game. If you’re looking for a meaningful adventure game that you can play with your friends, you should definitely get Moon Hunters.

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New Game Added: Moon Hunters

by Aethyna Mar 10, 2016
Moon Hunters is a choice-driven adventure game that allows you to decide who your character will be, gives you the freedom to explore the amazing landscapes, and offers you the chance to create your own myth. Will you be successful in your quest to hunt down the missing moon and become a legend in your tribe? Vote-based dialogue choices in Moon Hunters Moon Hunters: Camp site Entering a cave in Moon Hunters Read More
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