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Moo Lander 10 rate Moo Lander is a unique platformer where you play as a flying saucer pilot on a quest to find the device capable of producing an infinite amount of milk, which is the universe’s most valuable resource. You’ll explore an alien world to retrieve it, tackling living plants and dangerous terrain to save your people! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Note: the game is under development and this is a review of the demo.

In a lactose intolerance-free future, the entire galaxy needs one resource to power all machines and for overall sustenance. The resource? Milk. Yes, cow’s milk, not plant-based ones. Actual casein-and-nutrient-filled white liquid harvested directly from our bovine buddies.

This is the case in Moo Lander, a unique adventure platformer where you play as Lander, a pilot of the last remaining spaceship of your civilization. You’ll be on an all-important quest to look for infinite sources of milk, and remember, your people’s survival heavily relies on your abilities!

Instead of a traditional 2D platformer experience, Moo Lander lets you flit around 2D environments using a flying saucer exploring perilous environments. The game infuses run ‘n’ gun mechanics and puzzles to deliver a rather varied experience. Much like its modern peers (think Cuphead and Celeste), it has a challenging difficulty curve, making it ideal for players looking for a bit of a thrill.

So, should you go on a noble quest to look for the liquid white gold? Before you decide, let’s check out what it has to offer:


The entire galaxy has been ravaged by war, and unfortunately, milk happened to be one of the casualties. To you and your people, it’s the purest energy source, even more potent than the energies emitted by the sun and supernovas. You’re the last hope of your people, and your role is to look for an ancient device capable of producing infinite amounts.

Unfortunately, your journey will be anything but smooth. You’ll have to face numerous enemies and dangerous flora and fauna that will try to hinder your progress on sight. It will be a hazardous undertaking, but it will all be worth it.


In Moo Lander, you’ll explore 2D alien environments, fighting off enemies and blocking their attacks as you go. You’ll have free reign and control over your spaceship, but that doesn’t mean you can freely move around: there are countless traps and enemies from belligerent plants and hostile creatures that will attack you on sight. Plus, the overall environment is hazardous: being in contact with certain parts of a wall can gradually reduce your HP. You’ll also have to deal with puzzles and switches that will open doors and unlock new paths.

Thankfully, Lander, along with his AI sidekick Hamilton, aren’t powerless. The spaceship is equipped with a variety of milk-based weapons and defenses you’ll unlock the further you’ll progress. The first is a defensive milk shield that will block or try to deflect enemy projectiles to lessen the damage they cause on your spaceship. You’ll also have access to a gun that fires devastating rounds of milk bullets. Finally, you can also use a milk sword which is perfect if you want to fight in close quarters. Apart from these three, you’ll get to obtain other weapons and upgrade them to suit your overall playstyle, giving you the freedom to play however you want. However, milk is a scarce resource, and using your ship’s weapons and defenses will gradually consume your stores. On a brighter note, there are milk and HP replenishment spots scattered throughout the map.

Moo Lander excels in giving a challenge. You have to be careful to avoid enemies and environmental hazards. For example, there’s a plant that fires an explosive round when you get into its line of sight. Even if you use a milk shield, your spaceship will suffer a lot of damage. Meanwhile, there are also enemies like vines holding to your spaceship and gradually crushing it. Animals with different attack patterns will also attempt to impede your progress. The combat is satisfying and exceptionally exciting, especially when you’re going one-on-one against a persistent foe, requiring you to use every weapon on your arsenal.

Moo Lander is best played on a controller/gamepad. Doing so will enable you to control your movements better and aim more accurately. Plus, certain situations may require you to switch between weapons, so using one will definitely help.


For a game in progress, Moo Lander looks fantastic. The environments are at par with other modern platformers. The overall art and design are a joy to the eyes, and despite being colorful, the explosions and other on-screen elements don’t distract you and are there to serve a purpose. The user interface still needs a bit of work as of today, and the sound design, particularly the voice acting, should undergo a few tweaks. Nevertheless, though it’s still a diamond in the rough, Moo Lander is shaping up to be a good-looking title.


Overall, Moo Lander deserves a good long look, and you might want to consider adding it to your Steam wishlist. Even if it still is a work in progress, the game has a lot of potential, thanks to its solid foundation, and it is rather exciting to see what milk-based weapons we’ll all have in the future. Finally, who wouldn’t want to go out on an adventure to save their people? Head out there, secure the ancient milk device, and secure your people’s future!

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New Game Added: Moo Lander

by Mikhail Sep 28, 2021
Moo Lander is a unique platformer where you play as a flying saucer pilot on a quest to find the device capable of producing an infinite amount of milk, which is the universe’s most valuable resource. You’ll explore an alien world to retrieve it, tackling living plants and dangerous terrain to save your people! Moo Lander and cow Fighting a monster in Moo Lander Beautiful environments in Moo Lander Read More
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