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Mobius Final Fantasy 9 rate Based on the popular Final Fantasy game franchise, Mobius Final Fantasy lets you play as the Warrior of Light that's charged with defeating the dark forces in Palamecia. Originally a mobile but now also available on PC, the game features a unique gameplay that was inspired from other Final Fantasy games. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Mobius Final Fantasy is an online Role-Playing Game that focuses on story content. It features a combat mechanic that inspired from other popular Final Fantasy games. In this game, you take the role of the Warrior of Light as he discovers his true self while he protects the world of Palamecia from dark forces. There is also a multiplayer feature that lets you party with other players in real-time on a turn-based combat system.


Mobius Final Fantasy puts you in the role of the Warrior of Light; also known as Wol, who is lost his memory and was brought to the world of Palamecia and became one of the blanks and they must battle against a horde of Chaos that is threatening the people of Palamecia. Wol must fulfil the prophecy where one of the blanks is the Warrior of Light that will set the world free from darkness. Wol will be encountering different characters in his journey, such as the Moggle named Mog, a fairy named Echo, and also Princess Sarah Lotte Cornelia who will aid Wol on his adventures.


Mobius Final Fantasy still has that vibe of being a Final Fantasy game thanks to some of the combined mechanics from other Final Fantasy games. Long-time fans will be familiar at these mechanics while newcomers will still get a hang on these without getting lost or confused with too many information needed to learn.

One thing you will notice when playing the game is that you cannot create your own custom character, as all will be playing as the Warrior of Light and you cannot change his appearance in any method. At the start of the game, you will be brought to a prologue chapter where the game will have a brief tutorial to explain the combat mechanics. Completing the prologue will allow you to gain access to the world map where you can continue the story missions or take of weekly challenges and special events.

The combat system of Mobius Final Fantasy retains the popular turn-based system from class Final Fantasy games, each turn will take turns performing actions and depending on one’s speed, they can perform multiple commands per turn. Whenever you attack, you gain elemental orbs that are stocked on your pile for future use, these can be used for casting abilities or absorb them to gain elemental attacks or affinity.

Each element has their strengths and weaknesses, such as fire being weak to ice but strong against earth, etc. so it is important to stock pile a variety of elemental abilities. Monsters can be weakened by continuously attacking them until their guard meter is dropped to zero which caused them to stagger, when staggered they received higher damage, especially to their elemental weakness.

Completing battles will earn you experience points to level up your cards, these cards can be obtained from fallen enemies. When equipped to Wol, these will provide new abilities for him to use during combat, and the cards can gain experience where it can add to the total level of your job level, job levels provide boosted stats when increased but can reduce when equipping a fresh new card to your deck. Your main character level works independently and will only increase your stamina and exp bonus rate, and it will be affected with any stacked cards on your deck.

You can change into different job classes which provides different set of card abilities and weapon. At the end of the prologue chapter, you will be given three starter job classes, and each can be upgraded to unlock its next tier class. To access it, you must unlock a set of grids in a table chart where each grid provides additional stat bonus. However, you need to spend on elemental skillseeds that you can earn from battles and treasures.

Once you complete all the grids, you will unlock the next level of job class. Some of the other job classes can be acquired by summoning a job card at the expense of Magicite, a currency used for summoning new cards, alternatively you can purchase Magicite with real money.


There is a large Final Fantasy following, so there are also a lot of players active in Mobius Final Fantasy. You can rent any player’s ability card at the start of the mission and then add those players on your friend list for additional gifts. There is also a multiplayer feature where you can take special missions with other players or friends, each player will take a role like in a typical raid party in MMOs, completing these missions will give you a ton of reward items and exp.

Graphics/ Sound

Jumping from mobile to PC provides a better view on Mobius Final Fantasy’s graphics, with each character and monster having detailed designs, it makes it feel like it is a triple A game for the consoles. The music tracks are also impressive, having a very familiar tune but still manage to have original composition that retains that Final Fantasy taste, and there are voiced dialogues in some key scenes, which you can also switch from English or Japanese voice overs.


Overall, Mobius Final Fantasy is a fun free to play game that anyone can hope in and play. Though there were no changes on the gameplay after porting to the PC, fans of the mobile version can continue their adventures here, as for Final Fantasy fans, they can still enjoy the game thanks to the very familiar gameplay and setting. Newcomers can also enjoy this one as the learning curve is quite easy and the mechanics are very simple to understand. And those who wanted to play the game but lacks a powerful smartphone can finally try Mobius Final Fantasy on their PCs.

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New Game Added: Mobius Final Fantasy

by Richard Mar 16, 2017
Based on the popular Final Fantasy game franchise, Mobius Final Fantasy lets you play as the Warrior of Light that's charged with defeating the dark forces in Palamecia. Originally a mobile but now also available on PC, the game features a unique gameplay that was inspired from other Final Fantasy games. Mobius Final Fantasy: Heading into battle Adorable pet in Mobius Final Fantasy Mobius Final Fantasy: Combat Read More
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