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Moana Island Life 9 rate Play the role of a wayfinder and set up a new home for your tribe on a beautiful yet mysterious island in this fun village building/farm simulation game, Moana Island Life! Do you have what it takes to help Moana build a prosperous and happy village for your people? Play Moana Island Life and find out! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Feeling inspired by Disney’s Hawaiian-themed animated movie, Moana? Well, you can meet Moana herself, her pets, HeiHei and Pui, as well as the cast of familiar characters as you play the role of a wayfinder and set up a new home for your tribe in this fun simulation game, Moana Island Life! Do you have what it takes to help Moana build a prosperous and happy village for your people?


The plot in Moana Island Life continues the story from the movie, Moana. In this game, the Heart of Te Fiti has been restored and everything’s well in the world. Being the new chief, Moana has appointed you as the new wayfinder and you set off from your home with her to found a new home on a new island.

However, unknown to you, the island you landed on contains plenty of secrets which you slowly uncover over time as you clear more land to grow your village.


Being a simulation game, you can expect to gather resources for your village as you build it up. One of the main ways for you to collect resources is through farming. The farming system in this game is pretty straightforward. There are no seeds needed. Instead, you simply need to make sure to always have at least 1 crop type in storage just so you can use it for replanting purposes.

Crops don’t need to be watered in this game as well, and from what I can see, they do not wither either. So, I’d say that the overall pace of the game is more casual and relaxed since you won’t be penalized for leaving your farms unattended for long periods of time. Aside from crops, there are also fruit trees, including the coconuts the villagers sang so much about in the movie, that you can plant and grow.

Farming is only half of the resource gathering aspect of the game; the other half consisted of fishing. You can set up fishing spots around the island and then spread your nets there to catch a variety of sea creatures like mackerels and shrimps. However, you can’t exactly pluck fishing nets off the trees on the island. So, you will need to use the crops you have to craft these nets.

There are plenty of crafting buildings in Moana Island Life, each of which will allow you to craft a selection of items. You can unlock more items as you level up. Most of these items will require specific type and amount of resources, and unless you have what it needs, you wouldn’t be able to craft the item. Of course, you could always buy whatever you need using the premium currency, Jades, but it does seem a bit wasteful to spend your Jades like that. After all, Jades can only be earned for free by leveling up and by completing achievements.

Alternatively, you could spend your jades to buy more crafting slots instead. You are given 2 crafting slots per building for free by default, but as the crafting duration gets longer for the more “advanced items”, you may just want to queue up more tasks before signing out. Oh, did you know you could rush the crafting process by using Jades as well? Well, if you don’t, now you do!

Having a sufficient storage is also a pretty important part of the game since without it, you wouldn’t be able to store any of the stuff you’ve harvested or produced. There are limits as to how many items you can keep in the 2 types of storages available – one for each type of item, products or resources, but you can expand them by obtaining special upgrade materials from Ocean boxes that are washed up daily on your island.

Being on an island is isolation enough... it’s time for you to stop hording your goods and sell them off for coins! After all, you’ll need coins to buy new crafting buildings or decorations for your village. You can earn some quick cash by fulfilling the villagers’ trade orders at the Village Trading House. You can have up to 5 orders in total (level up to unlock more trade orders) along with 1 main trade order that, when completed, will help you move the story along.

Interestingly, you can gain relationship points with the villager in question whenever you complete his/her trade order. Once your relationship with them levels up, you’ll get a special gift from them. There’s another way you can trade away any excess stuff you may have – by selling them off via the trading canoe. However, as compared to trade orders, selling items through the trading canoe isn’t very profitable. That said, it is still a great way to rapidly clear out space in your storage for your new crops or products.

Moana Island Life is, in part, an adventure game too. Due to this, you will be required to explore the mysterious island. Who knows? You may just uncover something special within its thick forests. Aside from clearing new land, you can also remove certain obstacles like palm trees, bushes and stones on your existing plots of land using special tools. Want to get some free experience points? You can comb the beaches for washed-up star fishes and shells or scour the waters for glowing bulbs of jellyfishes as well.

Exploring your island is good and all, but you can also take your canoe and put your wayfinder’s skills to the test by travelling to all 5 different archipelagoes on the world map. However, it will definitely take a while before you can hear the familiar flutter of the wind on your sail since the lowest level you need to attain before setting sail is level 11. There are also plenty more game features which will only be unlocked once you reach higher levels, including the ability to own more pets aside from the rooster, HeiHei, and piglet, Pui.

The review wouldn’t be complete without taking a look at the in-app store. The game offers more Jades in exchange for real cash, while you can buy more coins using Jades. There are also 3 types of Voyager’s packs which are supposed to give you a huge head start in the game on sale for real money.

Although the gameplay in this game is pretty similar to most simulation/adventure game out there, Moana Island Life stands out from the rest partly because of its amazing graphics; partly because of its new storyline, and partly because of the well-received movie it is based on.


As the game is based on a hugely popular movie, Moana Island Life has a pretty massive player base (it’s in the millions) that you can trade and make friends with. The game also has a pretty active Facebook fan page where you can keep yourself updated with the latest news.

Graphics/ Sound

Without a doubt, Moana Island Life has among the best graphics I’ve seen for a simulation game. The Mediterranean theme of its visuals also won some extra points for the game. In terms of music, you can expect nothing less than a movie-quality soundtrack. Honestly, I believe the inspirational music used in this game rivals that of some of the soundtracks used in the movie itself.


To sum up, Moana Island Life is a brilliant village-building and farm simulation game that will appeal to players of all ages. The game is as fun as it is beautiful. Best yet, you’ll get to interact with the familiar cast of Moana while enjoying the game’s own brand new storyline. If you love the movie, you’ll definitely love playing this game. Download Moana Island Life on your mobile devices today and check it out!

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New Game Added: Moana Island Life

by Aethyna Mar 31, 2017
Play the role of a wayfinder and set up a new home for your tribe on a beautiful yet mysterious island in this fun village building/farm simulation game, Moana Island Life! Do you have what it takes to help Moana build a prosperous and happy village for your people? Play Moana Island Life and find out! Moana Island Life: Farm Oceana market in Moana Island Life Moana Island Life: Travel to other islands Read More
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