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Minimax Tinyverse 10 rate Minimax Tinyverse is a tower rush strategic brawler. Construct card decks comprised of miracles to help your troopers and champions win, and use various strategies to help you achieve victory for your alliance. Defend your towers while trying to destroy that of your opponent’s! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Minimax Tinyverse is a little hidden gem on Steam. It’s a strategic tower rush brawler where two players are pit against each other in a battle for supremacy. The game has two available factions to choose from and with every match you win, you do so not only for your self but for your realm. It boasts a fantastic art style, a large cast of characters, and a unique ability system that can help you turn the tide of battle.

However, the game suffers from a number of issues, ranging from matchmaking problems and pay-to-win players having a distinct advantage. Since it’s also in its early beta phase, there are also a few bugs and glitches you may encounter. In my case, a few of these issues hounded my experience in my first few games which did not exactly give a good impression. Once you’ve managed to go over the hump though, you’ll be treated to a fairly decent experience and one you’d want to continue playing.


One day, you passed by a small town and somehow decided to buy souvenirs from a shop called Minimax. Little did you know that you’ve stumbled into something greater: the shop hosted a small universe hidden away from the prying eyes of humans. This “Tinyverse” is inhabited by two factions, the Aillai and Creaea, which have been embroiled in a seemingly endless war. The Aillai are a humanoid race that worships the sun, while the Creaea are a beast-like race that worships the moon. Thing is, these factions are aware that humans, whom they call the “big ones” exist.

You will take the mantle of one of these “Big Ones”, and you’ll end up watching and helping them in their battles. In a way, you are like a god to them, and your intervention can decide the fate and end the bloodshed once and for all. The story is mainly told through a comic strip-like cutscene as soon as you launch the game, giving you a little context. It then barely appears after that.


In terms of gameplay Minimax Tinyverse is a little unique compared to its peers. Though its map and overall feel make it look like a MOBA game, it’s a fast-paced strategy tower rush brawler pitting two players belonging to opposite realms against each other. Games last for a few minutes, so you’ll be able to play a lot of games within a few hours. Both players start with a base and two towers in a single lane. Your chosen champions and troopers (or minions) then spawn and attack their counterparts. The end goal is to destroy your opponent’s towers and base.

To aid you in your quest for victory, you’ll have access to “miracles”, which are essentially the game’s version of skills. Deciding which miracle to use and how to use them can determine the fate of the battle. These range from AoE healing spells, thunder strikes, defense buffs and terrain manipulation skills like creating walls made of crayons and a ramp to help minions get over obstacles. There’s even a skill where you can pick up and place your champion on a different location. To use them, you have to have enough mana (which is automatically charged up) and use either the hotkeys or simply just point and click.

Prior to every game, you can construct skillsets like card decks which you’ll earn as you progress. Champions, which are different depending on your chosen realm, will also aid you in battle . Each has different skills and capabilities. Some characters can do AoE damage, while others are more content in taking the backseat and attacking from afar.

Unfortunately, the Mimimax Tinyverse suffers from a lot of issues. Although the framerates are relatively stable even in a low-spec computer, there are match-breaking bugs. For example, when I tried out the practice mode, all of the minions (both mine and my opponents) suddenly became invulnerable, leading to a perpetual stalemate. The same thing occurred on most multiplayer matches. If this didn’t happen, I ended up being matched up against players way above my level which resulted into devastating defeats.


The game has a sizable community on Steam. Moreover, although matchmaking is a little unfair at times, it doesn’t take a while to find matches. Just hope you’ll be matched up with a player who isn’t leagues stronger than you though.


Minimax Tinyverse runs fairly well and has an outstanding art style and audio elements. Though it’s not the most attractive game out there, it holds up well against its triple A peers. The music and audio direction stands out as well. The OST fits the atmosphere and the overall feel the game provides,


If you’re looking for a fast-paced strategy game, then you’d want to get into the tiny universe of Minimax Tinyverse. However, it’s not exactly a game for everybody and it suffers from a host of issues that may make you want to steer clear from it. On a positive note, it has its moments and it can potentially provide you hours of fun and entertainment.

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New Game Added: Minimax Tinyverse

by Mikhail Mar 24, 2019
Minimax Tinyverse is a tower rush strategic brawler. Construct card decks comprised of miracles to help your troopers and champions win, and use various strategies to help you achieve victory for your alliance. Defend your towers while trying to destroy that of your opponent’s! The two realms in Minimax Tinyverse Using a defense spell in Minimax Tinyverse Brawling near enemy tower in Minimax Tinyverse Read More
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