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Marble Viola´s Quest 9.5 rate Set in a world in danger of having its magic drained by an evil weasel named Desmond, Marble Viola’s Quest is a casual marble shooter game that adds plenty of tiny but significant twists to the typical marble-shooting gameplay. Help Viola and her friends stop Desmond from stealing all the marble magic! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Set in a world in danger of having its magic drained by an evil weasel named Desmond, Marble Viola’s Quest is a casual marble shooter game that adds plenty of tiny but significant twists to the typical marble-shooting gameplay. Aside from fun bonuses, the game guarantees you a challenge, which comes in the form of obstacles and tough level goals, especially after you’ve completed the first chapter. You will even get a magical garden to tend to, and eventually, quests to complete.


Oh no! Desmond, the evil weasel, has been going about draining magic from marbles, essentially stealing magic from the other residents of the magical forest. Otus the owl asks Viola for help and there begins Viola’s quest.

Play as the courageous Viola as she embarks on her quest to stop Desmond and protect these magic marbles from his greedy paws!


The game features the usual gameplay of aiming and shooting marbles to make matches of 3 or more marbles of the same color. You can tap on the shooter to switch marbles, and there are the usual power-ups that will randomly appear (though they vanish fairly quickly) where you can collect to trigger the chain reverse, stop, or slowed-down effect… you may sometimes even get all three effects at once.

In terms of bonuses, you’ll get the typical stuff such as gap bonuses that you can get if you made a match by shooting a marble in between a gap (a.k.a. a gap shot), as well as the extra points that depend on how far your last marble is from the end of the path. From time to time, special bonuses may pop up along the edges of the screen. Be it bonus charms or feathers… or even something else, these bonuses, like the power-ups, will only appear for a limited time. They are often rather tricky to get since they mostly require you to perform a gap shot.

Interestingly though, this game provides you with a number of additional aid in the form of fireflies, dynamites or even special Chakra-infused marbles that can blast away bothersome marbles. These help will definitely come in handy because – if you recall the “twist” that I’ve mentioned earlier – the game does have some pretty challenging level goals and obstacles.

One such obstacle is the frozen marbles. These marbles can only be matched *after* you’ve hit them directly with another marble, preferably a marble of a similar color so you can make a match once the marble has the ice “knocked out” of it.

Another rather challenging obstacle is the pearl marbles. These marbles are colorless at least until you make a match next to them. Once that is done, the pearl marbles will then take the color of the match you’ve just made. Sounds easy enough but in a game, you will quickly find out why these marbles can be quite formidable foes – Hint: they often end up alone, forcing you to waste two more marbles on them just to make a match and clear them from the chain.

Aside from obstacles, the level goals, despite being quite typical of a marble shooter, can be pretty demanding too. This can be especially true for the survival mode where you not only have to make sure to get enough points to get 3 stars for that level, but also survive as the time ticks away to zero. The duration you have to survive through gradually gets longer too, but well, at least the first chapter is fairly easy – I got all 3 stars on my first attempt.

What I really like about this game though is definitely the boss fights. It may not be unique, since I got a nagging feeling that I’ve played such a game before, but it’s truly intense as you try to make a gap wide enough for you to shoot a marble through to hit Desmond the weasel. You’ll also gradually need to make more hits for Desmond to go away, so there’s your challenge, right there!

The game even provides you with other gameplay features such as your own magical garden. Your garden houses several items, including a portal, balloon, path, and flowers, which can be upgraded using potions. Potions can, in turn, be earned by collecting stars by playing levels or by visiting your friends and tapping on the magical leaves that are floating around.

With 7 chapters, each containing 10 levels and more, Marble Viola’s Quest is a very entertaining game that will keep you engaged for the months to come. It may not have a level where the paths intersect so much to the point it became confusing like in Zuma, but the game does have everything, and more, that had made this genre such a success back then.

However, I’ve noticed two major issues with the game. One, a sudden decrease in frame rate whenever the reverse effect is going on. As a result, making matches as the chain is being rolled back became a whole lot more difficult. Aside from this little hiccup, the game worked fine on my smartphone.

Another more pressing issue is that the game doesn’t lock your device’s tilting function and as such, if you’re moving the device too much, such as in my case, by putting it on a table, the game screen will tilt automatically. Not to mention, when this happens, the game doesn’t pause itself, forcing you to lose precious seconds as you try to tilt the screen back to the way it was.

Thus, it might be best if the app is able to help you lock the tilting function (set it horizontal) on your device when playing. After all, playing the game horizontally makes sense. But if that’s not possible, well, at least make the game auto-pause whenever the screen is accidentally tilted.


Marble Viola’s Quest is quite the social game since having friends is actually beneficial to you as you can collect free potions by visiting their respective magical gardens, and hence, adding more friends is encouraged. This makes linking your game with your Facebook account a pretty good thing to do, especially if you decided to play the game all the way through.

Graphics/ Sound

The game has some really amazing graphics, and I particularly enjoy the art style used. Kudos to Marble Viola’s Quest for having a really appealing music as well. It really brings out the magical atmosphere and theme that the game is supposed to have.


With plenty of levels to play and a gameplay that’s both fun and challenging, Marble Viola’s Quest is a marble shooter game that fans of the genre have been waiting for! The game is completely free to download, and it is currently available on Google Play.
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by Aethyna Mar 7, 2018
Set in a world in danger of having its magic drained by an evil weasel named Desmond, Marble Viola’s Quest is a casual marble shooter game that adds plenty of tiny but significant twists to the typical marble-shooting gameplay. Help Viola and her friends stop Desmond from stealing all the marble magic! Marble Viola´s Quest: Gameplay Magical garden in Marble Viola´s Quest Marble Viola´s Quest: Defeat Desmond the evil weasel Read More
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