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MapleStory 8 rate From the total of 31 character jobs that you can pick up to the massive Maple world that you can explore, you'll always have something fun to do in MapleStory and you even can meet new friends along the way! If you love old-school, anime-inspired games, you’ll definitely love this timeless classic, MapleStory! Try it now!
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MapleStory is a free-to-play 2D side-scrolling MMORPG that offers plenty of simplistic fun along with adorable and vibrant graphics. Despite its age (over a decade old), it is still going strong and has practically survived the MMO test of time! There are plenty of character jobs and factions that you can choose from, though you’ll be starting off by being jobless for the first 10 levels.

In this game, you’ll be able to explore the massive world of Maple while completing quests and grinding through mobs. Fight challenging boss monsters and meet new friends along the way. Don’t forget to keep your character strong and “updated” by periodically upgrading his/her equipments, skills, abilities and stats! If you have the cash to spare, you might also want to get some of the seriously adorable mounts, pets and outfits that the game has to offer! If you love old-school, anime-inspired games, you’ll definitely love this timeless classic, MapleStory! Try it now!


The evil and destructive Black Mage was sealed away years ago by 6 brave heroes. However, fearing his resurrection, Empress Cygnus enlisted any willing soul in the Maple World to join her Cygnus Knights to prevent his return by enforcing the Black Mage’s seal. However, the Black Wings disrupted the process and managed to return the Black Mage to reality for a brief while... but that is enough for him to cause a cataclysm known in the Maple World as the Big Bang. 5 of the original 6 heroes returned due to the weakening state of the seal on the Black Mage, but they too are in a weakened state. All seem to go downhill as you witnessed the revival of the dreadful villain while attempting to restore the seal. Will you be able to stop him once and for all?


To start playing MapleStory, you’ll first need to create a character. Don’t worry too much on how your character will turn out at first since you’re new to the game and all. You can create more characters later. If need to, you could even hop onto another server and create new characters there too.

To create a character, you’ll need to choose a faction to associate your character with. There are generally 6 character factions that you can choose from, namely Cygnus Knights, Explorers, Explorers Dual Blade, Hero (Aran or Evan) and the Resistance. Different factions will have different grow speed, meaning how fast your character will level up; potential, meaning how strong your character will eventually (at end game); freedom, indicating how much you are allowed to customize your character later on and difficulty that determines how hard is it to play a particular faction. Factions also have varying max level, which is kind of weird. Most factions allow you to level your character up to level 200 but for Cygnus Knights, well, their level will cap at 120.

After choosing a faction that you like, you can head over to the customization option to personalize the look of your character. You can change your character’s gender, hairstyle and color, skin color, face, and even starting outfits, such as top, bottom, shoes, and weapon. For the weapon, don’t worry too much on which weapon you choose. You’ll quickly replace it with something better while playing.

The game then starts by materializing your character in the starting zone of your faction. Naturally, there are different starting zones for different factions. You’ll also quickly pick up an adorable floating egg-like creature that looks oddly like a Pokemon (Chansey to be exact) to guide you until you get to level 10 whereby you’ll be allowed to change your character’s job – your character is jobless at the moment.

There are up to 31 different character jobs, including job specializations that you can pick up once you reached the required levels and criteria. Generally though, you’ll have 5 basic jobs that you can choose from, namely warrior, thief, archer, mage, and even a pirate! There are also certain special jobs that you’ll only be able to select during certain events. Furthermore, you mustn’t worry too much about your starting stats (Strength, dexterity, intelligence and luck) since you’ll be given a free stat reset after you picked your job at level 10.

The controls in MapleStory, however, have been the subject of complaints from quite a number of players. This is because the controls in the game are rather outdated. Instead of using the familiar WASD to control your character, you’ll be using arrow keys to play. Not to mention, to attack, you’ll be using the “Ctrl” key instead of your left mouse button. The left mouse button is instead used to interact with various NPCs in the game, such as vendors and quest givers. You won’t be using spacebar to jump either – you’ll be using the “Alt” key. Picking up loot dropped from mobs can be rather “tedious” as well since you’ll need to manually tap the pick-up button, “Z”, in order to pick items up one by one... particularly when the mobs respawn rather quickly in this game. Thankfully though, you can change these controls to something that you’ll be more familiar with if you wish – you’ll just have to go that extra mile to get your game all set up.

Questing is the bread and butter of any MMORPG, and in MapleStory, it is no different. You can level up pretty quickly for the first 30 levels, though most of the quests are basically composed of killing different types of reskinned and renamed monsters. However, the well of quests dries up when you reached level 31 and above. Character progression will become rather grindy all the way to the level cap which is around level 120 for Cygnus Knights and level 200 for the other factions.

Furthermore, leveling up your character in MapleStory will earn him or her 3 skill points. You can then assign them to your character’s skill at the “skill inventory” to level them up. Each character of different jobs has rather limited skills though. In addition, you’ll also get stat points that you can then invest into your character stats, but only after you’ve picked a job and reset your current default stats.

For explorers at heart, MapleStory offers a huge - like seriously huge - game world for you to discover. Besides the big hunk of land called the Victoria Island, which is the starting island of the very first version of the game, now you have even bigger hunks of land making up the entire Maple World. There are various environments that ranges from dessert, tropical, tundra, mountainous and others.

MapleStory offers plenty more features such as getting a family, fighting player-controlled bosses in Boss Arenas as well as obtaining adorable pets and mounts.


The community in MapleStory is still going strong although the game itself is more than a decade old. The game advertises that it has over 100 million players worldwide and its official Facebook fan page has almost 1 million likes... that’s pretty impressive for a 2D side-scrolling platform game like MapleStory. If you’re looking for new friends to play the game with, be sure to drop by the fan page to meet them!


The brightly colored and vibrant 2D graphics in MapleStory are pretty good actually, considering that it has not had a graphical update since its release. It is kind of the game’s signature art style now. Not to mention, the small characters in this game are very cute and endearing. In terms of music, the sound in MapleStory is a tad bit arcade-like and has a very casual feel.


In summary, MapleStory is a free-to-play 2D side-scrolling MMORPG that can be a bit simplistic and is very newbie-friendly from the looks and the feel of the game, but it deserves plenty more credit for being such a timeless classic. In this game, there is a huge list of character jobs (at level 10) and factions that you can choose from, plenty of quests that you can complete and lots of vibrantly-colored locations for you to visit. Have a challenging yet fun time fighting boss monsters in a group, or if your character is strong enough, solo and reap the rewards! Level up your character and buff him or her up with new skills, abilities and stats. Love the game? Well, feel free to splurge some cash to get some of the cute mounts, pets and outfits from the cash shop as well! So, join the Maplers at MapleStory today and try the game out!

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by Aethyna Jul 16, 2015
From the total of 31 character jobs that you can pick up to the massive Maple world that you can explore, you'll always have something fun to do in MapleStory and you even can meet new friends along the way! If you love old-school, anime-inspired games, you’ll definitely love this timeless classic, MapleStory! Try it now!
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