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by Mikhail
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Maid of Sker 8 rate Maid of Sker is a survival horror game developed by Wales Interactive. Explore the eerie halls of Sker Hotel and uncover the truth behind the Williams family’s strange behavior. Solve a myriad of mysteries, fight off enemies with only a sound device, or evade them by staying quiet. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Love is a powerful thing, and there are men who are willing to enter a hotel filled with deranged cultists comparable to the undead only to help a lover. Such is the case of Thomas Evans in Maid of Sker, a survival horror game developed by Wales Interactive. We’ve played it on the PlayStation 4, and it’s undoubtedly a shining example of a first-person horror that tells a unique and captivating story. Despite being not the scariest game in the genre, it doesn’t rely on cheap gimmicks - like jump scares - to provide an eerie and tension-filled atmosphere.

Its unique storytelling is inspired by good old British horror, and the well-designed macabre scenes look akin to the streets of London freshly ravaged by Jack the Ripper. Pair it up with a sense of helplessness and a focus on stealth instead of combat, and you’ll be up for a rather exciting experience. With this in mind, is Maid of Sker something you’d want to dive into? Before you check in to Hotel Sker, let’s check out the amenities:


In Maid of Sker, you’ll take the mantle of Thomas Evans, a man in love with Elisabeth Williams, a singer, and daughter of the owner of Sker Hotel. You’ll drop into Evans’ shoes as he tries to uncover the mystery of the aforementioned place at his lover’s behest. Unknowingly, you’ll get immersed in a tale of love, music, and the absence of sound, yet with a rather sinister setting. Apparently, the owners and staff of the hotel, barring Elisabeth, are under the effects of the power of a Siren after finding (and looting) a shipwreck nearby.

The game’s events are inspired by the real-life Sker House in Wales, and, in a way, the paths and choices you make may ultimately decide the ending.


Maid of Sker’s gameplay revolves around stealth in order to avoid The Quiet Ones. Though blind, these beings are rather sensitive to sound. If you bump into objects or run when they’re around, they’re sure to hear and chase after you. Unfortunately, you can’t hack or slash them to pieces, or shoot them with a late 19th-century handgun. Thomas can’t fight back, and the only way to fight back and fend them off is to use a sonic/sound weapon that emits a shockwave, temporarily disabling them. However, ammunition for the weapon is rather scarce, so you only have to use it when absolutely necessary. You don’t have to completely rely on this since you can simply stay stealthy, avoid making sounds, and holding your breath so you can pass through them.

Exploring Sker Hotel will expose you to countless puzzles and challenges. Moreover, the game doesn’t have an autosave function. In order to save your progress, you have to find safe rooms - green-tinted doors - to find gramophones (early audio recording devices). In a way, this gameplay element reminds me heavily of Resident Evil 4, just without Ashley. Note that you have to save the game every chance you get, considering it only takes Thomas three hits in order to die, and with every strike dealt that hits him, he becomes louder and more detectable. Moreover, these gramophones add to the story, as they play recordings of Elisabeth and her family. To progress to new areas in Maid of Sker, you need to collect certain keys which you can do so by defeating bosses and solving puzzles.

In terms of controls and how the game plays on the PlayStation 4, Maid of Sker excels. The controls are fairly intuitive, and it runs fairly well on a base PS4. There are no noticeable framerate drops and throughout my playthrough, the game never crashed.


Maid of Sker is undoubtedly one of the most music-oriented titles I’ve ever had the joy of playing on the PlayStation 4. The audio design excels, and the game treats you to instrumental tunes and Welsh songs sang by Tia Kalmaru. In addition, every ding of the bell, shockwave, and footsteps sound in-game sounds better than its peers not only in the horror genre but also throughout the industry.

In terms of how the game looks, Maid of Sker was clearly inspired by RE4, although its interior - particularly inside the hotel - looks like a typical Victorian-era horror setting. The lush undergrowth and eerieness of the hotel, dishes out an optimum experience, making you wary of opening doors and dreading to find out what is beyond them.


Overall, Maid of Sker provides a fantastic Victorian-era horror experience that undoubtedly won’t disappoint. Thanks to its outstanding audio design and well-made setting, it promises a captivating journey. Although it does not do much to break the mold, it does what it is supposed to do, which is giving you a deep and immersive, yet thrilling and frightening story to jump into.

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New Game Added: Maid of Sker

by Mikhail Jun 10, 2021
Maid of Sker is a survival horror game developed by Wales Interactive. Explore the eerie halls of Sker Hotel and uncover the truth behind the Williams family’s strange behavior. Solve a myriad of mysteries, fight off enemies with only a sound device, or evade them by staying quiet. Sker Hotel entrance Cultists in Maid of Sker Eerie atmosphere Sker Hotel Read More
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