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by Aethyna
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Mahjong Wonders 8.3 rate Enjoy levels after levels of gradually trickier and much more challenging mahjong layouts as you progress through various civilizations in Mahjong Wonders! With the coins earned from leveling up, you can buy special tile sets or backgrounds from the market! Have fun with the many boosters in the game as well! Play now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Explore the wonders of the ancient civilizations by travelling the land and completing the various mahjong layouts in this fun-filled mahjong game, Mahjong Wonders! Enjoy levels after levels of gradually trickier and much more challenging mahjong layouts as you progress through various civilizations in the game! With the coins earned from leveling up, you can buy special tile sets from the market to earn more points or for easier matching. You can also buy new backgrounds that provide a much better contrast for the tiles you are using. If you need help with any of the levels, there are plenty of boosters that the game provides, including reshuffle and superhints, all of which you can buy using in-game coins! Try to attain the game’s many achievements to earn even more coins as well! Mahjong Wonders is the perfect game for new players to the mahjong genre due to its incredibly detailed tutorial/ guide and even for veterans! So, what are you waiting for? Play now!


The game provides a very interesting and comprehensive tutorial, filled with lots of tips and hints to guide you along as you play in Mahjong Wonders. There’s even a tutorial mini-mahjong game of sorts, which is technically your level 1.

So, how exactly do you play this game? Well, similarly to other online mahjong games, you’ll have to match pairs of mahjong tiles – much like the simple card matching game that you’ve surely have played before. By pairing up tiles of the same kind, you’ll open up new pairs which you can later match. However, if a tile is covered by another tile or has tiles on both sides, the tile is effectively blocked. The goal in the game is to clear the table by matching up all these tiles, but if you cannot get 100% of the table cleared, well, you just need a bare minimum of at least 70% cleared in order to move on to the next level.

All levels might seem easy at first, but some are trickier than others. This is where strategy plays its role in the mahjong game. You should always start by clearing areas with a high number of blocked tiles, such as long horizontal lines, circles and towers with multiple layers. To clear these tricky parts, you may need to use free, unblocked tiles to help out, thus you should start with the easy part of the game or waste any free tiles.

In addition, the levels in Mahjong Wonders are all timed matches, but the time-based scoring system in this game is rather odd and unique. The time counts down once you start the game like normal. However, after every 10 pairs, the remaining seconds you have on your clock are then added to your total score. In other words, the faster you play, the more bonus points you’ll earn. If you can complete the layout ahead of time, any remaining time you have is then added as even more bonus points. Furthermore, the duration provided for each game varies, so be sure to take note of the time you have before starting a game.

Besides the time-based scoring system, you can also earn more score by buying and using difficult tile sets for your games. You can even earn some bonus time, which can later be translated into extra score points, by matching bonus tiles. These bonus tiles are really special as they are created with a picture of a random friend of yours who have Mahjong Wonders installed. The appearance of these tiles indicates that you’re halfway through the level. Match these tiles up will give you a time bonus of 15 seconds!

What’s the advantage of having so high a high score then, besides being able to prove your superior mahjong skills to your friends? Well, in Mahjong Wonders, your score points will affect the experience points earned since 1% of your score is added to your overall experience. Considering that coins in this game can only be obtained via leveling up (1 coin per level up), you may want to keep leveling up as fast as possible!

With coins you’ve earned, you can then visit the market to unlock cooler tile sets and backgrounds. Custom tiles and backgrounds are not cheap to purchase, but they will definitely spices up the gameplay in Mahjong Wonders. For custom tiles, there are some tiles that are easier to pair while there are others that are much difficult to match but they provide you with more points per tile matched. Some examples include white tiles, golden tiles, flowers, jewels and even themed tiles like Halloween. The backgrounds are themed as well, such as Persian, Indian, Greek, seashells and feathers. These backgrounds look a lot less cluttered than the default background (though not as beautiful) and having a cleaner background can do wonders when you’re trying to spot pairs as fast as you can!

Moreover, each completed layout will subsequently give you access to a new one, provided that you get at least 1 star. However, if you’re a perfectionist of some sort, you might want to get the maximum 3 stars per level. After all, you can earn more coins by replaying levels to increase your stars for that level. However, if you fail a level, you’ll lose a life. You get a total of 7 lives in Mahjong Wonders and these lives will regenerate over time. If you want to play without needing to wait, well, you can ask your friends for more lives or you can buy them using in-game coins. Once you’ve completed all layouts, you’ll reach a new civilization. To enter the new stage in the game, you can complete a quest or ask your friends for help to get the golden key needed.

To make the game much more interesting as well as to help you out when a level proved to be too hard to complete, Mahjong Wonders provides quite a range of boosters. One of them is the hint booster which shows you an available match instantly, but each use takes 10 seconds from your playtime. There is also a reshuffle booster that rearranges all the tiles and creates new matches. You’ll start each game with 1 free reshuffle booster, but to get more, well, each additional booster will cost you 3 coins. There are also a superhint booster that will show you a random available match every 3 seconds and a highlight booster that lets you see all free tiles at once for a limited period of time. Achievement hunters can also rejoice as the game provides a rather long list of achievements that you can acquire to get more free coins!


There are around 26 thousand likes on Mahjong Wonders’ Facebook fan page, which is kind of disappointing since this game seem to deserve so much more! Anyway, the game provides plenty of freebies on their fan page, so you may want to “like” them to get notified when such freebie opportunities appear. Furthermore, since Mahjong Wonders is a social game, you might want to meet and add new friends here to help you with lives and unlocking the next civilization as well!

Graphics/ Sound

The game has really nice cartoony-type graphics, particularly its default background images where the game depicts the great wonders of the ancient world. In terms of music, Mahjong Wonders provide 2 types of rather interesting world music of sorts. You get this Egyptian-themed, soothing yet catchy music in the level selection screen while you are treated to a tribal sort of music while playing in-game.


In brief, Mahjong Wonders is a time-based mahjong game that allows you to explore the wonders of the ancient civilizations as you enjoy levels after levels of mahjong fun! Earn experience points from the games you’ve played to level up and earn coins! With coins, you can then head over to the market to buy new tile sets that may make matching a lot easier for you or allow you to earn more points as well as backgrounds that are less cluttered. You can also purchase boosters, such as reshuffle, hints or highlight, with coins if necessary. The game even offers a list of achievements that achievement hunters can enjoy hunting for! No matter if you’re a new mahjong player or an experienced (and battle-worn) one, you’ll definitely enjoy playing Mahjong Wonders! Try it now!

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New Game Added: Mahjong Wonders

by Aethyna Jun 10, 2015
Enjoy levels after levels of gradually trickier and much more challenging mahjong layouts as you progress through various civilizations in Mahjong Wonders! With the coins earned from leveling up, you can buy special tile sets or backgrounds from the market! Have fun with the many boosters in the game as well! Play now! White tiles in Mahjong Wonders Mahjong Wonders: Temple Default tiles in Mahjong Wonders Read More

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Travel through ancient civilizations as you solve mind-bending mahjong layouts in Mahjong Wonders. Gather enough coins to dress up your tiles, change your backgrounds and buy power-ups to level up. Wh...Full Review
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