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by Aethyna
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Mahjong Trails 7.3 rate With a brilliant style and fun patterns you are in for a treat in Mahjong Trails, there is a lot going on here and it is all fun. Match the classic Mahjong tiles in a fun fast paced game, or change your patterns to cute animals or challenge yourself with new designs on the tiles. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Calling all mahjong fans! If you’re looking for a mahjong game that is browser-based, Facebook-linked, has nice graphics and is not pay-to-win, Mahjong Trails is definitely what you are looking for! Solve the huge varieties of mahjong layouts in this game while moving from city to city in your quest to explore the world. If you hit a snag, there are boosters and other boosts at hand that are free for you to use (for 1 time per game, at least). Challenge your friends’ high scores and collect as many shiny trophies as you can! Are you ready to follow the Mahjong Trails and explore the world?


The gameplay is similar to any mahjong game that you possibly have played before. Nonetheless, the game does provide an excellent tutorial to guide you through the basics if you are new to this sort of game. You will need to match 2 tiles of the same pattern to make a pair. Each pair will give you a fixed amount of points and will disappear, uncovering the tiles underneath it. You can only match tiles that are exposed though – this means that tiles that are on the top or on the sides (both left and right) can be clicked on, provided that these tiles are not blocked by any other tiles. In order to have access to the middle tiles, you’ll need to remove the outermost tiles by matching. Oh and not to forget, every game you play will cost you 1 life and you have a maximum of 5 lives. These lives will regenerate over time.

To make the game much more challenging, Mahjong Trails designed all its games as timed games. This means that you’ll need to solve a minimum of X% of tiles within a certain period of time. The scoring system in this game takes in account of the number of pairs that you’ve successfully completed as well as the time you have left on the clock. You’ll need a minimum of 1 star to be able to go on to the next layout/ stage. A rapid response (mouse clicking) as well as with a fast identification of matches is necessary if you plan of getting that top position on the leaderboard!

However, don’t worry if you think you’ve ran out of matches. In Mahjong Trails, you are given hint boosters to help you identify any remaining matches on your layout, though these boosters will cost you 10 seconds off your timer. For larger layouts, the game gives you free hint boosters that recharge themselves every 3 seconds. Nonetheless, you are also given a free reshuffle per game that you can use if you are truly stuck with absolutely no moves to perform. Subsequent reshuffles for that game will cost you 4 Trail coins.

Trail coins, as you may have guessed, are currency that you can get in the game by completing partner offers or by doling out some real money. Every level up will also earn you 1 of these special coins. These coins can be used at the cash shop, called a ‘bazaar’, in Mahjong Trails, that offers different themed tiles that you can choose to use instead of your default tiles. Some of the themes are given to you for free, once you hit the necessary level to unlock them, of course! Each theme will have a different point bonus, so you may want to get the theme that gives out the highest bonus. Higher bonus themes are much more difficult to use in the game though. With Trail coins, you can also swap out the default background for a new one or to add more lives to your default maximum life limit of 5. Although Trail coins are rather useful, the game doesn’t make them necessary for you to fully enjoy this game.

Furthermore, most of the best stuff, such as +20 seconds to your timer, magic wand that can clear 1 tile from your layout even if it’s a blocked tile, and the undo boost, are only obtainable through gifting. Therefore, having active friends, who play Mahjong Trail and are actively gifting, is more important than having the cash to plunge into this game. You can even send a surprise gift to your friends and, if your friend returned the favour, you can get the gift yourself! But shh… it’s supposed to be a surprise, so don’t tell anyone what you get!

For players who prided themselves as being ‘extreme achievement collectors’, well, you’re going to have a great time in this game. Mahjong Trails provides plenty of trophies for you to earn! Every playthrough will contribute to the requirements of certain trophies, so you can just enjoy the game while collecting achievements along the way. Some of these trophies will require you to have fellow friends who play Mahjong Trails, so you can beat their high scores. Hence, don’t hesitate to press that ‘invite’ button to get your friends to join in this mahjong trail and have some fun together!

One of the best things in this game is the game progression that allows you to travel from one beautiful city to the other while playing increasingly difficult mahjong games… hence, its name ‘Mahjong Trails’. You’ll start in Rio de Janeiro and move on to New York, and then Paris as well as many other places. Each location will have different number of stages for you to complete and different sceneries for you to enjoy!


There are a shocking 3 million over likes on its Facebook fan page and this speaks volumes for the entertainment that this casual game can dish out. You’ll often see players asking for help to solve a particularly difficult mahjong layout as well as ‘add me’ requests on the site. So, be sure to check the page out if you like meeting fellow mahjong players on Mahjong Trails!


The graphics in this game is pretty much acceptable for a Facebook game. It has plenty of bright colours and exudes a delightful feeling! The music used in Mahjong Trails includes a variety of city-themed instrumentals that changes as you travel from city to city.


Mahjong Trails is indeed one of the best mahjong games on Facebook. It does not differ much from the usual mahjong games that you can find on the internet, except that all of its games are timed, making it much more challenging and exciting to play! There are also boosters that are very helpful in getting you through certain difficult layouts in Mahjong Trails and if you have a penchant for shiny golden trophies, you can get them here too! You can compete with your friends for the highest rank on the leaderboard as well! So, if mahjong is your thing, Mahjong Trails is your game! Try it today!

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New Game Added: Mahjong Trails

by Aethyna Dec 14, 2014
With a brilliant style and fun patterns you are in for a treat in Mahjong Trails, there is a lot going on here and it is all fun. Match the classic Mahjong tiles in a fun fast paced game, or change your patterns to cute animals or challenge yourself with new designs on the tiles. Mahjong Trails Fun Pattern Heart in Mahjong Trails Mahjong Trails Triangles Read More

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Love to play when I am mad; calms me down and I forget my problems.Full Review
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