Mahjong Museum Mystery

by Kim
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Mahjong Museum Mystery 9 rate Mahjong Museum Mystery takes you on a crime-fighting journey to recover stolen antiques from a museum. Solve over 180 mahjong puzzles with hints and four different power-ups. Collect the clues to help you find the loot while exploring ancient places in this enthralling mahjong game. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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In Mahjong Museum Mystery, you need to solve and clear mahjong pieces of a board to get precious items stolen from the History Museum. Solve hundreds of puzzles by using hints and four kinds of power-ups to help you with each stage and complete your mission. Collect the stolen valuables and bring them back to the rightful owner in this interesting mahjong puzzle game.


A mysterious robbery occurred in the History Museum, and it’s up to you to put the clues together to get the precious items back. You are a young and talented detective and the police need your help since they are short on leads. Now it’s up to you to find the culprit!


Mahjong Museum Mystery starts with an urgent call to solve and apprehend the perpetrators of a baffling robbery. The History Museum needs help retrieving dozens of stolen items and you need to do this by solving each Mahjong puzzle within different exhibits.

After a brief walkthrough and dialogue between you and the police, you are then led to your first puzzle to solve. You’ll learn how to match pieces on the board so you can clear them. There’s a helpful toggle button on the top-left corner to show only the open pieces so it’s easier to make matches. Click on it again if you want to switch back to normal view. Open pieces are those that can be taken off the board and are not blocked by other pieces. When you click on a piece and nothing happens, that piece is blocked by another piece on either side or is underneath another piece.

If you get stuck anytime during a game, you can click on Hint to match one pair together so you can continue. You can only use Hint for a few turns, and it requires more successful turns on your own for the Hint to regenerate. You can also use four different power-ups. Random Remove clears one pair off the board, Explode lets you pick one piece to clear, Shuffle will rearrange all pieces and Swap lets you change places between two top pieces on the board. You can only use each power-up once in a match. If you fail to clear the board and you’ve consumed all power-ups, you lose the match and would need to try again. Each power-up costs 500 coins, so you need to have enough coins to use one or two power-ups in a match.

The game is divided into different themes: Egypt, India, China, Mayan, Roman and the Royal Palace.
These themes are reflected by the scenery behind each puzzle. Each theme has two exhibits, with 15 levels in each one. Depending on how well you played, you can earn one to three stars after successfully completing a level. There are also bonus points for using power-ups during the game. Each level does become increasingly difficult as you progress, and sooner or later you’ll have to use one or more power-ups to win. Sometimes the game will tell you that the board has run out of matches and will force you to use the Shuffle power-up, which is a bit disappointing.

There’s only one currency to this game, which are coins. You earn coins from winning each level and getting bonuses along the way. There’s no mention of how to get bonus coins during the tutorial, so you have to sort of figure it out on your own, or catch the quick bonus information shown after completing a level. For instance, there’s a bonus of 500 coins for using power-ups or clearing the board as quickly as you can.

There are two kinds of mahjong pieces in this game. The regular ones cost 10 coins each and the gold pieces cost 50 coins each. You collect these coins when the pieces are cleared off the board. The regular pieces are often stacked on top of the gold ones. If you want to use traditional mahjong pieces (with Chinese characters) instead of the thematic ones that are the game’s default, you may change it in the game Settings page.

Each completed exhibit will reward you with one of the stolen objects from the museum. These are your trophies, which are displayed on a shelf once you’ve retrieved it. This is the ultimate goal of the game, which will solve the burglary and bring these precious items back to the museum where they belong. This part seems too simple and straightforward and does not fully deliver a crime-busting adventure storyline, but it keeps the game interesting, nevertheless.

Mahjong Museum Mystery has over 180 levels in total, which brings long hours of gameplay and mystery-solving. The game’s scoring system will allow you to earn enough coins to use power-ups at any point, but it’s up to you to keep earning more than you spend. Power-ups are also helpful, but only up to a certain extent. The puzzles are nicely designed and each layout provides a new challenge. It’s not too easy, but not too difficult either. This balance makes this game a great starter game for mahjong beginners.


The mahjong pieces on this game look colorful and vibrant, although the golden pieces might appear too bright that it’s hard to see the image on them. The animations are very minimal in this game and is not really the best quality. The sound may seem a bit misplaced at times, where techno/disco can be heard while playing in a level with an ancient Egyptian theme. The clicking sound when selecting a piece may sound too monotonous, but there’s always an option to turn the sound off.


Mahjong Museum Mystery is a great attempt at making mahjong games more story-driven. The storyline does add a bit of adventure to the game. The puzzles themselves are generally visually and mentally refreshing and having more than one power-up is a bonus. Although the storyline is not a big part of the game, the amount of puzzles in different themes are more than enough to keep you entertained. Overall, this game is great for mahjong beginners and experts alike and is definitely worth checking out.

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New Game Added: Mahjong Museum Mystery

by Kim May 3, 2016
Mahjong Museum Mystery takes you on a crime-fighting journey to recover stolen antiques from a museum. Solve over 180 mahjong puzzles with hints and four different power-ups. Collect the clues to help you find the loot while exploring ancient places in this enthralling mahjong game.  Mahjong Museum Mystery china theme traditional pieces in Mahjong Museum Mystery Mahjong Museum Mystery Egypt theme Read More
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