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Magic Kitchen 9 rate Collect ripe vegetables from the field in an attempt to combat the encroaching darkness in this exciting match-3 puzzle game, Magic Kitchen! There are also plenty of boosters that you can buy and use along with a Minesweeper-like mini-game, called Cherry Bomb,, that you can enjoy! Can you save the Land of Magic? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Oh no! The beautiful Land of Magic is in danger! Help save the inhabitants from the expanding fog of darkness by collecting ripe vegetables and fruits from the fields via match-3 puzzle games and send them over to the witch at the magic kitchen. Hopefully, she’ll be able to craft enough potions in time to fight the darkness! Match up the veggies in such a way that you can earn special vegetables that offer amazing effects! In addition to the various game modes available, you can even supplement your game with a range of fun boosters too! Take a quick break from playing match-3 now and then to enjoy a Minesweeper-like mini-game, Cherry Bomb as well! So, do you think you have what it takes to save the poor helpless people in the world in Magic Kitchen? Play now and find out!


In Magic Kitchen, the game provides short tutorials to guide you through the basics of the game. Generally though, the game plays out a bit like what you’d experience in Farm Heroes Saga. By matching up 3 or more vegetables and fruits to collect them, you’ll get +1 multipliers added to nearby, randomly selected veggies. Match these multiplier-attached vegetables to collect more veggies with a single move! For instance, if 3 lemons have +1 multiplier each and you matched them all up, you’ll collect 6 lemons instead! Amazing, isn’t it?

Not to mention, the game provides a huge variety of special veggies that you can get when you match 5 or more vegetables or fruits together! By matching 5 veggies in a row or column, blue magical swirls will appear behind the resulting vegetable. These swirls supercharge the vegetable in question, allowing its super ability to be activated when you match it up again. Different veggies will have different super powers. For example, by matching up a special blue pepper, it’ll provide random special abilities to 3 random vegetable. There is even an ability that, when triggered, will clear away a whopping 5x5 area around the special veggie!

Furthermore, for match-5s that are matched in a T-shape format, you’ll earn special veggies that have a swirling cloud of light behind them. When activated, the special vegetable will clear up a nice 3x3 area radius around it. There is even another special vegetable that you can get by matching up 5 veggies in an L configuration. For this special vegetable, it’ll have magical purple bubbles appearing behind it and when matched, it’ll clear both row and column the special veggie is on!

The game objective in Magic Kitchen is pretty simple – you’ll just have to collect all of the required ripe vegetables from the garden beds. Most of the time, you’ll be given limited turns to complete the level. If you completed the level with plenty of leftover turns, then Magic Mix will be triggered, granting random vegetables in the playing field with super abilities and activating them all! This event will definitely earn you even more points! Sometimes, the game will spice up things by adding in a few timed levels. In these levels, you’ll get a timer in the place of limited turns and similarly, you’ll need to complete the level objectives before the time runs out!

However, if you didn’t manage to complete the objective/s within the number of turns or time limit provided, you’ll then fail the level and lose a life. Don’t worry though! You have plenty of lives to spare and these lives will recharge themselves over time! That being said, if you want to play without waiting, you can head over to the cash shop to buy more lives too!

Limited number of turns or limited amount of time is least of your worries though, especially when you have to content with the various obstacles that Magic Kitchen will most certainly throw at you! In addition to tricky board layouts, there are also vines that you’ll need to clear from your vegetable pieces as well as grass tiles and stubborn frogs. Thus, those special veggies that were mentioned before will definitely come in handy when you’re facing tough obstacles in this game!

If you still need more help... no worries! Magic Kitchen’s amazing range of boosters are here to help! There are 5 different boosters for you to choose from, namely the magic wand, locust, shaman’s drum, cat and magic glove. The magic wand will allow you to remove one element from the field while the locust helps you gather entire row of vegetables. The shaman’s drum gives +1 bonuses to 14 randomly-selected vegetables on the field. On the other hand, the cat helps you to gather all the vegetables of the same type. The magic glove is rather unique to this game as it allows you to move any vegetable in a cell to another specified cell.

Want to take a break from playing match-3 games? Well, in Magic Kitchen, you can do so by enjoying the game’s mini-game, Cherry Blast! Cherry Blast is a Minesweeper-type of game whereby you’ll have to mark out all the hidden cherry bombs using flags and opening all the cells without accidentally “stepping” on any one of these bombs. To play this game, you’ll just need to click on the reed or leaves to remove them and unlock the cell. The opened cell, if it doesn’t contain a bomb, will usually provide you with a number. The number indicates how many cherry bombs that are planted around it in a 3x3 format, but it won’t tell you which cells contain the bombs – that you’ll have to find out yourself!

You can play Cherry Blast 5 times per day for free and in each attempt, you should try to earn as many stars as you can. The game provides 3 difficulty settings, namely beginner, advanced and master, for you to choose from and of course, increasing difficulty will give you more stars, but there will be more cherry bombs for you to accidentally “step” on. These stars, in turn, contribute to your ranking on the leaderboard. The higher you go, the better the goodies, such as premium currency and free boosters, you’ll earn.

Similar to the boosters for the match-3 games, you can also use the same boosters for the mini-game as well, though the effects will definitely be different. For example, the magic wand will help you open one cell without penalty. This means that if that cell contains a cheery bomb, it won’t explode causing you to “game over”. Instead, the cell will be marked with a flag as if you’ve never stepped on the bomb-rigged cell. The locust, on the other hand, helps you to open a horizontal row of cells and if there are any bombs in them, the bombs will all be marked with a flag. The shaman’s drum shows the contents of 10 random cells without penalty and the cat will also open 8 random numbered cells without penalty.


Magic Kitchen is pretty popular match-3 game on Facebook – just take a good look at its amazing 1.3 million likes on its Facebook fan page! If you enjoy meeting new friends, this is a great place to hang out in. Not to mention, you’ll be able to keep yourself abreast of any news and updates, including any contests and freebies, by liking the page as well... so if you enjoy the game, be sure to drop them a “like”!

Graphics/ Sound

Magic Kitchen features brilliant cartoony graphics with bright colors that make the game look very appealing. The characters in the game, such as the cat and the young witch, are simply adorable as well! Sound-wise, the game provides catchy magical-themed music that will keep you on your toes as you try to solve match-3 puzzles in the game.


In a nutshell, Magic Kitchen is a very addictive and fun match-3 game that offers plenty of special veggies with amazing and varying effects! There are quite a range of game modes as well, including a timed mode, making each level feels fresh and exciting! If you encountered a problem and need some help, feel free to use some of the free boosters that you’re given to let you complete the objective and proceed to the next level. There is even a thrilling Minesweeper-like mini-game, called Cherry Blast, that you can play when you ran out of lives or if you decide you needed a break! Sound like a game that you’ll thoroughly enjoy? Well, what are you waiting for? Head over to Magic Kitchen today!

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New Game Added: Magic Kitchen

by Aethyna Jul 11, 2015
Collect ripe vegetables from the field in an attempt to combat the encroaching darkness in this exciting match-3 puzzle game, Magic Kitchen! There are also plenty of boosters that you can buy and use along with a Minesweeper-like mini-game, called Cherry Bomb,, that you can enjoy! Can you save the Land of Magic? Multipliers in Magic Kitchen Magic Kitchen: Entwined Grass in Magic Kitchen Read More
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