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Magecraft 7 rate Dark and troubled times have descended on the land and your people are in need of a new hope - you are that hope! Under your wise rule, you may have a shot at reviving the Kingdom of Argento to its former glory and bring peace to the realm once more! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Restore the true power of the legendary kingdom of Argento in this exciting new fantasy-themed MMORTS game by Plarium – Magecraft! In this game, you’ll need to develop your city and stockpile resources. With the huge wealth of resources you’ve hoarded, you can then build up your massive legion by recruiting the basic swordsman, the seductive succubus, the ghostly phantasm and even the mighty golem, and hire capable marshals to lead your armies! Don’t forget to upgrade your buildings and troops as well as to perform vital research to keep your city and soldiers relevant to the times. Do you have what it takes to be a great regent? Seize the throne today in Magecraft and find out!


Your arrival has been awaited by your subjects with bated breath. Dark and troubled times have descended on the land and your people are in need of a new hope! You are that hope! From now on, the protection of this castle is your sworn duty. With your wise leadership and rule, you can reunite the people, revive the Kingdom of Argento to its former glory and bring peace to the realm once more!


Before you start invading other regents or taking on the marauders, you should bear in mind that an army fights on its stomach. Hungry warriors are of little use for they will go hunting deer instead of your foes. Thus, you should start by setting up your resource-producing buildings, particularly the farms. Having farms will ensure that your soldiers have the provisions they need for long marches and sieges! You can also upgrade these farms to boost its food production as well, but the number of levels you can upgrade your building – any building in this game, in fact - depends on the level of your stronghold.

Next, you’ll need lumber mills too! After all, your subjects will need somewhere to stay if they are to remain in the kingdom to help you get your city to prosper! Furthermore, unless you wish to march into battle wielding sticks and stones, you should also build mines to start mining the iron you need for arms and armor to feed your growing war machine. Don’t forget that your castle will need to grow too and it cannot be made of lumber alone – lest a careless laborer might burn it to the ground trying to light his pipe. You’ll need a stone quarry to erect more solid stone buildings!

If you find that your resources are still insufficient, you can get more by doing tasks, whereby you’ll just need to accept a task, wait for its waiting duration to complete and collect your resources! Besides resources, you may also get time boosts, which you can use to shorten the waiting time for any action performed in the game, and even soldiers! These tasks will refresh every 8 hours. However, if you needed the resources urgently, well, you could always try trading at the market. Trade is not exactly very beneficial to you since the resource exchange rate is fixed at 100:70. You’ll need to provide more resources to get a lesser amount of some other resource. There’s also the option to spend your hard-earned crystals (real money currency) at the in-game shop too!

With a steady supply of all the resources available, you should make them secure from raids. After all, you are not alone in this realm and uninvited guests will knock on your door sooner than you think! Build a keep to store, safeguard and consolidate your wealth of resources! The keep can also secure an unlimited number of troops too. You will just need to send them to the crypt in your keep. Moreover, you should also improve your stronghold by upgrading it, so you may build more civil buildings, including all resource production buildings and the barracks, as well as to improve on the existing ones.

Don’t forget to direct your attention to the sciences as well! There are many fields that you can research in, such as agronomics, forestry, metallurgy, quarrying, fleetness, wargames, architecture and spoils of war (increases chance of earning crafting materials). Scholars’ researches completed at the academy can be very beneficial to you and your kingdom by increasing resource production, expanding your army and allowing you to construct more buildings!

Now that the castle larders are overflowing, it’s time to start raising a mighty host to bring your enemies to their knees! A commander may win the battle, but ultimately it’s the soldiers who fight it. So, build a training camp for your warriors to hone their mastery of arms and for you to recruit them to your cause! There are a variety of soldiers in this Magecraft and each of them has their respective buildings that you’ll have to build before you can have access to recruiting them. For instance, in order to recruit succubus, you’ll need a House of Sins while for obtaining phantasms, you’ll need the Dungeon of Souls.

Besides that, each type of units is effective against a certain type of troops. For example, swordsmen are effective against scouts while scouts are good against occults. Occults, on the other hand, are good against infantry. It’s a vicious cycle and thus, it’s best for you to mix up the composition of any of your invading armies. There may be some special units that are good against all 3 types too! While for most people ‘Home is where your heart is’, for a soldier, his heart and the rest of him belong in the barracks. Barracks are important to accommodate your army and to increase the number of slots in the unit training queue. To train even more units per slot simultaneously, you can upgrade your barracks.

Soldiers are the brute force that will help you to expand your influence, but you’ll need a seasoned marshal to be the brains of your forces. These people are natural-born leaders/heroes and will bring discipline to your ranks! Some of them include Brand the warrior, Dora the mage, Seymour the warrior-archer and Shayena the archer. For every upgrade you did for the Marshal’s headquarter, you will gain a new marshal slot and you can recruit another marshal. Marshals are also able to equip their own set of gear, namely helm, chest and weapon. These gears can be crafted at the workshop. You can even combine materials of the same grade to get 1 material of a better grade (up to ‘epic’ grade).

Don’t let your men grow restless without the thrill of battle! Take a group of soldiers and head to a marauders’ asylum to pay them a well-armed visit. Every successful run will reward you with resources and sometimes, time boosts! Inevitably though, some of your warriors have fallen and many were left wounded and ailing. Thankfully, a local alchemist has discovered a way to help revive your battle-hardened veterans at the infirmary using crystals instead of recruiting fresh and inexperienced troops.

Last but not least, there are also achievements that you can earn in Magecraft. They can be easily earned by just playing the game and you don’t need to actually go out of your way just to earn them!


As you start off with a small kingdom, you may want to seek a mighty alliance to house your little kingdom before it is ready to take on the world! Alliances in Magecraft can also conquer huge swaths of land and take hold of territories. You can even head over to the Facebook fan page of Magecraft and join the game community! The game currently has around 80 thousand likes and that number will surely increase drastically once the game is fully released!

Graphics/ Sound

Magecraft has astonishing fantasy-themed graphics that are brightly colored and richly detailed. The buildings in this game are so pretty as they have that well-polished and crisp look. The music in this game is something else entirely! It has a looming/ foreboding music to ‘tell’ the story of the darkness on the land, and yet it has the chirpy tune of the flute which ‘tells’ of the bright future to come. Although the soundtrack you hear in this game is the only soundtrack the game has, the music is long and varied, in terms of the tunes, enough to dispel any sense of boredom!


In short, Magecraft is a rather unique MMORTS game by Plarium whereby the gameplay seems to stand slightly out from the rest in terms of the usual MMORTS formula that they tend to use repeatedly for their games. However, the usual aspects of a classic MMORTS are still there, of course. You’ll need to build up your kingdom by managing your resources, defenses and your army. With a formidable army at hand, you can then subject other kingdoms under your rule and influence! There is also a new marshals system, whereby marshals are needed to head each battalion in your army, as well as a crafting system to provide crafted gear for your marshals The game even has remarkable graphics and an excellent music to boot. If you enjoyed games such as this one, Magecraft is one game you mustn’t miss! Try it today!

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Dark and troubled times have descended on the land and your people are in need of a new hope - you are that hope! Under your wise rule, you may have a shot at reviving the Kingdom of Argento to its former glory and bring peace to the realm once more! Magecraft: Brand the warrior Golem in Magecraft Swordsman in Magecraft Read More

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Dont bother, Plarium have not updated the game in a year, nor have they added any global quest for 4 months, they do no longer reply to any questions regarding the game and customers have lost complet...Full Review
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