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MafiaBattle 9 rate Recruit as many thugs as you can and take the streets by storm. Manage your illegal enterprises carefully so as to not catch the attention of the cops. Bust your fellow gangsters from prison while do your best to avoid getting thrown in one. If these sound like fun, be sure to give Mafia Battle a go! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Do you think you will be a good mafia boss? Well, plunge into the world of vice and crime in Mafia Battle and find out! Recruit as many thugs as you can into your mafia and take the streets and other mafia bosses by storm. Manage your “illegal enterprises”, including weed growing and meth cooking businesses, carefully so as to not catch the attention of the cops. Bust your fellow gangsters from prison while do your best to avoid getting thrown in one. Remember to pay your dues to your mafia family and help out weaker members of your family. After all, gangsters also have their own code of honor, you know! So, if you think you have what it takes to climb over your fallen enemies and reach the very pinnacle of the game, you should definitely give Mafia Battle a go.


To start building your mafia empire, you’ll first need to create your very own avatar. There is a rather nice variety of options you can choose from for your avatar, including gender, hair styles and facial look. All of these options are premade though, and you are not given the choice to customize them. That said, considering that this game is pretty much a casual MMO, this is quite forgivable.

The game begins with a fairly straightforward tutorial that will teach you most of the basics of the game. Those that are not covered in the tutorial are then explained via the challenges provided. Challenges are like quests in an MMORPG. By completing all of them, you’ll earn a substantial amount of premium rubies. Challenges are then replaced with jobs which will also reward you with rubies once completed.

In order to build an empire with a strong foundation in crime and corruption, you’ll definitely need a whole lot of cash. In-game cash can be earned over time via the Money Press and, of course, you can upgrade your Money Press to increase the total amount of money it can store as well as the rate at which it prints out forged bills for you. However, money earned this way is rather slow. Thus, Mafia Battle has several other money-earning methods for you to get your hands on some more cash.

Being a member of the mafia, it’s pretty obvious that the easiest way to gain money is by performing crimes. You can visit a location in the city and pick a crime to carry out. You can even pull a “grand theft auto” and steal some valuable cars. There are also special crimes that you can carry out with your fellow gangsters (other players) in Mafia Battle. For Money Transport, you will need to group up with 5 other gangsters. Granted that the grouping up process is automated and so is the combat, this is a pretty unique aspect of the game.

Of course, you could always grab whatever you need from the first mobster you encounter as well. To attack a fellow player (multiplayer) or an NPC (single player), you will need to forgo your default newbie protection and have enough amount of ammunition. However, if you’re successful, the lack of protection can be pretty much worth it. The combat system used in this game is very straightforward. All you need to do is pick a defensive strategy to use prior to engaging your opponent, and well, just press the “shoot” button provided. Obviously, whoever dies first will lose the shootout.

Health is also an important aspect of the game since you wouldn’t be able to carry out any form of crime once your health is depleted. Thankfully, health recovers automatically, albeit at a rather slow rate. However, you can speed things up by buying health packs using in-game cash.

However, being a member of the mafia doesn’t give you a free pass on every crime you try to commit. There’s a success rate shown for each crime listed, and depending on how lucky you are, you may or may not pull off the crime in question. For every successful run, you’ll become better at doing this particular crime and hence, your success rating for that crime will increase.

On the other hand, if you fail, you’ll be picked up by the cops and thrown into jail for a very short duration, in which you are not allowed to do anything except to stare at your jail cell... unless a random fellow gangster decides to bust you out. There’s also a few minutes’ worth of cooldown time after you’ve performed, whether successfully or not, a crime. Lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice and this proverb also happens to apply to crime. After all, you wouldn’t want to make it easy for the police to set an ambush up for you.

Looking for a quick way to double your money and more? Well, head over to the casino and try your luck. There is quite a variety of casino games Mafia Battle has to offer, including the people’s favorite Wheel of Fortune, Higher/Lower, Slot Machines, Blackjack and Roulette. Most of the game mentioned will require some cash to “buy in” before you can play, but for Wheel of Fortune, you can spin it whenever its cooldown is over without spending a single cent.

Like most real life criminal enterprises, your mafia will have access to several illegal ventures that you, being the mafia boss and all, will have to manage. You can produce ammunition which can then be used to attack other players. If more cash is what you need, you can easily earn more by cooking meth or, once you reached the required Mafia Power, growing weed.

Cooking meth can be a pretty tricky thing as you’ll need to balance the ingredients - a whopping 9 of them - and the temperature. With so many possible combinations, it is almost impossible to get it right the first time around. Not to mention, the balance changes every week and since you’ll need an entire day to cook meth, you will only get around 7 chances to guess the perfect meth combination. That said, meth can’t be sold though. Instead, you can donate it to your mafia family once you are accepted into one.

Almost every action with a waiting period in Mafia Battle will consume a Timer slot. What is a Timer, you may wonder? Well, basically, the number of Timers you have will determine how many actions you can perform concurrently. Besides upgrades and production (producing meth or ammunition, for example), cooldowns from attacking other players or performing a crime will take up a Timer slot as well. Due to this, it’s best to have as many Timers as you can, and since these Timers can only be purchased using premium rubies, you might want to save up some for this very purpose.

With so much cash you must now have in hand, you should definitely take very good care of them. This is what the bank is for! Store as much cash as you can there, so anyone who has successfully attacked you will not be able to snag even a cent from your hard-earned stash. You can also upgrade your bank so it can keep more of your cash safe from thieves.

Earning money is only part of the gameplay in Mafia Battle – the other part involves building up your army of thugs and gangsters so anybody who tries to steal anything from you will definitely think twice about doing so. You can easily recruit new troops via the in-game shop. The price per recruit increases with every person you hire. There are quite a number of unit types you can recruit, ranging from the basic thugs to corrupt cops and ex-commandos.

You can increase your mafia capacity by upgrading your Mafia Mansion. Having more thugs under your thumb will increase your Mafia Power. Mafia Power is a good indication of how strong your mafia is and will determine where you rank on the rank ladder. Thus, naturally, you will want to keep increasing your Power. You can do so by recruiting more gangsters or by upgrading your current thugs. Some troop can also be equipped with weapons that can be bought via the same in-game shop. Adding good weapons can drastically increase your troops’ attack power and defense rating. Similar to troop types, the game provides a rather nice range of weapons for you to purchase, including a quite impressive range of tanks and weapons of mass destruction.

Besides troops, you can also recruit followers to your mafia. Followers can only be recruited from among your friends, so be sure to add them into this game. In Mafia Battle, followers are very important as some upgrades will require you having a certain number of followers. Not to mention, you will lose followers over time (though the number will never drop below half of your total follower count), so you need to ensure you keep replenishing your follower ranks with some fresh blood.

As you progress in the game, you’ll eventually have the means to access new facilities and features, such as the weapons lab, where you can recycle useless weapons into brand new ones, the red light districts, the weed farm and even the pawn shop. There are also collections for you to complete and achievements for you to earn. If you fancy getting a leg up in the game, there are also boosters for you to buy using premium rubies.


Being a lone wolf in this city isn’t a very good idea, especially if you consider the prevalence of other more powerful gangsters running the streets. Thus, once you are able to do so, you should definitely sign up and join a Mafia Family. Being part of a family will allow you access to certain features of the game such as the family versus family wars and family cartel areas that you can help your family to conquer. Don’t forget to contribute meth and cash to your family daily to show that you’re a serious member of the team. Of course, once you’re strong enough, you might want to consider creating a Mafia Family of your own!

Graphics/ Sound

The art style in Mafia Battle looks unique enough. The characters are all very well-drawn, though the shootout images can be rather unrealistic – can you image a mobster with around 10 holes in his chest and still be able to fire his gun? In terms of sound, the background music may sound a bit repetitive after awhile. If this is the case for you as well, know that you can easily disable the sound options in the game.


In short, Mafia Battle is a fun and exciting casual MMO game that allows you to step into the shoes of an up-and-coming mafia boss. Fight against other mobsters for territorial control and for extra cash, carry out various crimes around the city, while doing your best to evade the cops who are hot on your tail. Recruit your own little army of thugs and show the other mobsters who’s the boss! On your down time, you could also enjoy a game or two at the casino and who knows? You might be lucky enough to hit the jackpot! If all of this sounds like a game you’d like to try... well, don’t wait – head over to Mafia Battle now and embark on your crime-filled journey to become the ultimate mafia boss!

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Recruit as many thugs as you can and take the streets by storm. Manage your illegal enterprises carefully so as to not catch the attention of the cops. Bust your fellow gangsters from prison while do your best to avoid getting thrown in one. If these sound like fun, be sure to give Mafia Battle a go! Your mafia empire in Mafia Battle Mafia Battle: Attacking other players Group heist in Mafia Battle Read More
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