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Mad Max 10 rate Explore the Great White desert in Mad Max, and go on a journey seeking hope amidst the wastes of despair filled with violent gun fights, blood, and scrap metal. Destroy enemy encampments, take out warlords, and customize and drive your own vehicle, the Magnum Opus, and turn Max into a legend. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Post-apocalyptic worlds are rife with violence, gore, and despair. The Great White is no exception. Apart from being a barren wasteland with unforgiving heat, it is full of warlords that would spill your guts without any hesitation if you wander into their territory. Random patrols roam the sand dunes, hoping to take you out for a wild explosive ride. Welcome to the frightening yet action-packed world of Mad Max, where scrap metal talks and guns, harpoons, fists, and flame cannons shout.

No, this isn’t a review of the movie, and yes, it is a video game. Released back in 2015 and earning itself a spot in PlayStation Plus’ April 2018 free lineup, it is one of the best games of that year, exceeding expectations. After all, movie-based video games never had a decent reputation, and Mad Max is one of the shining gems rising above a heap of scrap metal. Regardless if the premise interests you or not and regardless if you have or have not seen the movie, should you give the game a shot? Let’s find out if it warrants a download and a long playthrough:


First off, Mad Max’s plot has no correlation with the movie’s plot whatsoever, making it a standalone experience. This is a good thing, considering that you won’t be spoiled if you’ve watched the movie. In addition, the developers once mentioned that movie-based games tend to be bad, and we can’t help but agree with him

That aside and without diving much into spoilers, you will play as Max Rockatansky, a highway patrol officer, who runs into a bloodthirsty group called the War Boys, led by Scabrous Scrotus, son of Immortan Joe, and ruler of Gastown. From the start, you will be exposed to adrenaline-rushed action: you will be chasing Scrotus, challenging him to a fight but ending up losing all of your possessions, leaving you to your death in the unforgiving sand dunes. Fortunately, you’ll have a dog by your side, find some supplies and gear, and be acquainted with Chumbucket, your sidekick.

Although the world itself is full of violence and explosions that may clearly resemble a Michael Bay movie, the game’s story is full of philosophical ruminations about finding hope in a world that seems devoid of it. The setting itself has several regions and places, each with its own backstory and a great amount of lore you would want to read up on. The Wasteland holds numerous mysteries and secrets which are a joy to unravel.


Mad Max’s gameplay is mostly steered towards the vehicle aspect where you will drive the Magnum Opus to take down enemy patrols, encampments, and their gorey intimidation towers that perpetually burn or have corpses hung on them. The game feels like an upgraded version of Twisted Metal: it’s far from realistic and explosions are pretty frequent. Taking out enemy cars can be done in a variety of ways, thanks to the game’s plethora of outlandish weapons. The Magnum Opus is fitted with a powerful engine, and you can ram enemies and augment the damage by fitting its chassis with spikes. In addition, you can use weapons like exploding harpoons, machine guns, and even flamethrowers which lets you turn opponents into burning heaps of scrap metal.

Despite being an empty, barren wasteland, Mad Max is full of explorable areas and landscapes to explore. From naturally-made areas like canyons and caves to man-made fortresses and ruins of the buildings of the time gone past. Apart from driving, you will also have tons of things to do, from entering death races, destroying enemy outposts, and waiting for enemy patrols to converge upon your location. There are also friendly outposts where you can trade and upgrade your car, and unlock new skills as you build your reputation. Also note that the game encourages you to collect as many parts as you can to turn the Magnum Opus into a mean fighting machine.

Apart from riding the Magnum Opus, there’s also a third-person aspect where you move around on your own two feet, pummeling opposing grunts to their deaths or using different weapons. In addition, there’s also a rather disgusting survival aspect where Max has to consume the unthinkable (like rodents and insect larvae) in order to survive the wasteland.


Mad Max is solely a single player experience. However, you can discuss the game with various communities around the web, especially the PS4 sub on Reddit.


Mad Max’s presentation elements make full use of the PlayStation 4’s hardware capabilities without any notable problems. Although there are occasional framerate drops when action-packed occurrences happen, it barely lasts a few seconds. That said, the visual elements are superb: the wasteland feels like a living world, and the art and character designs are faithful to the movie, making it seem like you’re truly in a post-apocalyptic world. The voice acting is superb, especially Travis Willingham’s performance as Scabrous Scrotus and Jason Spisak’s craziness as Chumbucket.


Overall, Mad Max is arguably up there in PlayStation Plus’ best free game offerings. With over 30-40 hours of content, action-packed gameplay, explosive visuals and outstanding voice acting, it’s worth dropping everything you’re playing and grabbing right away. Give it a shot, and explore the vast wastelands!

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by Mikhail Apr 19, 2018
Explore the Great White desert in Mad Max, and go on a journey seeking hope amidst the wastes of despair filled with violent gun fights, blood, and scrap metal. Destroy enemy encampments, take out warlords, and customize and drive your own vehicle, the Magnum Opus, and turn Max into a legend. Mountainous wasteland in Mad Max Death Race in Mad Max Intimidation tower in Mad Max Read More
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