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Mabinogi 9 rate Have you ever wondered what it would be like if a sandbox MMO is combined with a life simulation game and is given the anime treatment? Well, do give Mabinogi a look then! It may be an old game but it is still going strong for a reason, so give Mabinogi a chance and do check it out! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like if a sandbox MMO is combined with a life simulation game and is given the anime treatment? Well, you can wonder no more – just check out this amazing and timeless part sandbox MMO, part life simulation, anime-inspired game, Mabinogi! Have fun playing as 1 of 3 races in the game while leveling up your character talents, which incidentally, in this game, includes talents that will be able to specialize your character into “classes” as well as allow you to take up “professions or jobs” (the game calls them “life skills”). Combat system in this game is rather clunky and may feel like an ancient version of a somewhat action-based combat. There are also the usual questing, dungeon running and PvP arenas as well. Interestingly, the game provides a nifty rebirth system that allows you to revert back to level 1 while keeping all your talent points and the age system is a pretty unique touch. Thus, if you don’t mind the dated graphics and controls, you may actually enjoy Mabinogi. Do give it a go!


In terms of plotline, Mabinogi features quite a lot of main storylines that if you pay close attention, are linked up to each other. Starting with the Advent of the Goddess storyline where it depicts a serene world that is about to be dropped into chaos. In this story, you’ll need to save Tir Na Nog and find out who this mysterious goddess, who has been relaying information to you, is. The game then progressed into other storylines, such as the Paladin storyline, the Ancient Secrets of Irinid, Dragon, Alchemist, Goddess of Light, and so on and so forth. There are even anime versions of the theater classics, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, and the most recent storyline, Macbeth.


To start, you’ll first nee to select 1 out of the 4 servers available as well as the channel you would like to be in – there are several channels in each server. As a tip, it’s best to go with the topmost channels as they are usually more populated.

Then you’ll need to create your character. New players to Mabinogi will get 6 character slots right off the bat, which is amazing and all, but you should be careful not to delete any of the characters you’ve created as you’ll also lose the slot that house the character which you have promptly deleted. That being said, for character creation, you have 3 different races to choose from, namely humans, elves and giants. Humans are the most versatile race in the game. They can take up any talent without any talent penalty or bonuses also and any skills. This is the most suitable race for players who have yet to know which style of play they’d like.

Giants, on the other hand, have plenty of restrictions, such as they cannot be archers and have very poor stats to make a good caster. However, they are very tall. If you’re a young giant, you’ll probably be taller than the tallest human being in the game. And interestingly, you can even ride on the shoulders of giant characters/ players in the game like a child riding on the shoulders of his dad – it’s both endearing yet a tad bit weird in some sense.

Anyway, once a race is chosen, you’ll get to customize your character and select its gender. There is quite a nice variety of customization features available in Mabinogi. You have several selections for various character appearances such as eye color and type, hair color and style, and many more. However, some players may feel that the features are rather limited. Well, do bear in mind that Mabinogi is an old game after all and whatever it has now is pretty good enough. Anyway, you can also get more features via the in-game shop with premium cash if you really want to look unique anyway.

Here, you may notice that you can select the age of your character as well. This is a very nice and rather unique feature to have. Unlike in other MMOs, age will affect your gameplay in some major way as you play the game. It is not merely used to determine the height of your character. The age your start with will change how you experience the game as you’ll be given starting stats depending on your age. Want higher intelligence and mana? Go older. “Younger” characters, instead, have more critical chance and luck.

Every week though, your character will gain 1 year to his or her age along with a nice stat boost, but as you grow older, the stat boost gained will gradually diminish. Finally, once you hit age 17, you’ll stop aging physically. This aging system ties in with another unique Mabinogi feature – the Rebirth system.

Rebirth technically means that you get to turn back the clock and start from a young age with the same character. Your level will be turned back to 1, but interestingly, you’ll still retain all the talent points (which will be covered later in this review), so in other words, you can select more talents right off the bat (after being reborn of course) and obviously progress much faster than before and still earn new talent points at a rate when you’re a new level 1 player. It’s also like a free reset as it allows you to select an entirely new set of talents and experience a totally different playthrough, if you so wish. It’s free to do so and for beginners, you can do that once every 24 hours.

Since we’re already exploring the “talents” part of the game, I might as well introduce it right here, right now. Talents in Mabinogi can be separated into 4 categories, starter, combat, life and hero. Each category contains plenty more talents that you can choose from. For instance, for life skills, you have adventure, mercantile, holy arts, cooking smithing, tailoring carpentry, and medicine. To upgrade them, you just need to use them. They will have their own tiny experience bars that, when full, can be used to rank up your skill.
wars between elves and giants (humans can decide which side to join).

These talents are mainly there to allow you to focus specifically on a certain set of skills since you’ll get bonus experience when you use these skills. For example, for combat skills, you can focus on archery or magic or even close combat skills, depending on which play style you enjoy. But of course, your race may predispose you to a certain play style for instance, giants have really low intelligence and mana making them bad casters, they have restrictions that don’t allow them to go into archery, and this leaves you with close combat-related skills.

For controls, Mabinogi utilizes the old click to move option. In fact, you may be interested to know that you can practically enjoy the entire game without using your keyboard at all. You can swap out the old controls for the newer WASD system, but that set of controls are buggy in this game and you may find yourself stuck at times, which you won’t want to do when your character is in a very dangerously fatal situation.

Furthermore, Mabinogi’s clunky combat system isn’t exactly the best among MMORPGs and may take some time to get used to, especially if you’re already used to the standard controls that other MMORPGs use. Here, there are no white attacks and clicking on skills won’t get your character to attack. Instead, you’ll need to click on the skill, then click on the enemy again to attack. It can get complicated as well since certain skills need to be queued up to have a better effect (much like a combo effect in an action-based game). It actually feels like a poor attempt at creating action-based combat (or perhaps it can be merely considered as an older type of action-based combat).

Like any MMORPGs, Mabinogi features plenty of randomly generated dungeons that contains plenty of switches and levers that if pressed or pulled incorrectly, will spawn enemies that you’ll need to fight. You’ll also need to find specific keys that will unlock the door you want to go through in the dungeon. There are also special items that you can get while questing that will teleport you into specific quest-related dungeons as well. Dungeons can be both solo-ed (usually quest-related dungeons) or completed in a group.

There are plenty more aspects of Mabinogi that you can find out as you play the game, such as the homestead feature (at level 10) that is some sort of a personal crafting hub/ area where you can train up all the life-related skills as long as you’ve built the buildings for them; part-time jobs that you can pick up at a certain time of the day and they hire only a few players, so “first come, first get”; pets and flying mounts, and of course, PvP arenas and race-specific


The community in Mabinogi is still going strong... ish. Cities can be slightly laggy due to the concentration of players there, but it also depends on which channel or server you’re on. Since creating guild is a premium only feature, there are not as many guilds around, but you can feel free to join those are available. Guilds usually place guild stones on fields and you can just click to join. It’s Facebook fan page has more than 190 thousand likes and if you’re a fan of anime-styled games, you’ll feel right at home with the fan base of this game.


The 3D anime-inspired graphics in Mabinogi is understandably dated, though it still looks crisp and well defined... enough. For music, most of the soundtracks are wonderfully composed, but some people may not like the style of music the game provides. Thus, if you’re resourceful enough, you may even find community-made custom soundtracks for the game that you can download, add to the game folders and enjoy while playing Mabinogi!


In summary, Mabinogi is a free-to-play MMORPG that is a nice blend between MMO dungeon crawler/ sandbox and life simulation. It is a rather dated game and is not a very newbie-friendly game in regards to its combat system and controls... unless you have someone on the inside guiding you as you play the game. The talents and rebirth system ensure that players can gradually (if they’re hardworking enough) learn all the talents if they want to. There are also plenty of dungeons, and PvP arenas that you can enjoy. If you like collecting stuff, you might be delighted to know that Mabinogi offers a plethora of pets, mounts and cosmetics that you can purchase via the in-game shop. So, join the loyal fan base at Mabinogi today and try the game out!

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by Aethyna Aug 18, 2015
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if a sandbox MMO is combined with a life simulation game and is given the anime treatment? Well, do give Mabinogi a look then! It may be an old game but it is still going strong for a reason, so give Mabinogi a chance and do check it out! Questing in Mabinogi Mabinogi: Character outfits Horse mount in Mabinogi Read More
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