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Lutie RPG Clicker 10 rate Help Lutie achieve her lifelong dream of becoming a powerful Valkyrie in this amazingly addictive idle RPG, Lutie RPG Clicker! Assemble a team of Guardians and battle the onslaught of enemies as you level up and unlock new worlds to fight in. Aside from tapping, there are plenty of other features to keep you engaged as well. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Lutie RPG Clicker is a fun and yet in-depth, anime-themed idle RPG where you’ll help a young lady, Lutie, reach her dream of becoming a full-fledge Valkyrie one day. Aside from challenging boss fights, the game also features plenty of upgrades and even a phalanx of Guardians and Servants, all of which are also upgradeable, that you can recruit to your team and contribute to your passive DPS.


In this game, you’ll be basically playing as Lutie, a young and very capable lady who aspires to become a full-fledged Valkyrie one day. It’s pretty obvious that the storyline isn’t exactly the main focus of the game, but at least the game does let you know some background to set the scene.

Story – text form and squirreled away together with the servant raids, expeditions and mini-games. Has requirements though. Each page of story can only be unlocked after reaching a certain stage. Every 100 stage


To begin, you start by inputting a nickname for your character, but since you’ll be playing Lutie, you can’t really customize her looks, except possibly via skins.

Now, although the game does offer you a tutorial, you may quickly realize that many features in the game aren’t sufficiently covered. In some way, the beginner’s tutorial is designed to get you tapping as soon as possible, but this in turn may mean that you’ll miss out on many potentially beneficial side-features which you can then fully utilize.

Therefore, what I’d recommend is to spend a couple of minutes just exploring the many different buttons on the menu (you can open the menu by tapping the small arrow on the top-left corner of your screen). Once you’re done, you can then get into the core part of the game, which is… progression!

Considering that the main premise that all incremental tapper/clickers are based on is progression, it is not surprising to see that this part of the gameplay is impressively well-done. There are multiple ways in this game to improve either your Tap damage or your Passive DPS and almost every method that we’re going to look in are designed to keep you constantly engaged.

For instance, the main chunk of your Passive DPS comes from your team of Guardians whom you can recruit after defeating them in the game. You can upgrade your Guardians in so many ways too, ranging from equipping them with powerful manastones to increasing their rebirth level. You can simply level up their skills as well, which may also sometimes bolster the entire team’s DPS or help improve your Tap damage.

In terms of your Tap damage, the leveling is pretty linear, but did you know that you have your own set of special skills that you can unlock, upgrade and use whenever needed? These skills are quite helpful, especially when you’re facing a tough boss creature which basically appears in every 9th round of a stage. These skills have lengthy cooldowns though, so it’s wise to only use them when absolutely necessary.

Of course, for these bosses, you can’t always rely only on your Guardians to take care of them – You may actually need to chip in and start tapping frantically yourself. Thank goodness for the little siren that goes off whenever a boss is about to appear. Now, most boss fights will end in 30 seconds and if you didn’t manage to defeat the boss in question, your game will go into an endless loop of mob farming… that is until you decide to tap on the yellow “Boss” button to return to the boss fight and try again.

As you advance through the game, more features will be made available to you. For instance, the “servants” feature will allow you to send adorable pet-like “servants” on hours-long expeditions in hopes of getting something rare in return. There are also missions, which you can complete to earn some Rubies, raids, and mini-games (they are randomized every day and that there are several types in total) that you can earn special game coins from. These coins can then be exchanged for valuable upgrade materials.

For mini-games though, I’ve noticed that the game doesn’t provide you with a guide on how to play the game. Thankfully, most of these games are pretty simple in nature and you should (emphasis on “Should”) be able to figure things out after a playthrough.

Like all freemium games, Lutie RPG Clicker does have an in-app store which sells a variety of boosts and upgrade materials in exchange for Rubies and new character skin packs in exchange for real cash. In many ways, the store is very well balanced so that even free-to-play players don’t feel like they are missing out on some of these insanely useful boosts and materials.

And not to mention, if you’re F2P, you can still get quite a number of Rubies for free by completing stuff, watching video ads by tapping on randomly-occurring Shooting Stars, or even by reading the game’s text-based story. Make sure to check your inbox for some freebies you didn’t know you had too!


Lutie RPG Clicker isn’t exactly a very social game, however. It doesn’t really have a guild-like system for players to band together (maybe this is a feature that’s still in the works?) or a chat system in-game for players to communicate, which, frankly speaking, is a completely redundant feature mainly because the game is supposed to be an idle game. Though, I still like the idea of having guilds and maybe extra boosts for its members.

Graphics/ Sound

For an idle game, the variety of its visuals and its characters is of utmost importance, and although the game doesn’t change the mob design or background for every single stage you passed, it did change the graphics every 10 stages or so.

The art style in this game is superb as well! Personally, I really like the cute anime-like monster designs but the background is a close second. The Guardian designs, however, look equally amazing, but I do have a bit of a bone to pick about the number of scantily-clad, female Guardians in the game.


All in all, if you’re looking for an idle RPG that has plenty of depth, Lutie RPG Clicker is definitely a great pick. There are just so many features you can explore and then use to your advantage as you make your way through throngs of enemies. Progression is also incredibly satisfying… so much so it’ll keep you coming back for more!

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New Game Added: Lutie RPG Clicker

by Aethyna Apr 25, 2018
Help Lutie achieve her lifelong dream of becoming a powerful Valkyrie in this amazingly addictive idle RPG, Lutie RPG Clicker! Assemble a team of Guardians and battle the onslaught of enemies as you level up and unlock new worlds to fight in. Aside from tapping, there are plenty of other features to keep you engaged as well. Lutie RPG Clicker: Cute characters Recruit new guardians by defeating them in Lutie RPG Clicker Lutie RPG Clicker: Manual play Read More
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