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Love Dance 8 rate Love Dance is a very social dance simulation mobile game that will truly put your reflexes to the test. The game features up to 4 different “moves” ranging from the single tap to the double tap, as well as from the sliding a button to holding it down instead. There are tons of fun and challenging game modes too. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Love Dance is a fun, social, and challenging dance simulation mobile game that will truly put your reflexes to the test. The game features up to 4 different “moves” ranging from the single tap to the double tap, as well as from the sliding a button to holding it down instead. There are tons of fun game modes too, be it PvE where you’ll battle against AI-controlled avatars or PvP in which you’ll be pitting your dancing… ahem, tapping skills against actual human players. You can even customize the look of your avatar with the many gorgeous clothes and accessories from the shop. Fancy getting a pet? Well, you can get that too!


After choosing the gender of your avatar and a name, you’ll be immediately dropped into the game’s compulsory tutorial. The tutorial will introduce you to the various controls you’ll need to know and use to play the game. This include the so-called “dance moves” such as the single tap and the double tap. The single tap is easy enough – just wait until the halo around the bubble (which is also known as the “key”) shrinks until it reached the border before tapping on it. If you do it right - note that you need to tap on the key when the halo is at the outer border of the bubble and not in the narrow space between the outer border and the inner one, you can easily get a “Perfect” score.

On the other hand, double tap basically means you just need to tap on the two bubbles simultaneously. You will also need to slide a bubble according to the shown path from time to time, and if a gold bubble appears, simply wait until the halo is in position before holding the bubble by pressing on it. A new golden halo will gradually appear once the bubble is pressed. Once the halo is complete, you can let go and tap on other keys instead.

Like most dance simulation games, Love Dance places a lot of emphasis on combos, which will grant you massive multipliers as long as you can keep the combo going. And to do so, you simply mustn’t miss any keys. Well, this can be a pretty tall order considering that the keys often appear all over the screen rather than appearing in a predetermined spot and that the flashy background can sometimes be quite distracting. If you do miss a key, your device should, by default, vibrate. However, this is a feature that can be disabled via the settings if you find the vibration a bit annoying.

Accuracy is another important aspect of the game. Although not as important as combos, it can be that fine line; that deciding factor which determines whether you win or a lose a match with another player who has just scored a full combo like you.

Love Dance features 3 game modes. One of which, the Red Carpet, is a PvE mode while the other two, namely Battle Party and Sky Ladder, are PvP. The Red Carpet mode plays out like a campaign where you’ll go from level to level, stage to stage to do “dance-battle” with your AI opponents. There are 3 stars per level you can earn, and interestingly, you can get all the stars you need simply by reaching a certain amount of score. In other words, you don’t exactly need to beat your opponents to win. Each stage will also end with a fun Boss Battle where you get to dance with a popular celebrity, albeit their virtual version.

Each level will cost you a life to play as well, but lives will regenerate on their own so you can play the game again after a while.

Fancy facing off against another player? Well, the Battle Party or Dance Battle mode will allow you to set up dance rooms which can house up to 4 players including yourself. Being the room’s owner, you can choose the song (and its difficulty level) you want to dance to, the stage you want to dance at, and even the dance mode you want to opt for – whether Bubble mode or Classic mode. Each mode contains 3 further sub-modes that you can choose. You also have the authority to kick players who aren’t ready or AFK just so you can get a match started. Is setting up your own room too much of a hassle for you? Then, simply join another player’s room and start playing!

Sky Ladder, on the other hand, is a ranked PvP mode where you’ll get matched with a rival dancer of similar league level. If you win the battle, you will be able to improve your rank, but if you lose, your rank will drop instead. However, I’ve noticed that it can be difficult for a newbie to gain any sort of traction here since you are more likely to be matched with players who are much more advanced than you. Perhaps not many lower-level players play this game mode as often.

Oh, and if you encounter a pop up asking you to download extra content to play, well, just press Confirm to ignore it. The game didn’t download any content anyway and will just drop you into its auto-matchmaking system.

There are also quests in Love Dance which you can complete to increase your level quite rapidly. This is the best way to level up quickly so be sure to follow the quest instructions to the letter. If you happen to be in a “relationship” in this game, you will gain access to special Couple Missions which you can then complete with your significant other.

Love Dance has some fashion elements as well… which is true for most dance simulations anyway. However, I’d like to point out that at the time of writing, the entire in-game shop only sells items that will cost you premium currency or Diamonds. There is only 1 item you can buy with the many free coins you get from playing the game and that item isn’t an item you can wear or use… you can only gift it during other people’s weddings. Not to mention, not all items in this game are permanent. Some may expire after a few days or even a week.

So, why is this such a big deal? Well, the items you buy or own will increase your fashion score, while the items you have on will contribute to your fashion level. These two metrics are needed to rank high on the Fashion leaderboard. Of course, if you’re a huge spender, you may even be able to rank on the game’s Wealth leaderboard.

That being said, if you’re a free-to-play player, then you’ll probably be getting most of your more fashionable clothes from completing quests or wishing at the Wishing Pond. Thankfully, the game provides you with free wishes every day that you can then use at the Pond. Interestingly, you can also disassemble costumes and use the parts to “assemble” … or to upgrade your existing items. Of course, it would be advisable to upgrade your permanent items only.

Love Dance has a pretty extensive monetization system where diamonds are literally the prime currency in the game. There are rubies and coins, but these don’t seem to do anything at the moment since you can’t really spend them. By recharging to buy diamonds, you will also earn VIP points which will gradually advance your VIP tier to unlock better perks along the way. If you want something more, you can even splurge some cash into signing up for a monthly membership. There are 3 types of memberships you can join and each of them will grant you many special perks, including access to the exclusive mall area filled with items “commoners” will never get to buy.


As mentioned, Love Dance is a very social game and as such, the game has multiple social features like a chat system and a dance crew system. Dance crews are basically guilds of players grouped together so they can play together to earn extra perks like access to Crew-vs-Crew dance battles. If you fancy leading a crew of your own, you can… as long as you have 300 diamonds and are at least level 10.

You can even claim some of your closest friends in the game as “family” too. By being part of your family tree, you will then be able to increase your Intimacy level with each of your friends a.k.a. family members by completing dance matches with them.

Graphics/ Sound

Considering that the game was produced in Asia, the game does have that typical anime-style which can be appealing to some, while boring to others. The dance animations are pretty nicely done in this game though, despite the couple of glitches when the avatars transition from a dance style to another.

The sound is pretty well-done. Granted that there isn’t a lot of song choices in the game, players are still given a sizeable amount, most of which are pretty popular songs, to tap along with. And of course, more songs will be added later down the road.


In short, Love Dance is a pretty decent dance simulation game which you can play on your mobile devices. The gameplay is challenging enough for the veterans of the genre to stick around and yet the easiest mode is easy enough for a new player to get into the groove, so to speak. Although the game may be a bit lacking when it comes to song choices as well as items that can be purchased using coins, Love Dance does have a PvE component which is very unique in this genre.

If this game sounds like fun to you, you should definitely check it out. The game is free to download on both Google Play and the App Store.
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by Aethyna Feb 13, 2018
Love Dance is a very social dance simulation mobile game that will truly put your reflexes to the test. The game features up to 4 different “moves” ranging from the single tap to the double tap, as well as from the sliding a button to holding it down instead. There are tons of fun and challenging game modes too. Love Dance: Dancing with Taylor Swift Choosing an avatar in Love Dance Love Dance: All combos Read More
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