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Lords Road 8 rate The world has fallen to the hordes of demons that have invaded the land under the orders of the Dark Lord. The only remaining location that is free from the taint of the underworld, the City of Light, is under siege. The fate of every last soul left in the world rests in your hands. Live up to your destiny and defeat them today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The world has fallen to the hordes of demons, the foul and dark creatures, who have invaded the land under the orders of the Dark Lord. The only remaining location that is free from the taint of the underworld, the City of Light, is under siege. The fate of every last soul left in the world rests in your hands and to live up to your destiny, you’ll first need to get stronger! In this game, you’ll level up your character, either a mage or a warrior, by running quest dungeons, team dungeons, challenges, daily and normal quests, PvP arenas or even fun boss events. Keep your character’s battle rating up by ensuring his or her equipments are always upgraded, and don’t forget to level up your skills whenever possible. Your companion, the voluptuous Goddess, must be constantly worshipped to fuel her powers, your mount must be upgraded to boost your stats and your 4 pets must also be leveled up from time to time. There are plenty of other fun features available as well. So, are you ready to take on the relentless demonic horde in Lords Road?


The Dark Lord was born in ancient times over 10,000 years ago. His armies plan to invade the City of Light and establish a Throne of God in his honor. However, recently, his demons has placed that plan into motion and invaded the land. Their sheer overwhelming numbers has tipped the world to the verge of destruction. That is until you arrived. Now, the fate of every surviving soul rests in your hands. Do not let the realm will fall into darkness!


To start playing, you’ll first need to pick a character class. Lords Road only provide 2 classes – warrior and mage, which is pretty disappointing, considering that most browser-based MMOs offer at least 3. Anyway, both classes differ greatly from each other in terms of skills, stats (mainly attack and defense) and also the difficulty level. The characters are gender locked as well, so you would be able to customize your characters. Once you picked a class and a name, you can begin your journey in Lords Road!

Like any other browser-based MMORPGs of the similar type, the auto-routing feature is provided for questing. Furthermore, questing in this game involves venturing into dungeon-based locations - a lot like Dragon Nest and Skyforge – whereby you’ll need to clear the solo dungeons as fast as you can to earn 3 stars completion rating. If you don’t get 3 stars at your first go, don’t worry! You can return to complete the dungeon again when your avatar’s at a much higher level. Oh and not to forget, each dungeon entry will cost you stamina and if you ran out, you’ll just have to wait for it to regenerate. You could also purchase more stamina using real cash or merely head on over to the Cursed Palace (which is unlocked at a later level) and go all AFK mode on the mobs there.

Besides solo dungeons that progresses the storyline, there are also the very lucrative team dungeons which will be unlocked at level 32 and also challenges whereby you’ll journey to the bowels of the underworld itself, Tartarus, and engage powerful demonic lieutenants in battle. Similar to solo dungeons, Tartarus offers you 3 stars to earn per demon boss and naturally, the more stars obtained, the better rewards you’ll get!

Combat is the bread and butter in Lords Road and thankfully, unlike most browser-based MMOs of the same make, it is not boring or always automated. Most dungeons force you to manual take control of your character. You’ll be using the basic point and click method to navigate the world, use the skills on your quick action bar, and defeat the enemies. Enemies that are killed drop loot and you can collect the items by walking over them. Of course, there are certain places where you can select AFK combat if you want to, so you can get a bit of a break from playing.

Whether you’ll emerge victorious or not in Lords Road depends heavily on your battle rating. Battle rating is a value that is indicative of the strength of your character, which is inclusive of the gear you have equipped, the Goddesss you have summoned, the level of your character skills as well as the mount and pets you own and use. Thus, it’s always wise to always keep your battle rating climbing so you’ll be able to handle the much tougher mobs and bosses later on.

One of the most basic ways to improve your battle rating is by leveling up your skills. They can be upgraded with crystals and cash, and will also cost skill point. You have 10 skill points in total at the beginning, but they will regenerate by themselves after they are used. There are up to 3 runes that you can add to each of your skills as well and runes can only be learned by using rune skill books which you can buy from the store using premium cash. Your character is also given an ultima skill. To obtain the option to trigger it, you’ll first need to use your other skills to fill up the fury meter to a 100%.

In Lords Road, you’ll also be able to summon a Goddess. There are generally 2 types of Goddesses in this game, classic (which is available to free-to-play players) and legendary (basically premium ones) Human worship fuels the Goddess’s power and hence, you should always do that once the cooldown is off. You can also bond to the goddess to increase her quality by 1 star – you can go up to 5 stars in total.

Equipments are also important in increasing your battle rating. Thus, be sure to keep enhancing, enchanting or socketing powerful jewel on them. The jewels themselves can also be enhanced and forged prior to adding them to your equipments. You can even forge your equipments to upgrade the quality of your gear. However, you should be careful whenever upgrading your gear as there’s a success rate involved. If the success rate is too low, there’s a chance that you’ll lose all your enhancements and will have to start all over again.

There is also a mount that you’ll get at level 20 which will contribute to your battle rating. You can upgrade it by using mount jewel. The upgrade system for mounts can be a tad bit tedious though as it is separated into stages and stars. Using the mount jewels, you’ll first need to obtain 10 stars in order to get a 1 stage upgrade. Then, you’ll need to repeat the entire process for stage 2 right up to 5. You can even change the look of your mount to something much cooler, but it’ll require premium cash.

Pets come much later in the game, at level 27. You can hatch them from eggs and you’ll get a certain number of free chances per day. For pets, you can only have 4 pets “equipped” at a time, but only 1 of them can be set to follow you around. To level them up, you’ll need to feed them with unwanted pets that you get from the egg hatchings. As you progress, you’ll get access to beautiful wings and nice titles that will boost your battle rating as well.

For PvP, the game offers an arena whereby you can duel players who are higher than you in ranking to earn honor points. These points can be exchanged for fabulous loot at the honor shop. You can only duel 5 times per day and after each duel, there’s a rather lengthy 10 minutes cooldown. Lords Road has plenty of features on offer, so be sure to check the game out!


The community in Lords Road generally group together into guilds and guilds are very important in this game as it’ll give you a guild-only buff, access to the guild shop and also to various guild-only events. However, since guilds can only be set up using premium cash, there aren’t a lot of guilds around. If you fancy meeting your fellow players, you might want to drop by their Facebook fan page too.

Graphics/ Sound

The game contains nice epic music that has variety and changes depend on location. The sound effects from the various abilities used are very well-done as well. For graphics, Lords Road looks nice enough, but its art style doesn’t seem to help the game stand out from the plethora of other browser-based MMORPGs out there on the internet.


All in all, Lords Road is an anime-inspired MMORPG that is fun to play and can be very much addictive. The storyline may be pretty generic but it offers a very nice gameplay that balances that part out. You’ll actually get to play your character in the game and not “automation” your way out. This is, after all, no idle RPG! Battle rating plays a huge role in this game and thus, upgrading your equipments, skills, Goddess (companion), pets, mounts and even wings are vital to surviving through the many solo dungeons, team dungeons, Tartarus challenges and other challenging boss events. There is even a PvP arena where you can challenge another player to an automated duel, which is heavily reliant on the battle rating factor and of course, luck. Lords Road is a very solid browser-based MMORPG game that you may perhaps enjoy. So, try it out today and experience it for yourself!

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New Game Added: Lords Road

by Aethyna Sep 14, 2015
The world has fallen to the hordes of demons that have invaded the land under the orders of the Dark Lord. The only remaining location that is free from the taint of the underworld, the City of Light, is under siege. The fate of every last soul left in the world rests in your hands. Live up to your destiny and defeat them today! Epic dragon mount in Lords Road Lords Road: Character classes Wings in Lords Road Read More
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