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Lords of the Arena 8 rate Lords of Arena is a fantasy idle adventure-RPG where you, a Lord, will fight monsters and the forces of evil. Gather a team of adventurers with a variety of weapons and skills, strengthen their combat capabilities, and make sure they’re ready for the next battle using robust RPG elements. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Lords of the Arena is an idle RPG released on R2 Games that resemble Flash games of yore. Older gamers are familiar with the feeling wherein you launch a browser, visit Newgrounds or Miniclip, click a game, and start playing. LoA gives the same feeling and its overall gameplay is quite comparable to the games on the above-mentioned sites and some idle mobile RPGs, just with a more modern look.

However, with its gameplay almost similar to older games, it doesn’t deliver an in-depth experience and it may only be good for players who are looking to just spend a couple of hours diving into a decent game to kill time. Nevertheless, it is fairly well-made and with a sizable cast of characters to collect and a meaty campaign, there’s a lot of content to bite into.

So, should you give Lords of the Arena a try? Before you decide, let’s check out what it has to offer:


Lords of the Arena’s lore doesn’t immediately let itself known, although you’ll end up as a “lord” commanding several heroes, with their numbers growing as you progress. In a nutshell, the game’s world was invaded by dark magic users and unknown warriors, and it’s your job to take everything back. It’s not the most unique of settings, but it manages to hold up fairly well.

Like the mage, monk, and minotaur, the characters you unlock and collect have their respective backstories. Although storytelling isn’t the game’s strongest point, the characters have an occasional dialogue which is a must-read if you want to learn more about their motivations, reasons for being part of your team, and what’s in it for them in this endeavor.


Lords of the Arena’s gameplay centers around its campaign and online battles against other players in the Arena.

The campaign is divided into several levels where, upon clicking, you’ll end up fighting several battles in two to three levels. Unfortunately, the combat system is rather shallow and requires little participation, unless if you set the skill activation to manual. If you set everything to auto, all you’ll have to do is watch your characters swing their weapons and activate powerful magic spells and devastating attacks towards enemies. Separate from your characters is your Lord, who stands behind them. His role is to support your team by launch devastating attacks or through other spells.

Progression in Lords of the Arena is done via the traditional RPG elements consisting of equipment modifications and skill upgrades. You’ll receive equipment rewards and other items whenever you beat opponents and finish levels. Most of your participation lies in helping your heroes gear up for battle. Thankfully, you don’t have to painstakingly drag and drop items and instead, simply use the auto-equip feature. Among those rewards are coins, which you’ll then use to upgrade your heroes’ skills. New potential members of your party usually come whenever you progress to a certain point on the map, although the game rewards players with pieces of a single character. Once you collect all these, you can then use them in battle.

Some of the other features, like the Arena, Smith, and Adventure mode (different from the campaign) are locked until you get to a certain point. There’s also an in-game ranking system where you can see how you rank in the leaderboards. Finally, since it’s a free-to-play game, Lords of the Arena has microtransaction elements in the form of gems and an energy system. Purchasing a starter pack will net you a new hero and a bunch of other items. You can also buy VIP status which will grant you additional features like x3 speed when setting battles automatically.


In terms of presentation, Lords of the Arena resembles old browser games from its art style to its animations. Although it’s not exactly the most graphically-innovative game out there, it holds up, managing to be entertaining even if the character movement, spells, and other effects even with simplistic graphics. Your Lord can also be customized: its appearance changes depending on its equipment.

The audio is nonexistent - there’s no in-game sound even if you set the audio on max in the settings. It might be just a bug or content to be added later, but the experience the game provides would be better if it had accompanying music and even with minimum voice acting.


In many ways, Lords of the Arena is comparable to idle games you play on mobile devices today. It isn’t the hardest game to play, and anyone can play it. Overall, it doesn’t offer much, and many of its features are locked behind progression with rather simple presentation elements. Although it may not be a game you’d line up to get at launch day, it’s something you’d want to try if you’re someone who constantly played browser games back in the day. Nevertheless, it provides an adventure that is worth a playthrough.

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New Game Added: Lords of the Arena

by Mikhail Jan 25, 2021
Lords of Arena is a fantasy idle adventure-RPG where you, a Lord, will fight monsters and the forces of evil. Gather a team of adventurers with a variety of weapons and skills, strengthen their combat capabilities, and make sure they’re ready for the next battle using robust RPG elements. First battle in Lords of the Arena Mage and minotaur in Lords of the Arena Upgrading a character in Lords of the Arena Read More
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