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Lords Mobile 9 rate Lords Mobile is a mobile strategy game that features two kinds of gameplay where one lets you control your army in invasion and the other lets you play as your heroes. There is also a city building feature that allows you to upgrade your kingdom to produce more resources and build your army. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Lords Mobile from IGG is a mobile strategy game that focuses on army and castle building. It focuses more on PvP battles but still features some PvE aspects, it also has two distinct combat gameplay; one focusing on army battles and the other for hero adventures.


Set in a fictional medieval world, you take the role of the lord of your castle as you must gather the other races to unite against an inevitable invasion from the dark forces. You also have the task to take out any opposing forces near your borders that are threatening your kingdom. There are different races involved in the game, from fairies to elves to dwarves and even cat-like creatures.


Lords Mobile may look similar like some of the popular mobile strategy games that are available today, it tries to provide a very different style of strategy game but still maintains that very familiar mechanic from popular games.

City building is one of its main features, you build up your kingdom by creating new buildings that unlocks new features such as producing new resources or allows you to train new military units. Resources are also important, as these are needed to build, train and research to improve your kingdom. Upgrading the buildings will let you improve the production and training of troops, and it could also add some bonus perks when reaching certain levels.

Your army is the other main feature, you build them up by training more units, from infantries to ranged units to cavalries up to the siege weapons. Each of these unit types have their distinct strengths and weaknesses in which having a well-balanced lineup will be essential to your victory. Once you have your army, you can invade any locations for loot and other important materials, or attack neighbouring kingdoms for your quest to become the dominant empire. You can scout ahead to determine the current army strength of your opponents before you attack.

Once you start your assault or defense, the game shifts into a battle mode where your army is against your opponent’s army. The battle will be automated so the battle is determined on the army strength. Setting up protective walls on the defenders can provide some advantages such as traps and archer towers to add additional damage against the attackers. But if the attacking army has an overwhelming army strength, they can penetrate any underpowered defense line with less casualties. Each side has a morale meter that determines the moral conditions of the army, once it reaches zero, the affected army will retreat. Winning the battle will allow you to occupy a spot or loot additional resources.

The other battle system found in Lords Mobile is by using your recruited heroes in battle. They can participate with your army for added damage boost or go on in an adventure similar that from mobile online RPGs. You complete levels by eliminating enemies per stage. Completing each stage will net you exp points, loot drops and more.

Levelling up your heroes will also apply when participating in army battles, so the more you grind at the adventures, the better your heroes will become. Equipping items on your heroes has some unique approach, as whenever you fully equip your hero, you can opt to promote it to the next rank, and this provides bonus stats and unlocks new abilities but at the expense of consuming the equipped items. You can get more gear by completing stages and defeat the monsters.

You heroes can provide talent perks for your kingdom. Every time your kingdom levels up, you earn 3 talent points to allocate on improving production rate or even construction speed. You can reset the used points at a cost to reallocate any perks that you accidentally used.


Lords Mobile has a large following, and this means more players to interact with. As the game is PvP oriented, you will be focusing on challenging other players by invading their kingdom, but be aware that they will also do the same to you. You can also forge a guild and invite other players where it can provide exclusive perks, some players can even assist you in your construction or provide troop backups. You can also attack massive monsters in a raid-like manner where it only become available if you are part of a guild.

Graphics/ Sound

It is a surprise that Lords Mobile can provide a great visual presentation and still managed to have good performance even on older smart devices. The cartoony design was an okay choice as it lessens the strain on having eye-popping visuals but still maintains greater detail for its chosen art style. The music tracks provide intense atmosphere during battles and a calming vibe when managing your castle.


Lords Mobile was an interesting game that provides different gameplay that will keep players entertained. Those who are into city building, strategy games and even RPGs will surely have a great time with this game, and the learning curve is not that hard as you might have thought. Plus, the game does not need to be played on the newer or higher spec smart devices, as even smart phones made from 2014 can still run the game at a faster frame rate.

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New Game Added: Lords Mobile

by Richard Jan 20, 2017
Lords Mobile is a mobile strategy game that features two kinds of gameplay where one lets you control your army in invasion and the other lets you play as your heroes. There is also a city building feature that allows you to upgrade your kingdom to produce more resources and build your army. Lords Mobile: War gameplay Your empire in Lords Mobile Lords Mobile: Taking on a dragon Read More
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