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LINE PLAY 8 rate Meet new people or invite your friends to socialize in a colorful virtual world of LINE PLAY - Your Avatar World. Decorate your home with different furniture and decorations and invite your friends to visit your home. You can play different mini games and compare scores with other players too. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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LINE PLAY - Your Avatar World is a free to play, social mobile game where you interact with other players with cutesy characters. You can customize and change your avatar’s outfit or hairstyle that make it stand out from the rest in the game, you can also interact with players through the use of houses or lounges, where you can visit other player’s house or go to a public lounge and meet new people. You can even play mini games that will give you rewards to use on new items for your collection.


LINE PLAY - Your Avatar World focuses more on interaction rather than having a unique or action-pack gameplay, you will be meeting a lot of people in the game that you can become your friends, or invite your friends to interaction with you in the game. And there are a lot of options for players to discover.

When you start in the game, you will be able to create your own avatar, there are a lot of customization options that lets you create your very own unique avatar, you have a lot of options for the hairstyle where some are based on the popular hairstyles. And not just that, you can even change some of the details on the facial appearances, like the type of eyes, eyebrows, nose, mouth and more, alternatively you can take a selfie photo of yourself and let the game create your avatar to your likeness.

Once you are done with the facial customization, you can now select the type of fashion that you desire to match the personality of your avatar. You can change the hairstyle and outfit of your avatar at any time in the game.

The gameplay is more on interaction rather than fighting, so you will not find anything to kill in this game, just more on meeting new friends. At the start, you will be greeted with a short introduction in the game and some short explanations on the basic functions. The first thing that you will notice is your house, it will be rather bare at the start but once you’ve earned enough money in the game, you can purchase decorations and furniture to improve the appearance of your home.

There are some items or furniture that you can interact with, you can clean your house once in a while or take a bath on your bathtub or maybe had long “hours” of sleep at your cozy bed. You can even let other players visit your place to check out your stuff and collection and have a friendly chat for a while.

Aside from managing your house, you can visit the public lounges to meet more players. It is basically similar on how interaction at houses works, but in a larger scale and more people to accommodate. You can select which type of lounge that you plan to visit, whether it is from the club type of lounges or brand partners like LINE or Disney. Each of the lounge has its own unique theme, some are based on urban fashion, while others are fantasy-based and so on. You can interact with other objects there that adds more engagement.

To earn money, you need to accomplish objectives. The quest objectives are very straightforward, from making high fives to random players or visit a certain number of houses, you can track your progress on your log to see how many objectives you have accomplished. There are daily and weekly quests that you can accomplish and they all reset daily or weekly, a player can complete all of the daily quests in a span of an hour or less. Alternatively, you can just purchase the currency with real money via premium service.

There are mini games that you can try in some lounges, these offer a whole new gaming experience outside from the social interaction in LINE PLAY - Your Avatar World. They can be in a form of clicker battles or endless runner, these games are more of novelties and some does not give any benefits to your avatar’s progress, but it is a good breather for those who want to take a break from going around different lounges and meet new people.


Interaction is the base gameplay of LINE PLAY - Your Avatar World and as such, having a friendly community is a huge advantage for the game. There are also a ton of active players and you can engage with them at any of the public lounges. You can converse with them through the public chat and add them to your friend list. You can also invite them to groups where you can do other activities with them. Or you can just invite your friends at your house and have a nice conversation in a more private place.

Graphics/ Sound

LINE PLAY - Your Avatar World features a lush 2D visuals that is eye-candy and refreshing. The super cute characters provide a light-hearted feel to the experience and their animations and very fluid. The background also features 2D artworks and some of the objects are animated to make it feel alive. The music department is very lacking though, as it only features one track though the music has that cheerful vibe but it gets repetitive after a few minutes.


LINE PLAY - Your Avatar World offers a neat social interaction game where players can just spend their time meeting new people and have a friendly conversation. If you are into games that focus more on social engagement rather than the usual action-packed battles, then this game might be a good choice for you. However, the game may still lack some other nifty game features to keep players entertained when they get tired of seeing the same location and objective. There are quite a few interesting game features in LINE PLAY - Your Avatar World as well. You will definitely have a great time interaction with other players!

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New Game Added: LINE PLAY - Your Avatar World

by Richard Jul 17, 2017
Meet new people or invite your friends to socialize in a colorful virtual world of LINE PLAY - Your Avatar World. Decorate your home with different furniture and decorations and invite your friends to visit your home. You can play different mini games and compare scores with other players too. LINE PLAY: Visiting a friend's home Shopping at the item mall in LINE PLAY LINE PLAY: Interacting with objects Read More
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