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Lil' Conquest 9.5 rate Designed to appeal to casual MMO players, Lil’ Conquest features adorable graphics and a lighthearted setting along with an entertaining gameplay where you recruit legendary heroes and build up your own army to conquer as many land and cities as you can. Try it today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Designed to appeal to casual MMO players, Lil’ Conquest features adorable graphics and a lighthearted setting along with an entertaining gameplay where you recruit legendary heroes and build up your own army to conquer as many land and cities as you can. You could even partner up with your fellow players in Alliances and fight for the glory of your Alliance instead! If you’re tired of Clash of Clans and its ilk, and are looking a less competitive MMO strategy game to pass the time, Lil’ Conquest is the perfect game to fill in that role. Do give it a try today!


Due to Lil’ Conquest’s incredibly adorable graphics, it is pretty much pegged as a casual MMO. This means that the game is extremely approachable and is rather easy to pick up... at least the combat part. After the game tutorial’s over, you should already know how to manage your heroes and to send them into combat. However, the game doesn’t really introduce the village management part, so you’ll probably need to spend some time figuring out how to optimize your resource production.

Being an MMO strategy game, there are a few resources that your people can gather for you, the supreme leader, such as wood and grain. Though, most of these resources are automatically converted into coins once they are transported from the lumberhut or from the farm to the places they are usually stored. This actually makes resource management a breeze in this game!

Your village can be expanded by purchasing the surrounding using a semi-premium currency, Blue Diamonds. In fact, almost all the buildings in the game require blue diamonds to buy, which a few exceptions requiring red diamonds (the actual premium currency) instead. All the buildings you have in the game must be connected to roads or they will not function as intended. There are also quite a variety of structures you can build, such as shops, which converts your raw resources into more valuable products; decorations that not only beautify your village but also help boost the efficiency of surrounding buildings; and lastly, special buildings called Wonders which will churn out some free red diamonds on a daily basis.

Buildings will need people to run them and in Lil’ Conquest, you can recruit villagers to do so. There’s no limit as to how many villagers you can own, but you will only be able to recruit each villager once he/she is unlocked. To unlock new villagers, you’ll need to conquer other regions/ cities in the world map – the campaign-part of the game.

However, before you can start dominating the world map with your army, you’ll first need an army to call your own. You’ll start off by recruiting heroes using the game’s summoning feature. There are 3 types of summons, but if you don’t plan on spending any red diamonds, you’ll be using the most basic summon, which only require a token to cast. You’ll even get a free basic summon per day!

Heroes come in all shapes, colors and sizes – well, maybe not so much on the “size” part since all the characters in Lil’ Conquest are obviously “little”. It even says so in the game’s title! The quality of heroes you’ll get though ranges from uncommon to the epic, and it’s up to Lady Luck to decide which quality of hero you’ll end up getting. However, if luck is not on your side, you can still get better quality heroes by collecting the hero’s shards. Once you have enough of the shards, you can then run the hero in question through the evolve process to increase his quality.

New heroes always start at level 1, so aside from remember to deploy them into your army, you’ll also need to remember to level them up. Leveling up heroes is a very easy process. As long as you have the coins for it and that the hero’s level is below yours, you can upgrade your heroes. During deployment, you can even choose the position of your heroes – front, mid, or back. Naturally, it’s best to put the more “squishy” heroes at the back so they could avoid most of the damage.

Heroes in Lil’ Conquest are very versatile as well. Depending on which equipment you give them, the roles of the heroes can be changed. So for example, if you hand a hero a bow, he will become an archer hero, while a hero with a musket will become a musketeer hero. There are 4 different types of weapons that your heroes can use, namely bow, musket, sword and horse (technically, a horse is not a weapon though), and you can unlock them by conquering the required zone. Once unlocked, you can then head over to the R&D and spend blue diamonds to “research” them. After that, your heroes will have a new weapon to use. As you reach the higher level zones, you’ll gradually unlock better weapons that you can then research and equip on your selected hero.

In addition to heroes, can get soldiers too. After all, your heroes are more like “generals” rather than “ground troops”. Various military units, like cavalry, archers and infantry, can be drafted at a cost via the Barracks. You can expand the size of your troops there as well, just so you could bring more troops to the battlefield. Of course, by having the best of everything, your army’s combat power will be quite high – high enough to perhaps breeze through conquests that may be difficult for other players.

Anyway, now that you’ve got an army, it’s time to test its strength! Lil’ Conquest provides a world map filled with many cities and regions for you to conquer. The turn-based combat system here is pretty simple. You will make most of your strategic decisions prior to entering combat. During combat though, you could change the target of focus for your units, allowing you to quickly whittle down enemies that are more dangerous.

Being turn-based, the order of attack can be pretty important too. Generally, musketeers will go first, archers second, infantry third and cavalry will go (oddly) last. The clincher for Lil’ Conquest’s combat is that you must completely decimate your opponent’s army within 3 rounds. If you are unable to do so, you’ll lose the battle despite having more troops left on the battlefield.

Aside from PvE, you get to participate in some PvP as well. However, before you can do so, you’ll need to join an alliance (a.k.a. guild). Once you’re in, you’ll be fighting alongside your allies for the glory of your chosen Alliance in the PvP-oriented Capture mode. In this game mode, you can attack an opponent through 2 main methods – capture (attack and occupy the city) and purge (attack without occupying). Of course, if you managed to capture a city, you’ll then need to defend it by stationing some troops there.

Interestingly, troops that fall during capture or purge can be recalled to the world of the living as Wraiths. These loyal wraiths can then be used to commit arson and to thin out the enemy’s army before you send your own. They could also function as reinforcements for your defending troops.

Lil’ Conquest is a pretty fun game, but aside from its lacking tutorial, the game has an unhealthy tendency to use shortforms or acronyms that no one, but the developers, can understand. It does take some time to figure out what “Rcv” or “Rcr” means, for example, and it would have been better if the game provides a dictionary or at least a word list so players can understand the game better.


Lil’ Conquest kind of locked PvP behind its Alliance function, forcing players in the game to join an Alliance as soon as they can just so they could PvP. However, if you have some cash to spare, you may want to buy an Alliance Flag and create an Alliance of your own.

Graphics/ Sound

Lil’ Conquest offers some pretty unique graphics for a MMO strategy game. It’s like an adorable blend of Clash of Clans’ cartoony look with the top-down view of a Pokemon game. However, in terms of its sound, the game falls pretty short when it comes to its combat music. The music sounds murky and low quality, like the music is being played underwater. The music in your village is pretty good though. It’s soothing and soft, and has a sort of calming effort on people. The animations in the game are very well done too.


In short, Lil’ Conquest is a casual MMO strategy game with a pretty unique look and gameplay. Despite the many inconveniences the game may pose, such as insufficient tutorials, the game’s pretty fun and approachable overall. It is the sort of game that will definitely appeal to casual MMO gamers.

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New Game Added: Lil' Conquest

by Aethyna Sep 23, 2016
Designed to appeal to casual MMO players, Lil’ Conquest features adorable graphics and a lighthearted setting along with an entertaining gameplay where you recruit legendary heroes and build up your own army to conquer as many land and cities as you can. Try it today! Lil' Conquest: A thriving village Region map in Lil' Conquest Charging cavalry in Lil' Conquest Read More
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