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Liberators 6.5 rate Assemble your troops and fight against the Germans in this historical warfare game, Liberators. You are a General for the Allied troops, ready to take down the Nazis after landing in Normandy, France. Now you need to recruit more men, equip them well and win each match on the battlefield. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Liberators follows the historical events that happened in the Second World War, when the Allies were freeing European nations from German occupation. You’ll be playing a General who will lead your forces face to face against the Nazis. From Omaha Beach to Paris, you’ll set out to win each battle in different locations across France. Gather gold and resources from your camp or recruit more men to fight bigger enemies.


The year is 1944, and most of Europe has fallen into Nazi rule. You are a General who have been assigned to enter the war-torn country of France and lead your men into battles against the German army. Free the people and fight the enemies – that is your goal. In the process, you need to train your men, recruit more and equip them with the best items to win the war and free France an the rest of Europe from the Reich.


The game begins with the mission given to you as General of an Allied unit. Dwight Eisenhower informs you that you are to weaken the German forces on the ground to pave way for units landing on Omaha Beach. During the battle, you need to position your unit as well as your other captains’ units in the slots indicated on the field. A brief tutorial will show you how to do this. The battle begins and happens automatically. You and your opponent will take turns dealing your attacks. The last unit standing wins the match.

After your victory, you are then led back to your headquarters, where you are guided to recruit commanders to add to your army. You’ll be able to recruit for free during this tutorial stage, but the next recruits will require Draft Tickets, which you can acquire by completing quests or buying from
the Mess Hall. This first draft will give you veteran commanders to help you with your next missions.

You can check on the right side of the screen for your next mission, most of which will involve waging another battle in a nearby city or building new structures in the headquarters. Every quest will grant you rewards in the form of currency (Gold), Supplies, experience points or special items. To accept a mission, you can go to the Map (lower-right corner) and look for the location indicated in the mission, or just click on the Play button beside the mission description.

To ensure that you win each mission, you need to check that your units are well-equipped and rank higher than your opponents. Click on the Commander Menu (helmet icon) on the bottom to see all units and their stats, including the commanders’ ranks. To promote a commander -- for instance, from two stars to three -- you need Captain Points. You earn Captain Points (CP) by accepting quests that let you train with other Captains. When you win a training round, you get CP as well as a chance to acquire the Captain you trained with.

You can also increase each unit leader’s Level by using books like Training Manuals and Strategy Books. You can get these books as rewards for completing quests and achievements. However, your Commander’s level should not be higher than the Player Level. If you’ve acquired items for soldiers such as gear, weapons and supplies, an exclamation mark will appear on the commander whose unit needs the said item/s. Keep promoting or levelling up commanders to win every possible battle on the field.

In addition to location-based battles, there’s also another mode called Battles (tank icon), which unlocks starting at Level 11. There are four sections in this mode: Headhunters, Armies of Might, Turning Points and Invasion of Africa. Each section will have a main goal, which is mainly to bring down powerful enemies. Armies of Might is a Player vs Player mode where you pick other players as your opponent. These battle modes are more difficult as they can go on for more than one round. You need to be sure that you have enough units with the highest possible level.

Once you reach Level 20, you can form an alliance or create your own. You can start wars with your Alliance, or join Alliance Wars from a burning city on the Map. You can click on that city and select the fire icon to join an Alliance War. In an Alliance War, you get to choose to be on the defending or attacking side, given that you don’t have Alliances with the current fighting parties. Alliance Wars can go on for more than one round, just like Battles mode, so be sure to be ready with lots of units.

As you go on missions, your resources might need to be replenished. The headquarter structures like the Trophy Room will supply Gold, Farms will grant Supplies, and other equipment and items are up for sale in the Mess Hall. Eventually, you will need to draft more men from the Recruiting Office, since your opponent will grow bigger in numbers. More useful structures will become available to build as you level up.


Liberators has a supportive community of gamers that are willing to share their knowledge of the game. There is an active forum in the game’s website where you can read game tutorials and guides and be informed with new updates. The game’s Facebook page has over 70 thousand followers and counting.


While the artwork in some parts of the game look impressive, the animations and image quality of battle scenes are somewhat underwhelming. There is little animation to speak of, and no voice overs to go along with the written dialogues. Overall this game's video/audio aspect is not the best one out there, but the game is interesting enough that you can overlook this lacking feature.


In a world where millennial gamers don’t know the difference between World Wars 1 and 2, this game brings a piece of history to offer the younger generation. Kids who’ve only heard about WWII in classrooms will hopefully be more educated by playing this game. Although the subject of war is not that ideal for a game, It’s refreshing to play something that has real life significance. Liberators may not be the most advanced MMORTS game today, but it stands out with its tribute to the great war that shook the world. That fact alone makes this game worth playing.

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by Kim Jul 4, 2016
Assemble your troops and fight against the Germans in this historical warfare game, Liberators. You are a General for the Allied troops, ready to take down the Nazis after landing in Normandy, France. Now you need to recruit more men, equip them well and win each match on the battlefield. burning zeppelin in Liberators Liberators: Normandy a close fight in Liberators Read More
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