Letter Quest: Remastered

by Kim
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Letter Quest: Remastered 10 rate Help a young reaper named Grimm get to the nearest pizza place by defeating monsters along his way. As a talented maker of words, you’ll be crafting words from a board while hacking away the evil enemies that stand in your way. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Test your vocabulary and spelling skills while defeating monsters and collecting gems in Letter Quest: Remastered. There’s more than one way to play each stage, so you’ll always have more word challenges to conquer along the way.


A young reaper named Grimm is hungry and wants to find out where the nearest pizza place is. Using his mobile phone, he finds out that he’ll have to pass by graveyards and spooky forests to get some grub. Now he must set out to battle whatever evil he finds along his way just to get dinner.


Letter Quest: Remastered is a word game with an element of adventure. To complete a stage, you have to guide your hero to victory by creating words from a board of letters to defeat the monster that’s blocking your way. A part-platformer, part-puzzle game, it’s a refreshing take on the usual word puzzle gameplay.

There are four modes to each stage of this game. The first mode, which is the default, is to defeat all the monsters by dealing damage according to the words you create. The second mode is a Time Trial, where you need to defeat monsters and complete the stage within a specified amount of time. The third mode is mission-based, where you need to accomplish a specific task to perform within the stage. The fourth mode is unlocked when you complete the previous three modes. In this fourth mode, you’ll battle “elite” monsters, which are harder to beat and have special conditions. You can choose to switch to another mode by clicking on the other stars in the stage box. This usually shows up after you finish a round, or you can access this option from the map where you can choose a stage then click on the Star mode you want to play. This means that the stars do not indicate a scoring system, but rather a choice to switch the game mode.

Each monster is dealt with damage depending on the words you create. When you form your word, you need to click on the green attack button to strike your opponent. Each letter in the board will have its corresponding damage point indicated by dots. One dot means least damage, two dots means average damage and three dots means maximum damage. You and your opponent will take turns attacking each other, so you must be sure to create words that will do the most damage to defeat him first. While a match is on, you can use a health potion, or another one to clear “bad” tiles off the board. You’ll have to buy these potions in the Store before you start a match. You can also use the big Swap button to your left, which will “refresh” the letters in the board, but will cause you to lose a turn.

The currency of the game is in gems. You acquire them by killing monsters, completing a match or collecting gems within a match. Gems can be used to buy upgrades and other items in the Store. In addition to gems, you also collect XP points that help you level up after each stage.

There are certain upgrades to your hero to help him fight monsters better. These upgrades unlock as you level up. You can buy him a better weapon for more damage, armor for protection against blows, or 50% more health when you start a round. More upgrades and potions get unlocked as you progress. There are also books that grant health or damage when using certain words. You can also buy consumable potions to recharge health or double damage anytime during a game. There’s also an option to switch to a female version of Grimm, which unlocks on later levels.

While defeating monsters with words sounds simple enough, Letter Quest: Remastered does not let you get off that easy. As you move up, the game becomes more challenging as tiles of letters get their own difficulty factor. For instance, there will be cracked tiles, which will not add any damage points to your attack when used. There will also be tiles with added attributes like gem tiles, which do not add damage but adds bonus points (either gems or XP points). Other tiles include poison tiles, which will do damage to you when you use it, or whirlwind tiles which change with each turn. You can still use these tiles to form words, but with good or bad consequences.
Letter Quest: Remastered has 40 stages, more than one way to play and 50 achievements to unlock.

This game offers engagement for hours with its stimulating puzzles, a colorful assortment monsters from giants to evil bunnies, and a unique scoring system that challenges you to come up with longer words. The key to winning most stages is to learn about your opponent (you can click on them and their stats show on the bottom right corner) to know how much damage is needed and any attributes that might help craft a winning strategy. Power-ups, upgrades and potions all help immensely and it is always a good strategy to have one or two handy for surviving difficult rounds.


To find tips, guides and general information about this game, you can visit the official forum at the Big Fish Games website. This game comes highly recommended, so you’re sure to find lots of fans and great support from a lively forum.


There is nothing special about the graphics and sound of this game, other than the standard animation and sound you can expect from any game of its genre. While images are nicely drawn, it’s not as dynamic as one might like. With all things considered, this game still looks more interesting than other traditional word puzzles, so it does have that advantage.


Letter Quest: Remastered is an excellent word puzzle game for anyone who wants some adventure mixed in to creating words from a board. Unlike Scrabble, there’s a story and purpose behind the words you form and definitely a lot more at stake. Besides, it’s a fun, new way to widen your own vocabulary, or if you're a parent, this game is perfect for your kid to play as well.

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New Game Added: Letter Quest: Remastered

by Kim May 2, 2016
Help a young reaper named Grimm get to the nearest pizza place by defeating monsters along his way. As a talented maker of words, you’ll be crafting words from a board while hacking away the evil enemies that stand in your way. orphan granny in Letter Quest: Remastered Letter Quest: Remastered phlipper monster a simple puzzle in Letter Quest: Remastered Read More
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