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Legend of Solgard 8 rate Battle other players around the world to see who the best of the best truly is, through daily battles, challenges, and gathering new creatures every chance that you get. Through a little bit of luck and plenty of skill, the creatures that become a part of your squad could be a serious force to be reckoned with. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Legend of Solgard is a match-3 RPG, one that creates a turn-based system that uses the basis of a match-3 game to traverse each level. Through this, you can enjoy collecting new creatures and combatants with useful abilities; with every single one of them helping you throughout each battle. The game is currently under development by King, the same developers known for the Candy Crush series and it’s part of the reason the combat in this game is as engaging as it is.


When it comes to Legend of Solgard, there is a little bit of story for the initial first steps of the game, but little more than that afterwards. The story kicks off with an ice portal appearing out of nowhere, at which point the combatants inside come out to deal with you and your party personally. From there, it’s made abundantly clear that the world is soon to be encased in ice if nothing is done about it, but other than that small entry to it in the beginning, there’s not much else to the story.


Legend of Solgard starts off with a simple tutorial that is spread out through a number of different levels to ease the player into all of the gameplay elements, without being too overwhelming and I feel that they did a good job on that front. This match-3 game isn’t anything like Candy Crush or another game like that; not in the slightest.

The way the game works is by placing a small grid on each player’s respective side. From there, all 4 creatures – that you select before the level – load onto the grid and must be match vertically, horizontally, or in a square to create a new unit. Vertically-matched lines will attack the opponent, blazing through their defences, providing their damage is high enough to penetrate it. Horizontally-matched lines will create a defensive wall, so the opponent can’t just barge straight into your health bar. Lastly, the square formation will create a giant version of that unit, which will attack in a couple of turns for some serious damage.

Each player takes it in turns to match their selected troops and use them to penetrate your opponent’s defences, up until their health bar finally reaches zero. Whenever an attacking unit reaches the other side of the opponents grid, they will sustain any damage that the character has left to dish out and it’s the player’s job to keep this up until someone loses.

Other than the easy to learn, hard to master gameplay style, there are plenty of little extras you can do as the player to maximise just how useful your units are. For instance, you can expunge resources to improve a unit’s damage and even rank them up so they can learn new abilities to that will make them invaluable assets to your team.

With a myriad of different units to collect, no game ever feels the same – at least not when you’re upgrading your units every other level. You can either naturally acquire new units through simply playing the game or you can open chests and unlock them via that method.

While I will admit, the F2P nature of the game does demonstrate itself on more than one occasion thanks to the energy-system, at no point does it really feel like there’s any need to spend money on the game. After all, you’re bound to get good enough at the game before too long to purchase anything and everything you’d like without spending too much time (or money.)


As of right now, there is a fair amount of community presence in the game as a whole. Sadly, there’s no regular event quests that come around as of yet, but there is an online forum for players to hop onto at any point they so desire. More importantly, however, there is a guild system in the game for players to group up and chat with their buddies, along with discussing certain strategies that you might not have originally noticed.

Graphics/ Sound

King as a development studio has a particular style when it comes to their games, since they do their best to make them accessible to anyone and everyone. Legend of Solgard is absolutely no different to this rule, since all of the characters and locations in the game are bright, vibrant, and colourful. The colour is perfect for younger players, but the design and animations aren’t what you could call childish and it makes the game a lot more approachable for an older audience as well.

The sound for the game can be a little hit and miss at times, with the background music being a lovely set of tracks that fit the game near perfectly. However, one downside is definitely the voice acting, which at all times pretty much just results in the main protagonist grunting and it simply gives the impression that the voice acting was a completely unnecessary addition to the game.


Overall, Legend of Solgard is a solid match-3 RPG that we don’t typically see in the industry very often. King definitely took a chance on this one, as it’s something a little different from what they’re used to doing, but the gameplay, music, and the overall aesthetics are really quite well done and makes the game better for it.

Despite the grunts being completely unnecessary and a tad weird, the game as a whole is a F2P title that is fitting for any age.

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New Game Added: Legend of Solgard

by Other Contributors Aug 14, 2017
Battle other players around the world to see who the best of the best truly is, through daily battles, challenges, and gathering new creatures every chance that you get. Through a little bit of luck and plenty of skill, the creatures that become a part of your squad could be a serious force to be reckoned with. Legend of Solgard: Attacking the enemy World map in Legend of Solgard Legend of Solgard: Creature profile Read More
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