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Legend Knight 8 rate Being a Legend Knight brings great power and responsibility. With great sense of righteousness, you’ll need to wield the power that you’ve been blessed with by the almighty prophet to defeat the menace that is plaguing the land (or to be precise, the skies) in the land of myths. Can you do it? Find out by playing the game today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Being a Legend Knight brings great power and responsibility. With great sense of righteousness, you’ll need to wield the power that you’ve been blessed with by the almighty prophet to defeat the menace that is plaguing the land (or to be precise, the skies) in the land of myths. Via questing and neverendlessly improving your skills, equipment and battle rating, your mage or knight character will be able to help the poor people of the world by saving their kidnapped princess. Fight against other Legend Knights in friendly PvP battles as well. Will you be able to rise to the top and be the best of all the Legend Knights around? Well, play legend Knight today and find out!


In a land of myths, and a time of magic, a princess is kidnapped and dragged into the depths of a legendary lair filled with monsters. Only you can save her... as you are a Legend Knight, a chosen immortal warrior blessed by the great prophet. However, matters are not as easy as they seem as the dragons have returned to the skies, plaguing the world with fire and destruction. To save the princess and the world, you’ll first need to go through these dragons first... and then, there’s this little bit of problem – amnesia. Your last great battle with the Red Assassin (dragon) had caused you to fell into a comatose deep sleep. You’ll also need to re-find yourself once more as well.


To start playing, you’ll first need to choose your character. There are 2 choices for you, namely mage or knight. You’re also allowed to select a gender that you’d like. Once you’re done, you are introduced to the game in proper, including the starting storyline and questing.

Questing in Legend Knight is pretty much the standard fair in most browser-based MMORPG. There’s a nifty auto-pilot feature to make running from quest giver to quest giver much easier since it’s automatic. Later on, this automation can also be extended to dungeon running as well as AFK combat.

In terms of the turn-based combat, Legend Knight provides you with the option to choose the skills you want to use, unless of course, you had the AFK combat on (requires level 25 and above). However, if you’re idle, during combat, or too long, the game auto-plays your best available skill for you as well.

Most magical or more powerful skills that are available to you can only be used if there’s enough rage and rage can only be generated by using your most basic melee skill. Furthermore, each combat has a specific number of rounds in total and if you can defeat all opponents within the round limit, you’ll earn 3 stars for that encounter and get more rewards at the end. However, don’t worry if you exceed the round limit though. The only downside of that is you’ll gain less rewards, but well, at least you’ll get something!

Since most of the time, the enemies you’ll face are in groups, it’s only fair if you can get a team of your own. Thus, in Legend Knight, you can eventually gather new members to your team, namely the tanky Sheen Guard, the supportive Beauty Queen and the damage-dealing Winged Archer. Characters in this game are graded by mainly quality (common, uncommon, rare and so on and so forth). The quality will determine the max level the characters can go to. For instance, at common level, the maximum level a character can go to is 20, while for uncommon level, the character can go up to level 30. Moreover, you can also upgrade the quality of your heroes to unlock new abilities or skills. Thus, do remember to upgrade your characters whenever they’ve reached max level (via plenty of EXP fruits and coins) using tiger tooth.

Having a strong character is pretty useless if you forgot to add him or her to your team’s formation (unfortunately, this is not automatic). It’s always best to put the hero with the strongest defense in front of the formation as he’ll be taking most of the damage and prevent your weaker DPS characters from getting killed in combat.

In addition, skills are very important as well in Legend Knight as they contribute to your team’s overall battle rating. Battle rating is a score of sorts that determine how strong your team is. You’ll gain skill points per level up and once you have enough of them, you can then level up your skills. The skill system in this game can be pretty linear, as you’ll be unlocking them one by one as you level up.

However, as your quick skill bar is filled, you’ll eventually get to choose which skills to keep later on – with the exception of your first basic skill which is permanently placed in the first slot in this game. Furthermore, there’s also a Dragon Soul system whereby your main hero will gain stats supplements depending on the role you choose to take up in your team, namely defense, attack or support. Dragon souls can be trained and evolved as you level up.

Also, like any MMORPGs, equipments play a huge role in boosting your battle rating. You can equip better quality weapons in addition to enchanting and upgrading them. Don’t forget to equip your other heroes in your team with items as well. Mounts also contribute a portion to your total battle rating. You can train them to increase the stat boosts that they give. Although the number of times for training varies between players of different levels, you’ll basically encounter a daily limit as to how many times you can level up your mount. That being said, it’ll definitely take “ages”.

The game also features PvE encounters like the crypt which uses up stamina and gives you the chance to earn EXP fruits. Dungeons, on the other hand, don’t use stamina, but you’ll need to clear everything in the dungeon within the number of rounds provided or you get fewer rewards. Rewards for dungeons include minerals which you can then use to exchange for tiger tooth and epic equipments.

There are plenty more features in Legend Knight including in-game weddings that will pop up on the reception list for everyone to attend provided that you are level 15 and above, and many more. Discover and experience them all for yourself in Legend Knight!


The community in legend Knight generally group together into guilds and guilds are very useful in this game. Guild members can help new players acclimatize to the game. There are also plenty of guild-only events, such as exploration, Brave Game Boss, guild monster and guild battles that guildies can participate in regardless of level. There are also perks like Guild Skills that you can get and also access to the guild shop and guild quests too.

Graphics/ Sound

At first, the game doesn’t provide (which is rather odd anyway) no music, but when you’re in the game proper, you’ll get to listen to a casual and soothing music that is played on loop. The music is interspersed with occasional triumphant sound effects once you’ve completed a battle. In terms of graphics, the visuals in Legend Knight are beautiful enough though not unique enough to stand out from the other anime-inspired, browser-based games out there.


In short, Legend Knight is an anime-inspired browser-based MMORPG that has a rather generic and yet interesting storyline (there are dragons!). The gameplay of the game is pretty much similar to other MMOs in which you’ll need to increase your battle rating by improving on a manner of things including equipments and stats. There are also plenty of questing, PvE dungeons and even exciting PvP battles with other Legend Knights. So play Legend Knight today and work your way to the being best of the best in this game!

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New Game Added: Legend Knight

by Aethyna Sep 8, 2015
Being a Legend Knight brings great power and responsibility. With great sense of righteousness, you’ll need to wield the power that you’ve been blessed with by the almighty prophet to defeat the menace that is plaguing the land (or to be precise, the skies) in the land of myths. Can you do it? Find out by playing the game today! Combat in Legend Knight Legend Knight: Scorpion mount Dragon fight in Legend Knight Read More
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