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Legacy of Discord: Furious Wings 9.8 rate The Beacon City is the last stronghold for the human race. With the demonic troops fast approaching, it falls upon you and your fellow Guardians to stand your ground and beat back the horde. Will you survive the onslaught... and perhaps even defeat the Dark Lord himself? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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You are a Guardian. You are one of the last heroes that is charged to defend the source of the world’s light and warmth, the Crystal of Light, from being destroyed by the nefarious Dark Lord Auglu who seeks to plunge the realm into an eternal darkness. Grow your character, be it a Berserker, a Bladedancer or a Sorceress, and prepare him or her for the upcoming demonic onslaught that will sure hit the last remaining human-occupied city, Beacon City. Take on various demons and demonic bosses in the game’s many challenging dungeons or duel it out with your fellow Guardians via the game’s PvP arenas and events. Sign up to join a guild and work together to push back the darkness. Will you survive the invasion... and perhaps even defeat the Dark Lord himself? Find out now by playing this brand new MMO game app, Legacy of Discord: Furious Wings!


You are a Guardian. You are one of the last heroes that is charged to defend the source of the world’s light and warmth, the Crystal of Light, from being destroyed by the nefarious Dark Lord Auglu and his minions, who seek to plunge the realm into an eternal darkness. You’ll need to make your last stand at the only remaining city that’s not yet reduced to ruins by the demonic horde, Beacon City, and do your duty to protect the city and the people in it at all costs... even if it means sacrificing your life for them.

However, you will not be alone in your mission. You can work with other Guardians in the city to push back the demon invasion inch by inch and may perhaps one day wrestle the land back from the clutches of the Dark Lord. Do your part of the good of the realm and live up to your title and role of being a Guardian!


Before you can get into the game, you’ll first need to pick one of the three classes available, namely the burly Berserker, the nimble Bladedancer and the powerful, magic-wielding Sorceress. Although you’ll be only able to play a class in a server, if you fancy trying out the gameplay of other classes, you should be able to log into another server – once they have more server released – and create a new character. In other words, you can try all of the classes out so you needn’t worry about picking the “wrong” class.

That being said, once you’re done, you’ll be put through the paces as you learn the basics of the game via its very first campaign dungeon. Campaigns are the “main course” in this game. and possibly the easiest dungeons you’ll encounter in Legacy of Discord. It requires stamina to enter and you’ll earn stars depending on how much time you used to clear the dungeon. Getting lots of stars is a good thing as you’ll be rewarded with bonus chests as well as additional dungeon loot at the end of every stage.

Once you reach the second chapter in the campaign, you’ll also gain access to Revelation which is something like a talent tree that I’m sure most of you are familiar with but it requires stars to activate a new talent. Each “talent” or in this case, “revelation” will grant you some extra stat boosts that will contribute to your overall Battle Rating (BR). There are also special stages where you can grab free bonus rewards as well as the much more challenging Elite stages in which you’ll be pitted against an Elite Demon boss that can cast devastating spells and hit a lot harder than the normal Demon bosses.

Questing is also a pretty crucial part of the game as it is the main method for you to earn a ton of experience points, gold and sometimes loot. The game has an automaton system set up for the questing process so you don’t need to run around Beacon City searching for the NPC you need – simply tap on the quest you want to complete and your character will automatically run towards him or her. It’s very simple!

The combat system in Legacy of Discord: Furious Wings, on the other hand, is a lot less automated and very much intuitive. You are actually required, especially if you are challenging yourself and taking on dungeons that have a recommended BR that’s higher than what you currently have, to move around to avoid or minimize damage taken. With a joystick-like movement control, you’ll be able to smoothly avoid dangerous “red circles or rectangles” on the ground or even to kite the demons around.

Not to mention, each Guardian has their own set of up to four abilities, including one of the most powerful abilities there is – the Ultimate. Most skills require some form of mana but for the Ultimate ability, you’ll actually need to deal enough damage to fill up the Ultimate meter before you can unleash your full power on the poor demons that are caught in the crossfire. These skills can be upgraded with skill points, which will regenerate over time (every 10 mins), too. It’s also interesting to note that the game has some sort of an auto-targeting system in place. As long as your character is facing in the general direction of your enemies, you will definitely hit them with your skills.

Besides the dungeons in campaign mode, you will also be able to enjoy fighting steroids-infused demon bosses in the Tower of Eternity, co-op dungeons as well as taking on world bossses. However, if you’re more of a PvP-sort, you can have fun duking it out with other Guardians in the Arena, Guild Wars, Deathmatches or even the Plunder event to earn honor points which can then be used to exchange for some goodies at the Honor shop. There’s also a rank ladder of sorts where you can try your very best to be the top player of your class and be inducted into the Hall of Kings. PvP is mostly auto-combat though, so your BR is all you could really rely on, with the exception of luck.

With that in mind, it’s vital for you to keep improving your character’s BR. After all, there are many ways in this game for you to do so. One such ways is by upgrading the equipments your character has. You could fuse 2 items to increase the item’s quality; for instance, fusing 2 rare items to get an epic item, or you could enhance the equipments to increase their attributes. You could even refine to bump up the rank of your gear, and subsequently, the BR and stats provided by each piece of gear. Once you have some augmentation stones, you could increase the star rating on your items, increase their BR values and make them glow with power as well! There are, of course, extra set and enhancement bonuses that you can get for your equipment. So in other words, the customization afforded by the game is practically endless - you could create a character that truly suit your playstyle.

In addition to gear, you’ll even get to buy magnificent wings along with pets that will drastically boost up your BR too. Both wings and pets can be upgraded and evolved, and they come in different grades of quality. Naturally, the higher the quality, the more BR the items will contribute to your Guardian’s overall BR.


To get the true gaming experience, it is highly recommended that you sign yourself up with a guild the moment you are able to do so. In fact, if you don’t like any of the guilds currently in existence in the server, you could simply spend 500 premium diamonds, which is less than half of the stockpile of diamonds you should already have by the time you’ve unlocked the Guild function.

Being a part of a guild is important as you’ll gain access to a ton of guild-only features such as the massive Guild Wars, guild shop and more. You could also add the new friends you’ve just met in the game so it’s easier to hit them up whenever you want to do something fun together.

Graphics/ Sound

Despite being “only” a mobile game, Legacy of Discord: Furious Wings proves that mobile games can be as much of an eye-candy as renowned PC games like The Witcher 3 or the recently released, remastered version of Bioshock. The graphics in this game are incredibly crisp and detailed, and the dazzling armor sets will make you want to gleefully show them off to your friends the instance you managed to get your hands on them. Best yet, you won’t need a particularly high-end device to enjoy the full glory of the game’s visuals!

In terms of the game’s music, its soundtrack will definitely blow you away with its acoustics. The game also features a few snippets of excellent voice acting as well as sound effects that fit very well with the game’s animation and visual effects.


To sum up, Legacy of Discord: Furious Wings is quite the revolutionary MMORPG of its kind. Although it offers the traditional and “automated” gameplay of browser-based MMOs, if you truly want to excel in the game, you’ll actually need to take the reins yourself and manually play the game. Let’s not forget about the plenty of fun events and exciting dungeons that you can head into and conquer, as well as the many challenging PvP options for you to test your mettle in. The game even boasted of having incredibly beautiful graphics and animations which can run smoothly on most lower-end devices. So, if you’re looking for a mobile MMO game that’s not only an eye candy but also is amazingly fun to play, Legacy of Discord: Furious Wings is definitely the choice for you. Try it for free today!
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