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League of Legends 9.5 rate League of Legends (LoL) is touted as one of the best Massive Online Battle Arena (MOBA) and one of the most played computer game in the world, all with very good reasons! The fast-paced and intensive gameplay coupled with amazing variety of champions, each with their individual skills and powers, are some of the prominent traits of League of Legends. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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League of Legends (LoL) is touted as one of the best Massive Online Battle Arena (MOBA) and one of the most played computer game in the world, all with very good reasons! The fast-paced and intensive gameplay coupled with amazing variety of champions, each with their individual skills and powers, are some of the prominent traits of League of Legends. The game is extremely addictive and competitive, enabling it to reel in players from across the globe. League of Legends is definitely the standard of excellence for any MOBA games and if you’re a fan of MOBA games, League of Legends is one game that you mustn’t miss out on!


Being a MOBA and not a RPG, League of Legends does not have only 1 storyline, but it has many background stories for different characters. Besides background stories for each individual character, the other stories usually involve more than 1 character in League of Legends.

For instance, the story entitled Journey into the Freljord depicts the journey of Quinn and Valor into Southern Freljord where they met with Ashe, the Avarosan leader. Ashe, despite being the rightful leader of Freljord, is facing a threat to her leadership. Sejuani is a leader of the Winter’s Claw tribe and her strength and ferocity may not be a match for Ashe. Her power was evident in the burnt remains of Avarosan villages nearest to Sejuani’s lands. Quinn and Valor ventured into her lands cautiously to gauge the extent of the threat posed by Sejuani as dictated by their duties as envoys of Demacia. However, what Quinn and Valor found out shocked them – Sejuani is not as evil as Ashe’s tribesmen described her to be. She too seeks to unite Freljord and not to break it apart. They further discovered that besides facing raids by Sejuani’s people, Ashe’s villages were getting attacked by trolls. Their travels also led them to the mysterious Frostguard whose agenda is definitely sinister. At the end of their journey, they relayed their reports back to Prince Jarvan of Demacia on the threats present in Freljord as well as the unshakable feeling that something very wrong is about to happen soon.

There are plenty of such stories in League of Legends that you can enjoy if you know where to find them.


The first thing you will need to do is to choose which type of gameplay you prefer. There are 3 main game types, excluding the tutorial – PvP, whereby you will fight against real human opponents; Co-op vs AI, whereby you will cooperate with human players to fight against well-tuned bots and lastly, Custom mode allows you to create or join matches that only include your friends (non-matchmade). Usually, it’s advisable to give the tutorial a go if you have absolutely no experience in playing MOBA games and for people with little experience, it’s best to try the Co-op vs AI mode before heading to PvP.

There are also 2 game modes – classic and dominion (which will be unlocked when your summoner hits level 7). The main objective in classic mode is to destroy the enemy’s base while dominion mode requires your team to take hold of capture points in order to win the game. Since this is a very popular game, queue time is practically non-existent (it usually takes less than a minute) and even if it does exist, it will take you a maximum of 5 minutes to find a team for a match.

Once a team is assembled, you will be brought to the character selection interface. Here, you will need to choose a champion that you like. Each champion can be separated into several classes – marksman, mage, fighter, tanker, support and assassin. Each class will have their own strengths and weaknesses, spells and ultimate power. For example, a support character may have weak damage, but it will have a healing skill and perhaps a utility skill (buff) while a fighter has a rather high health pool and damage, but has weak defenses.

Free-to-use champions, 10 of them, are rotated every week, so you can try out new champions the next week you log into League of Legends. With the ridiculous amount of champions that League of Legends has to offer (121 to be exact, with new champions being released rather frequently), it’ll be a pretty long time before you can proudly say that you’ve tried every single champion. For players with some real cash, you can also purchase a character by buying RP and the character will be fully unlocked for you. This means that you can use that character whenever you like.

Furthermore, each summoner (a.k.a. player) will have access to two summoner’s spells. There are many spells that you can select from, including a spell that can heal you or other players. There is also a Ghost spell that increases your movement speed by 27%, enabling for a quick getaway. As you level up your summoner, you will unlock new and more powerful summoner’s spells.

League of Legends has the usual 3-(major)-lane map that is the hallmark of any MOBA. The lanes will be dotted with towers and your team’s, as well as the opposing team’s, minions will walk these paths towards their respective target bases. Each player’s role in the game is to destroy the opponent’s towers, inhibitors (once destroyed, your team will gain super-charged minions, giving your team an advantage) and minions, and slowly make his or her way towards the opposing base.

The rule of thumb for any MOBA is to never attack an enemy tower alone. Towers are usually very powerful and may kill you in a couple of hits. Thus, it’s best to always stay behind your minions in order to redirect all the damage from the tower to your minions instead. The gameplay of League of Legends is often fast-paced and intense, especially when you are approaching the end of a game (when your team or your opponent’s team reach the base). As long as you know when to press on the attack and when to retreat, you should be fine in this game.

Every player will start off with one spell. However, as you level up your champion, you will earn skill points that you can use to upgrade your current skill or to unlock new skills. In addition, every kill you make will earn you gold coins as well. You can also gain coins steadily over time without killing any minions or enemy champions. These gold coins can be used at the shop at your base to buy items that will boost your champion’s survivability and attack. These items are auto-equipped after you buy them. With sufficient money, you can upgrade the items by combining it with another item (after you purchase that item, of course) to craft a new and stronger item.

Don’t know which item to buy? Don’t worry! League of Legends has a ‘Recommended’ tab in the shop whereby it lists the best items for your class and the order in which you should buy them. It definitely makes the game simpler for newbies.

Every game you play, no matter if you win or lose, will reward you with influence points. These points, when collected, can be traded at the store for new champions to add to your arsenal or to unlock runes. Runes provide additional passive boosts to your champion in the game, so the more runes you unlock, the more advantage you will gain in the game. Moreover, every time your summoner levels up, you will gain a mastery point. These mastery points can be used in your summoner’s mastery skill tree that will provide certain innate boosts to your champion in-game as well.


Averaging more than 60 million players each month, League of Legends has a very strong and one of the biggest player base anywhere. Not surprisingly, the game is still going strong even after 5 years! The gaming community is so massive that League of Legends tournaments and championship series are perhaps one of the pioneers of the e-sports phenomenon. Millions flock to watch League of Legends matches, making the tournaments as popular as football (or soccer) matches! In fact, League of Legend championships are listed as the second top grossing e-sport competition, so if you’re an excellent League of Legends player, you could possibly play the game at competitions for a living!


The graphics in League of Legends are cartoonish, but don’t let that mislead you into thinking that the game is for kids. Its graphics are not exactly high-end either, but looks polished enough to fit the game perfectly.

There isn’t much sound provided in the game, except the excellently-done voice acting for the characters and the sound that accompany the animation when a skill is activated or when combo kills are performed. However, what’s there is good enough for this game.


In a nutshell, League of Legends certainly lives up to its name of being one of the best MOBA game out there! It offers a huge variety of heroes that are rotated every week - each with their own individual skill sets and play style. In fact, half the fun in League of Legends is learning how to use your chosen character. Furthermore, despite playing match after match, you will not feel that these match as repetitive. These matches will instead reel you in with its addictiveness and competitiveness. For players who love MOBA and PvP-based games, League of Legends should already be installed on your computer! Don’t miss out on this legend of a game!

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