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League of Angels – Paradise Land 10 rate The world of Elysium is once again under threat! However, by assembling your team trusty heroes, you hope to rid the realm of the monsters that are destroying it and recover the ancient relic of the Angels, the “Omega”, so you can save the world from certain doom. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The world of Elysium is once again under threat! A mysterious yet powerful darkness has shrouded the lands, not only dampening the Angels’ abilities but also causing discord between races. However, a leader – that’s you! - emerges from all the ruin. By assembling your team trusty heroes, you’ll strive to rid the realm of the monsters that are destroying it and hopefully, be able to recover the ancient relic of the Angels, the “Omega”, and save the world!


In League of Angels II – Paradise Land, a nefarious power has spread across the world of Elysium. It has not only unseated the Angels from their positions of strength, but also heightened the conflict between the many races in the realm. However, despite the adversity the good people of Elysium face, they know of a Legend which states that an ancient Angelic relic of immense power, known only as the “Omega” has the power to defeat the darkness and revert the changes done to the once-beautiful world, preventing its untimely end.

The storyline in this game are very well presented through the game’s introduction as well as the dialogues of important characters –be sure not to skip the dialogues! The story can be pretty funny too at times due to the antics of the Little Witch, so it’s not all “death and despair” throughout.


League of Angels II – Paradise Land starts the game with a descriptive introduction, detailing the background story of the game, giving you a general idea of how the world became what it is now. Players will then be put through the game’s guided tutorial at least for the first few levels.

Basically though, due to the storyline, you get to play a young prince, and unfortunately, an amnesiac, Ice Blade, who looks a tad bit like Jon Snow from Game of Thrones. As you progress through the adventure, you’ll slowly uncover his back story while learning more about what is it that you’ll need do to save the world from its impending doom.

However, it is hardly possible to save the world alone! Thankfully, you will meet various characters, both old and new faces, along your journey. These characters can be recruited to join your growing band of heroes and angels once you’ve collected enough hero shards by using the game’s summoning feature. Any excess shards you have can also be exchanged for Hero Certificates which can then be spent as currency in a special store. Oh, and don’t forget to deploy your new heroes or angels in your formation before heading off into combat. After all, you can field up to 6 different heroes or angels in your team.

There are also times when you can immediately get a new hero simply by completing a certain stage in the game’s adventure campaign. For example, you will get to recruit Lunaria, the Angel of the Moon by saving her from a shark-like boss monster. You will need to have enough stamina to play a level on the adventure map though. Each level will also have 3 stars for you to earn. By accumulating stars per chapter, you can even get yourself some amazing chapter rewards!

The gameplay in League of Angels II – Paradise Land is very much similar to the other games in the League of Angels game series, albeit a bit easier and simplified. Every hero or angel in your team will have a special ability which is shown in the quick bar at the bottom of the screen during combat. These abilities need to be charged up first by dealing normal damage, and once they are ready, you can activate them manually by tapping on them.

Not to mention, each hero will also get an ultimate ability which happens to be a team charged ability instead. Once the ultimate button is ready, you can tap on it and then order any one of the character in your team to unleash his/her ulti on your unsuspecting foes. This rather unique combat system definitely changes some stuff up, giving players a refreshing new combat experience.

That said, you still have the option to switch on auto-combat and let the game resolve each battle for you. However, if you want some advice, it’s best to take the reins when it comes to tougher fights. If you activate the abilities at the right time, you can turn the tide of battle and win despite having a much lower Battle Rating.

Battle Rating (BR) also play a very important role in this game as it is an indicator of how strong your team is. There are multiple ways you can boost your BR, ranging from improving your heroes and their gear to adding on bonuses like the passive Team Skill that you can unlock at level 10. You could also recruit stronger heroes and angels to join your team or imbue them with the powers of the special Magistones. You can in turn get these Magistones by playing the mini-game, Plunder.

Although you’ll start off by playing level after level in Adventure, you’ll eventually unlock other game modes such as Elite Dungeons, Labyrinth and Honor Trials. For the PvP-inclined, players can enjoy the competitively-ranked Arena where they will take on other players on a 1-on-1 fight. Each successful fight will get you some rewards and bump up your rank, and if you managed to increase your rank up by a whole bracket, you can even win some additional arena coins and other bonuses.

Looking to get yourself a leg up in the game? The in-app shop in League of Angels II – Paradise Land provides a ton of convenience items for you to buy, along with boosts, upgrade materials, experience potions and more. The diamonds you need to buy any of these premium items can be purchased using real money, but you can also earn them for free by simply playing the game. There is a tiered VIP system as well, where you’ll get to unlock new perks as you spend more cash in the game.


Since the game is still in its soft launch phase, there isn’t a lot of guilds available as of yet. The ones there are already full. That said, signing up to join a guild as soon as you can is a good move since you’ll then get to start contributing to the guild in question. If you are a VIP 1 player, then you might want to create a guild of your own instead. Creating a guild will only cost you 300 diamonds.

Graphics/ Sound

If GTarcade’s Legacy of Discord game is any measure, League of Angels - Paradise Land definitely trumps their previous effort in terms of the game’s graphics and sound by a couple of notches, at least! Aside from beautiful music and art work, the game has a really nice and clean-cut interface that’s perfectly suited for mobile devices as well. The animations and sound effects are also as brilliant as always, which drastically enhance the overall game experience.


To sum it all up, League of Angels II – Paradise Land is an excellent sequel to its popular browser counterpart. The gameplay is both engaging and challenging, especially when you take into account of the unique combat system. The game is very generous to its players too and you can definitely expect to be showered with rewards and gifts for every milestone you managed to reach. Of course, the amazing graphics and sound only adds to the overall enjoyment of the game. If you’re a fan of the League of Angels series, this is most certainly a game you wouldn’t want to miss!

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