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League of Angels 3 10 rate Play as the Chosen One, build your team of Guardians, and set off on a perilous quest to assemble all the fragments of the 12 Divine Armaments and to unlock the power you’ll need to defeat the King of Dragons! The very survival of both humans and angels lie in your hands, will you be able to pull this off? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Featuring breathtaking 3D graphics, brilliant effects, and a very satisfying gameplay, League of Angels 3 definitely blows the very definition of a browser MMO right out of the water! The game is as generous as it is fun to play, and you’ll even get to recruit all of your favorite angels. If you enjoyed playing any of its prequels, you’ll want to try this game out for sure!


The black dragonflight is once again threatening the world, laying waste to everything they see. In a last-ditch attempt, the humans sought help from the angels and formed an alliance to defeat the King of Dragons, Valerius, once and for all. However, a Chosen One must be selected from among the mortals, set off on a perilous quest back in time to collect all the fragments of the 12 Divine Armaments, before inheriting the Power of the Creator. Only then, will the alliance have any hope of taking down Valerius.


To begin your epic journey, you just need to select a gender you want to play as and input the character name. Like the games before it, there’s no character classes involved here.

The gameplay in League of Angels 3 is pretty similar to the original or its first sequel in many aspects. For starters, you’ll need to assemble a team of up to 6 Divine Guardians to aid you in your quest. Guardians can sometimes be obtained via Recruitment, but most of the time, what you’ll get are shards instead. You’ll then need to accumulate enough shards (100 of them) before you can combine them to get your new and long-awaited Guardian.

Now, normal recruitment costs Recruitment scrolls and these can be quite hard to get. However, from my playthrough, I’ve managed to get 2 Legendary-quality Guardians without having to spend a single cent, so I’d say the game is awfully generous to free to play players. But of course, if you do decide to spend some cash, you can easily get at least 1 to 2 more Legendaries.

Another thing that many would find familiar is the Battle Rating or BR for short. BR is a great indicator of how strong your team of Guardians is… and the best thing is, you have a plethora of ways to keep improving it! From upgrading your team’s equipment to leveling up your Guardians, every little upgrade made will help bolster your BR by a tad bit. Some upgrades may provide more BR boost than others, such as improving the rarity of an equipment from Rare to Epic. Even upgrading your mount, Divine Arma, and wings, obtaining a better Title or unlocking a new level of Achievements will grant you loads of BR as well!

The game also has tons of exciting activities for you to enjoy, particularly if you love PvE content. Aside from story-driven dungeons where you get to slowly collect all the 12 Divine Armaments, you can dive into epic boss fights and battle world bosses at the Boss Hall or defeat solo bosses at the Trials. There is even a floors-based instance where you’ll advance to the next floor if you win called Tree of Origin. If you stick around the game some more, you’ll eventually unlock the game’s PvP arena at level 52.

In League of Angels 3, combat can be either manual or automated… though, if you want to simplify the game, it’s best to opt for automated combat once you’ve unlocked it at level 22. In the meantime, you can turn on 2x speed to go through the battles faster. Quests are pretty much automated as well. Although some input from your end is still required, you can generally check in the game now and then while you’re doing something else on the side.

In addition to the amazing visuals, animations and gameplay, what I really like about League of Angels 3 is the amount of freebies the game showers you with for every advancement you make. In fact, many new players may not realize this but you can actually claim your New Player Code simply by going to the Gift Code section of the website, generate the code, and claim it in-game.

However, if claiming free stuff is not enough for you, you can consider spending some real money and getting yourself that sweet First Time Recharge Gift Pack which comes with a free Legendary. You might also want to consider getting Nobility Privileges or in other words, VIP status. This VIP status is not permanent and will need to be repurchased every 30-days… that is if you want to keep the perks. Having Nobility Privileges not only grant you additional Battle Rating boosts; you’ll get perks like more EXP gained during quests and free daily, claimable diamonds.


In League of Angels 3, every new player in the game gets to join a default guild at the very beginning. However, once you have the Guild feature unlocked, you can then choose to either join an actual guild or create one of your own for a mere 200 diamonds.

Being part of an actual guild early on is very important because of the advantages you can get. You can, for instance, claim your daily allowances, and earn guild contribution tokens for your donations, in addition to being able to participate in many guild-only activities. There are plenty more guild-oriented features to come as well, making the very act of joining a guild crucial if you want to go far in the game.

Graphics/ Sound

League of Angels 3 has, without a doubt, one of the best graphics for a browser MMO that I’ve ever seen. Besides it’s breathtaking 3D graphics, the game also has incredible animations and equally impressive musical scores that help to set the atmosphere of the game. Since the game is mostly 360, you can spin your screen around and zoom in or out as you like. Do give it a try if you do decide to play the game!


League of Angels 3 is a fantastic sequel to an already hugely-popular browser MMO franchise. Featuring superior visuals, animations and sound, the game has everything it needs to keep you immersed in its world of devious dragons and noble angels. Progression in the game is not only fun but also satisfying since you get to unlock new features along with the many freebies as you advance to the next level. The game is also pretty fair to its free-to-play players, though some may argue otherwise.

Overall, if you love playing any of the previous League of Angels games, you’ll definitely want to check this one out. The game is greatly improved in so many ways, and best yet, you’ll actually feel like a hero every step of the way!

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