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League of Angels 2 6.5 rate Build your team of heroes, place them in the correct formations and send them into battle against whichever enemy that comes your way. Put a stop to the Plague Queen’s reign of terror and retrieve the powerful Angel’s relic, the Might of Valor, from her evil grasp. Will you be able to save the realm from her clutches? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Take down the Plague Queen and her horde of orc minions and mind-controlled angels in this sequel to one of the most popular casual MMORPGs on the internet, League of Angels 2! Build your team of heroes, place them in the correct formations and send them into battle against whichever enemy that comes your way. Put a stop to the Plague Queen’s reign of terror and retrieve the powerful Angel’s relic, the Might of Valor, from her evil grasp. Will you be able to save the realm from the darkness that has enveloped it? Play League of Angels 2 now and find out!


The Plague Queen was somehow unsealed from the world tree, and she reunited the groups of marauding orcs into a formidable horde. With their help, she had gotten her hands on 1 of the 3 most powerful relics of the Angels, the Might of Valor, which allows her to take control of whichever angel who stood in her way. As she attempts to retrieve the remaining relics in her wicked plan to take control of all the Angels and use them to wreak havoc on the world, only a team of heroes, led by none other than you of course, stands in her way. Battle the Orc Legions, free the controlled Angels from their puppeteer, and stop the Plague Queen before it is too late!


Like most casual MMORPGs, you’ll start the game by creating a character. There isn’t as many customization choices as you might have expected, even from a casual MMORPG, in this game – you are only given a choice between a male and a female character. That said, the exciting gameplay League of Angels 2 has to offer will be more than enough to compensate for this small inconvenience.

League of Angels 2 differs from most MMORPGs by allowing you to build your team of heroes in order to take on the hordes of orcs in the game. Heroes can be quite easily recruited via Hero Summoning. There are 2 forms of summoning – Pray summon and Ritual summon. Pray summon is the most basic form of summoning that has a chance of dropping a rare or an epic hero. You can perform Pray summon daily, up to 3 times for free. Ritual summon, on the other hand, may award you with epic to legendary heroes, but you only get 1 free try every day. If you want more heroes, you’ll need special cards that you may occasionally get by playing the game. Each hero you summon will earn you some mana points and once you have 1000 of them, you can then turn them in to get a free legendary hero of your choice. Of course, there are other methods you can get more heroes – you can recycle heroes you don’t need for hero souls which can then be used to purchase hero shards. Once you have sufficient number of hero shards, you will get a new hero.

Once you have a group of heroes, you must then deploy them in your Squad. There are 5 squad slots in total (including the slot your main hero occupies) and you can unlock more slots as you level up. Don’t forget about finding the best formation for your team as well. It is important to protect your more squishy damager-dealers, particularly casters, from taking too much damage by placing your more tanky characters in front. There are also affinity effects that you can capitalize on to give your team or at least a few members of your team a very nice stat and ability boost.

Being the bread and butter of almost all MMORPGs, combat is a key aspect of League of Angels 2. In this game, the turn-based combat is almost completely automated, with the exception of your heroes’ Ultimate power. Your heroes will gain rage every time they get hit by an enemy. Once the rage meter is full, you can then release your hero’s Ultimate by merely clicking on it. Ultimate will naturally differ from hero to hero, but it is the most powerful ability any hero will have. Thus, be sure to use those abilities at the most opportune time. It might just be the miracle you need to turn the tide of battle in your favor!

Questing in League of Angels 2 is fairly straightforward and will usually send your team of heroes into various dungeon-like “stages”, where at the very end, you’ll usually go head-to-head with a boss. There are plenty of treasure chests that you can earn by completing stages for the very first time or by collecting enough stars (3 stars per stage) from each stage you play. Do take note that since this is a team-based game, if all of your heroes survived the encounter, you’ll be able to get bonus points which will definitely let you attain a 3-star for that stage.

Dungeons can also be “blitz-ed” after you’ve successfully completed it for the first time, whereby you can skip the combat sequence and simply reap the stage rewards. Each stage you enter will cost you stamina though, and unless you are willing to spend real cash to get more, you’ll have to wait until the stamina reset time comes around if you depleted your supply of stamina.

Stages are pretty simple to clear. Due to this, League of Angels 2 also offer a huge range of other “dungeons” that you can participate in, such as Elite Dungeons where you can obtain equipments for your heroes; Abyss in which you can earn gear shards, and Hero Trials where you can farm for a variety of resources including special upgrade items and in-game cash.

What if you enjoy PvP more than PvE? Well, not to worry – League of Angels 2 has plenty of thrilling PvP matches lined up for you. You will unlock your first PvP encounter, the Arena, at level 12 where you can win diamonds and prestige is your team’s good enough. There are also PvP events like Domination, cross-server wars and even guild wars (if you join a guild) where you can enjoy PvP on a much larger scale.

However, in order to be the predator and not the prey in such PvE or PvP encounters, you’ll need to ensure that your team is in its best shape. Battle rating is a good indicator for how strong your team is and you’d be wise to try to improve your rating at all costs. This includes spending time upgrading your heroes’ equipments via enhancements or by increasing your hero level.

For equipment enhancements, you just need to spend some in-game cash to increase your equipment level by 1. However, if you have any excess gear, you can easily recycle them – much like recycling your extra heroes – and turn them into pitchforks which can then be exchanged for equipment shards. Collect enough number of shards and you can get that epic weapon or armor you’ve been eyeing.

You can help your heroes gain experience points by deploying them in your team but since they earn XP at a rate much lower than your main hero, your heroes will start to lag behind your main character in terms of levels pretty quickly. Due to this, you can farm for XP scrolls and use them to rapidly (and manually) bump up your heroes’ levels, allowing them to take on much tougher foes on the battlefield.

Besides levels, you can also augment your heroes with powerful prisms. There 4 different types of prisms that you can use and once you’ve collected all 4 types, you can spend a sum of cash to dramatically boost up your hero’s stats. You may even unlock a new hero ability. You’ll also get a mount in League of Angels pretty early on. Mounts can be upgraded into stronger mounts using mastery stones. If you want an extra edge, you can also strive to achieve nobility and gain titles which come along with a nifty stat boost.

As you level up, you’ll eventually unlock other features of the game, including the relic system, fashion system, guilds and more. Like other games similar to League of Angels 2, it offers plenty of freebies that you can collect merely by logging in every day. Naturally, you will get more freebies if you complete the list of daily quests you’re given.


The community in this game groups around in various guilds, and being a casual MMORPG, League of Angels places quite a lot of emphasis on guilds. You can claim free cash every day by merely being a part of a guild. Not to mention, you’ll also gain access to a variety of guild-only features such as guild bosses, dungeons, gauntlets and even guild vs guild events called Clash of Guilds. There is also a tech option for you to invest the guild point you get by donating in-game or premium currency to your guild. You could spend those guild points in the guild shop as well.

Graphics/ Sound

The music in League of Angels 2 is pretty amazing. It contains a tinge of Celtic-inspired tunes and sounds absolutely soothing. It’s also nice that the game provides voice narration for the tutorial. The game’s graphics are pretty good for a browser-based game, but doesn’t really differentiate itself from the other similar games in the same genre. The game tends to repeat the same scenes quite often, indicating that the game has a rather limited number of “backdrops”.


To sum up the review, League of Legends 2 is an impressive sequel to one of the most popular casual MMORPG, League of Angels. The storyline of the game is pretty engaging and the virtual world the game is built on is rather amazing. Being a game where you can control a team of heroes, you’ll need to recruit the best heroes to your team and give them all the upgrades and equipments they need to be victorious. Although the combat is automated in this game, you still get the option to activate your heroes’ Ultimate abilities, which is quite a critical part of the game as the timing of the ability activation may just determine whether your heroes live or die. Of course, the game also provides a slew of PvE and PvP encounters, mounts, cosmetics and other goodies that you’ll definitely enjoy. If you love League of Angels, this is one game you mustn’t miss out on! Try League of Angels 2 today!

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Casual Players Have a Chance

Like the prequel LoA, players who spend their own real dollars propel players to the top of the BR chain. However, UNLIKE its predecessor, casual players now have a fighting chance to climb the BR lad...Full Review
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league of angels 2

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League of Angels 2

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