Last Empire: War Z

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Last Empire: War Z 7 rate Last Empire War Z is an empire-building, strategy game that puts you in a post-apocalyptic zombie infested world where you must survive. You must build your fortress to restock on resources and upgrades and eliminate any hordes of zombies scattered throughout the city. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Last Empire War Z is an online empire-building, strategy game that was originally a mobile game and now ported to the web browsers. It features the familiar town building mechanics of popular mobile games where you must upgrade and expand your to unlock more structures and soldier units. The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where it was infested with zombies, your job is to build up your fortress and survive.


The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where majority of the human population has turned into flesh hungry zombies. You as one of the survivors in this world must protect yourself and your people by setting up a fortress in the middle of the infested world. But there are also survivors scattered, but they are more dangerous than the zombies that are surrounding your walls as these survivors will do anything to survive where they can steal your resources and raid your city. So it is best to team up with other survivors and expand your territory.


As the title suggests, the game is all about expanding your kingdom, and every now and then you will be building up new structures, training more soldiers or expanding your lands. It may feel like your typical town building game but it adds new features and a whole new theme to keep the game interesting.

You start off with a devastated city and you need to build new structures or upgrade existing ones in order to survive. Just like any other city building games, constructing buildings will have certain durations before they are fully complete, and the higher their levels are, the longer they are needed to complete. New structures can unlock more functions that can improve your base or unlock other units that can aid in your battles, and when upgraded can increase its performance and other additional bonuses.

You also need to harvest for resources such as oil, scrap metal and food, you can gain them by building farms and oil depots. They can also be upgraded to increase the production, and after a few minutes, you can click on the farms to earn resources. They are important as they are used in upgrades or construction of other structures. You can also earn additional resources from bonus items from quest rewards.

And this game is not just all about having the best fortress, you need to fortify your defences and your army as you can be attacked by other real players. Recruit more soldiers and vehicles and put them in a garrison to defend your city. You can upgrade your defensive walls to increase its durability that prevents attacking parties to destroy it and penetrate your resources. You can also do the same with other cities owned by players, there are no combat cutscenes showing an epic battle, just a simple animation showing a few number of characters with no other special effects, it may not be that presentable but just enough to tell how it happened.

And you can also attack zombies near your area to earn experience points and other reward loot. However be sure to watch out for the zombie level as taking out high level zombies with a small army can spell instant defeat for your team. Attacking zombies does not happen instantly, depending on its location, it will take time for your army to march into that location to attack them and returning to base. Combat is similar with attacking and defending bases, it only shows a simple animation on how the battle happened and there is no option to skip the animations.

The game is filled with micro-transactions, from faster research and construction time to additional resources to special boosts when attacking. They can only be spent with crystals which can be earned from rewards or purchased with real money. Though players can skip on the consumption of crystal to boost their experience as all are optional.


There are some active players in Last Empire War Z, as you can notice when going to the world map. You can also identify which country certain players play as well, which can be a novelty for curious players who wants to know some player’s nationality. You can form guilds with other players and help each other in getting resources or army reinforcement when being attacked by rival groups. The chat feature is also present where

Graphics/ Sound

The visuals in Last Empire War Z is very simplified, but there are rough spots on the presentation. The font style used in the game does not match well and there are certain spacing issues that makes the appearance look bad. The 2D artwork for the city was impressive, with simple animations to help it make look alive, there are no special animations during combat like in some popular strategy games. The soundtrack was very uninspiring as it lacks some impact on the game’s theme and it only has one track for the entire game which would cause some players to entirely mute it.


Last Empire War Z has a lot of missed opportunities to make it a great game, it lacks any new features to make it stand out and the very simplistic presentation makes it a bit bland. Zombie fans might want to try the game as the theme fits well on the city building mechanic. But if you are looking for an entirely new game, you might get disappointed with this game.

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Last Empire War Z is an empire-building, strategy game that puts you in a post-apocalyptic zombie infested world where you must survive. You must build your fortress to restock on resources and upgrades and eliminate any hordes of zombies scattered throughout the city. Last Empire War Z: Sending out an attacking force Home base in Last Empire War Z Last Empire War Z: Defending against the zombie invasion Read More
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