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Landlord 9 rate Build a new City of Dreams from the ground up in this exciting city-building game, Landlord! Construct homes, offices and shop houses and place interconnecting roads to join them all up. Beautify your city with some fresh greenery and decorations as well! Are you ready to take on this colossal task, mayor? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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After being elected mayor, something dreadful happened to your City of Dreams! A star fell from the sky, leveling the entire city into a massive crater. Despite having no city to supervise over, you are still the mayor and you have a duty to listen to your people! Your poor displaced citizens begged you to help them rebuild their homes... to create a new City of Dreams from the ground up! Construct homes, offices and shop houses and place interconnecting roads to join them all up. Beautify your city with some fresh greenery and decorations as well! Being a new and rather inexperienced mayor, are you up to the colossal task at hand? Play Landlord now and find out!


This place used to be a city of least until the fateful day you became their new mayor. After the investiture ceremony, your citizens were out celebrating when something most unfortunate happened. A star fell from the sky and destroyed the city, leaving only a crater behind. Although the city is no more, you are still the mayor of these poor people! The unhappy and displaced citizens begged you to build a new city of dreams for them and you agreed. You’ll have to start from the ground up and it will be a huge task for a new mayor to undertake... are you up to the job?


Good day, Mayor! Are you ready to get your city up and running? Well, that’s the spirit! To start, Joseph, the city’s strategic consultant, will run your through the basics of the game, including how to construct buildings and earn income!

The building process in this game is fairly straightforward and easy, though it may take quite awhile for the construction to complete. Well, at least you won’t need materials to build your houses in this game, thankfully. How many buildings can you build at the same time? Well, that depends on 2 factors - the number of free workers you have and on how many workers the building will need. If both criteria are fulfilled, you’ll be able to construct any building you need! Buildings in Landlord will require repairs after some time and repairs will require time and resources (both cash and human resources) to complete. It can be rather annoying but it’s rather realistic as buildings in real life do require maintenance from time to time!

There are also a ridiculous number of buildings that you can build in Landlord and all these buildings can be separated into 3 categories, namely housing, business and public (utility buildings, offices for public services, etc). Housing contains all the houses that you can build... all 70 different types of them! Granted that some houses are premium cash only, you are still left with quite a long list of houses that you can build and, not to mention, you can build the same type of house multiple times as well. In other words, in Landlord, you can most certainly be able to build some seriously huge metropolitans that may even rival the popular game series, SimCity! Oh and don’t forget to connect all your buildings with roads too!

That being said, houses in this game are one of your most constant sources of income (and will also increase your city’s population), though the money provided in the form of taxes isn’t as much. To earn more, you’ll definitely need to build businesses instead! However, like all real life businesses, your commercial buildings will require employees and your attention to function. You must assign tasks (and people – though, this is done automatically by the game itself) in order to gather income from these buildings. Another downside to businesses is that these buildings will degrade the ecology level of your city and make your citizens unhappy. Thus, you’ll need to balance out the harmful effects of running businesses by placing decorations to boost up your city’s ecology rating.

Did you notice that there’s a speed-up meter that appears whenever you collect items from your shops or houses in the game? Well, collecting items or income from your city in Landlord will gradually fill up the speed-up bar. Once it is filled, you will get a bonus speed-up for all construction and repair work as well as income generation... or in other words, practically everything in the game is fast-forwarded. So, it’s best to get the meter as high as you can go!

If you are running out of space, well, you can easily purchase more land by spending your city points. Do take note that city points are not money and can be earned by leveling up or visiting new neighbors. If you don’t have enough city points, well, you could clear up more space on your current land by removing natural obstacles, like forests, rocks, marshes, hills and ponds.

Moreover, if you need extra coins, you can earn some easily by completing tasks. Tasks in Landlord are so unlike the tasks in other city-building games. In this game, each task is associated with a particular skill. How good your skill is will influence the chances of getting the task completed. Each task also offers 3 different difficulty levels and of course, this will also affect your chances of success. However, if you managed to pull it off, you can earn much better rewards. To do these tasks, you just need to select a difficulty and then wait for the task to complete. Once done, you can see if you’re successful or you’ve failed (There’s no penalty for failing). You can only take up 1 task at a time though.

Sometimes, you may also get pop-up dialogues from your citizens with mini-tasks for you to complete. These tasks require materials, which you have a chance to obtain randomly from every action you perform in the game. Besides materials, you’ll also need to play a mini-game at the end of the task. If you win in the mini-game, you’ll then get the reward you are due! For instance, a mini-task may involve getting a poor boy’s soccer ball from a tree or locking a prisoner in the detention cell at the police station.

Now, you may be wondering, “What are skills?” There are 6 skills in this game, namely environment, education, economy, sport and health, safety, and culture and leisure. Every time you level up or visit a new neighbor, you will earn skill points that you can then add to any of the above mentioned skills as you like! As your skills increase, the amount of skill points you’ll need to invest into your skill to raise it up by 1 will increase accordingly as well. In other words, you may find it much tougher to level up your skills as you progress in the game.

In addition, Landlord is also very much a social game itself! You can visit friends’ cities, send them gifts and even drop by to help out. Every day, you will be given 3 energy points to use on each of your neighbors’ cities and once you’ve completed your work, you can earn some sweet rewards. If neighbor you’re visiting is new, you can even get a new neighbor visit bonus, which includes prized items like materials, skill points and city points.


Landlord is an amazing game that may have been a tad bit underappreciated due to the flood of casual games on Facebook. Nonetheless, it has managed to obtain around 60 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page and its page is pretty active as well! To fulfill the social aspect of the game, you may need to add more neighbors as you progress in the game. Well, needless to say, this fan page is your best bet to getting more new friends to join you in building the ultimate City of Dreams!

Graphics/ Sound

The 3D graphics in Landlord is absolutely beautiful. The buildings are all very well-designed and are practically architectural marvels. They are brightly colored too! And if you haven’t tried it yet, you simply should check out your city in the game’s night mode – it’s absolutely fantastic! In terms of sound, the game provides a catchy and quirky kind of background music that isn’t exactly very memorable and may get a tad bit annoying after some time. You can turn off the music when you want to though!


In a nutshell, Landlord sets itself aside from other city building games by providing a set of mayoral skills that you can level as well as interesting pop-up mini-tasks (with its mini-games) that are pretty fun to do. There are a ridiculous number of housing, businesses and public buildings that you can construct in this game and an equally large array of decorations is provided as well! Have fun expanding your city limits in the huge map available and watching your little town grow from being a city into a booming metropolitan! So, despite the unfortunate natural event that has tainted the start of your career as the mayor of this town, you have the chance to fix this - the only question is… are you up to the task?

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New Game Added: Landlord

by Aethyna Jun 18, 2015
Build a new City of Dreams from the ground up in this exciting city-building game, Landlord! Construct homes, offices and shop houses and place interconnecting roads to join them all up. Beautify your city with some fresh greenery and decorations as well! Are you ready to take on this colossal task, mayor? Beautiful city in Landlord Landlord: Night view Skatepark in Landlord Read More
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