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Lady Popular 8.5 rate In Lady Popular you can change your look whenever you want, and shop for the latest and hottest clothes. Once you have your look go out, meet friends and take your shot at fame & fortune on the catwalk with weekly competitions for the best dressed lady. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review Aug 4, 2015 | 0 Votes 0     0

A great game to pass the time with!

Everyone has a sense of fashion, no matter how minimal or how flamboyant it could be. There's a fashion designer hidden in everyone of us, and playing Lady Popular Fashion Arena will definitely bring that expert out.

This browser RPG, developed by XS Software, will let the player (whether male or female) exercise their skill at creating a fashion statement. Your goal here as the player is to groom the next beauty queen by dressing her up and by improving her looks.

To create an account, you can sign up through your email, and get a username and password, or you can configure the game to connect directly to your Facebook account so you can be playing in no time. After creating your account, you will be taken to the character customization page. First, the software will require you to create a name.

There are no limits as to what you want to name your character, as long as it does not already exist in the game's database, and the name is not offensive.

The next step is to customize the look your character. There are three areas, at this point, that you can customize. First, you can select the shape of your character's eyes and the color. Next, you can choose the hairstyle and its color. Last but not the least, you can select the amount of tanning that your character's skin gets.

Ironically, you shouldn't pay too much attention to the initial hairstyle of your character. You will find yourself changing it each and every time as you try to build your popularity and your character's fashion style. Just pick the hair color you like, because you'll be stuck with it the entirety of the time you play the game.

As an RPG, Lady Popular Fashion Arena will require you to level up and gain experience. In its context, the game rewards you by constantly tweaking the appearance of your character by changing her hairstyle at the Beauty Salon, or for purchasing new wardrobe at the Mall. These are the common quests that you will be undertaking in this game, but there will be more as you level up further.

Doing these tasks will increase your character's attributes, namely her Beauty, Style, Creativity, Devotion, and Generosity. There's an attribute called Loyalty, but this is for Pets which you will also groom and take care of later on.

You are notified about new quests by a smartphone icon at the upper left corner of the screen. Your first quests will include tweaking your character's look at the Beauty Parlor, and this will give you a reward of in-game currency or a new dress. You will also be required to purchase the first items in your wardrobe from the Mall, including earrings, bags and dresses. At the start, you will have limited options for dresses and accessories but more choices will be unlocked as your level in the game grows.

Buying dresses and getting a makeover at the Parlor will cost you Dollars, the in-game currency. You can avoid paying for these while you practice by pressing the Practise button when training your character's popularity. Practicing will also reward you with Dollars.

Of course, you don't just purchase those dresses and blings without putting them to use. You can go to the "My Lady" button and design your wardrobe by mixing and matching the clothes that you have bought.

Once you have gained enough experience and practice in customizing the look of your character, you can go ahead and challenge other Ladies in the Fashion Arena. This won't be available until it is unlocked at a certain level, so you can certainly have plenty of practice in finding the right fashion statement to make your Lady win in the Arena!

Lady Popular Fashion Arena is one of those games that can help pass the time. You get to exercise your creativity as well, so why don't you give it a try?
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