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Kogama 8 rate Kogama, the fully browser-based voxel sandbox game, is in town! Kogama offers a very easy-to-learn-and-use platform on which you can set your creativity free! There are also a lot of player-made games for you to enjoy in between breaks when creating your own game! There is so much fun that could be had in Kogama, so why not drop by and see for yourself? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Kogama doesn’t only have 1 plotline like any conventional game – it has many! This is due to the fact that players can create their own games using Kogama. There are currently many games of assorted varieties available at Kogama – there’s an ‘escape from school’ game, Toy Story-based game, Portal 2-based game, war games (think a voxel-form of Call of Duty), racing, horror and even parkour! All of these games will have their own mini-storyline and each of these storylines combine to make up the essence of Kogama.


Signing up for Kogama is particularly easy - You don’t even need an email address! Just a username and password and you’re set to choose your first character. You will be given 6 characters to choose from, but don’t worry, as you play, share or create in Kogama, you will earn gold and silver cubes that you can use to upgrade your character’s look and make him or her more unique!

For sandbox games such as Kogama, the most important thing that people would like to know is how easy is it to create your own world using the tools given. Kogama provides just that – a simple-to-use interface that has everything that you need in it. You don’t even need to download any program in order to create! So, go on and set your creativity alight!

There are many colourful cubes for you to choose from and there are some special cubes as well! Some of the special cubes that Kogama provides are poison cubes that will hurt players over time as they touch the cube; water cubes; ice cubes that are very slippery and will guarantee to cause any player to slide, and magma cubes that will burn players who step on them.

Furthermore, with the many functions (logic and advanced logic gates) that you can add into the game, such as time triggers, checkpoints, smoke, fire, light and pressure plates, or even some super-cool pickups like sword, various guns and health kits, it pretty easy to create a place where people can have fun solving puzzles that you’ve created or killing each other in some intensive PvP battleground. For the more peaceful sort, you can create an exploration-based adventure game whereby people will have to explore your map to find all the hidden star collectibles or ride on a roller coaster and try to collect all the stars as you pass by. If you like creating game where people can play tag, there’s this mutant kit pickup that you can place in the game. Be sure to provide plenty of hiding spots in your game as these kits will change the character that picked it up into a mutant. Whenever a mutant touches a non-mutant, the non-mutant will be converted into a mutant. So, let the mass zombie… ahem… mutant conversion begin!

You can also add in background music that will only be triggered when a player visits a certain location and that music will change when the player moves on to a new location on the map. Moreover, once your map is created, you can further customise your game by adding team groupings for players (maximum 4 teams) – an excellent feature for people looking to create a team-based PvP game. Oh wait, your game is not a PvP game? Well, you can still add in some in-game objectives, which usually involve collecting sufficient number of star-shaped collectibles or getting out from a maze alive.

Building everything from scratch can be a pretty tall order as well and being the lazy human beings that we are, we will always want to look for a shortcut. Thankfully, the game provides a marketplace whereby you can purchase models, with your gold and silver cubes (in-game currency)! Models are items that are created by other players so that you can just place that object into your map without needing to build the object from the base up. Some examples are character models, buildings, hovercrafts or race cars, jet-packs, landscape decorations and robots. You can also swap out your current avatar for something more special by looking into the Avatar tab at the marketplace.

Have plenty of game ideas? No worries! Kogama doesn’t impose any game creation limit so you can create as many games as you like! There is even an option for you to invite other creators to help you build up your game. So, start turning those imagination gears and bring your imagination to life!

For people who don’t fancy creating a game of their own, there is a treasure trove of player-created games for you to play! There is practically a Kogama-built game from every existing game genre – shooter, adventure, arcade, puzzle, hack-and-slash, parkour, horror and many others! Some of the more notable games on Kogama include Portal 2 (Co-op), Call of Duty, Toy Story, World Racing, Funland, Super Mario Bros, Grand Theft Auto V, Battlefield and Jungle Fight.

These games, as you will see, are so well-developed that players who play these games can actually feel the amount of effort and soul the developer has lovingly poured into the game. If you have always wondered what popular games would be like if they are created from voxel, well, you now have a chance! These games are seriously and ridiculously fun as well! Just go ahead and try it!


The community in Kogama is simply amazing. Just take a look at the huge number of quality player-made games in Kogama! These people are also very helpful towards newbies and are glad to assist newbies in any way.

Kogama is also helping its community to grow creatively by fanning the flame of inventiveness among its players. The game has a competition in place whereby the best model, avatar and game of the week will be proudly displayed on its news page. More incentive for players to strive for the best!


Kogama is a voxel-based game, so it is unfair to expect a lot from it, graphics-wise. However, the game does offer great graphics – as great-looking as voxels can get. Some items in the game, especially the race cars or hovercrafts, can look pretty awesome as well.

In terms of sound, the game has none in default. However, players have the option of adding in short sound clips that are not-copyrighted or are under the creative commons licence. When placed at a suitable place, the sound adds a lot more depth to the game and may successfully bring the game to life!


If you have always wanted to create a game of your own without needing to learn computer coding, then you’re in luck! Kogama is definitely your thing! It is free to play and is completely browser-based. Its creation interface is easy to use and there are plenty of fun stuff, such as guns and toggle switches that you can add into your game. As evident by the enormous volume of community-created games, the game can turn out to look very magnificent, voxel-wise! The fun that these simple player-made games provide as well as the hilarity of seeing cute voxel characters running or jumping for their lives make Kogama-built games incredibly enjoyable too!

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New Game Added: Kogama

by Aethyna Nov 20, 2014
Kogama, the fully browser-based voxel sandbox game, is in town! Kogama offers a very easy-to-learn-and-use platform on which you can set your creativity free! There are also a lot of player-made games for you to enjoy in between breaks when creating your own game! There is so much fun that could be had in Kogama, so why not drop by and see for yourself? Kogama Scary Beasts Racing in Kogama Kogama World Building Read More
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