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Knights of Fantasy 10 rate Knights of Fantasy is a Japanese-based browser idle RPG game, whereby you play as a warrior who journeys through Odom to become the strongest warrior! Meet new friends and form your team to fight dangerous monsters, loot powerful magical gears, constantly upgrade yourself, and reveal the truth of the world of Odom! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Knights of Fantasy is a Japanese-based browser idle RPG game. In the Knights of Fantasy, you play as a warrior and travel across the world of Odom to fulfill your dream to be the strongest warrior. In this world that is full of wars and magical monsters, there are many unimaginable dangers during the adventure. You will meet new friends and travel together to face the challenges that lie ahead, scavenge for powerful magic gears, and reveal the truth of the world of Odom!


You start as the captain of the Knights of Fantasy, Kellian, in the world of Odom. He is a cheerful teenager who is an advocate of justice, dreams to be a great adventurer, and hopes that he can create a peaceful world that is free of hatred. You start by exploring the world of Odom alone, but will be joined by Alice soon after, who is the youngest but one of the most talented alchemists in Odom. She is also known as the Heart of Fire due to her talent in controlling fire. Together, you set out to gather more friends and destroy monsters, and defeat bosses in your pursuit to revealing the truth of the world of Odom!


You start off the game by battling monsters with a well-structured tutorial that guides you all the way up to level 200. The comprehensive tutorial allows you to quickly master the game in a short time. In Knights of Fantasy, there are four classes of character roles, namely Warrior, Magician, Hunter, and Knight. You start the game with a warrior character in the beginning and you will encounter characters of other classes as the game progresses. As this is an RPG game, each character has its own interesting background stories. There are a total of 66 characters that await you to unlock in the game at present, try to recruit your favorite character of all classes and form your strongest adventure team!

In Knights of Fantasy, real-time strategic fighting is the core of the game. It has a well-developed battle mechanism and leveling up is vital to unlock all kinds of features and raise your battle point (BP). The battle point is the factor that determines the strength and capability of your team when fighting bosses. There are a few sources from which you can gain experience and level up your characters. The easiest way is through passive experience that is generated automatically whether you are online or offline. Other sources of experience require you to challenge various trials such as EXP trials, EXP tower, and bosses. In EXP trials you are going to fight giant slimes to get a small amount of experience and runes per trial. Every round will cost you tickets that can be purchase using diamonds. Diamonds can be obtained through clearing quests or through real currency purchases. The fastest way to level up is to clear the tower floor in the EXP tower as clearing each floor will give you tons of EXP and other rewards.

There are a few types of boss fights available in Knights of Fantasy. You can solo for some of the boss fights while others require a much bigger team to bring down, which means other players will join in the fight. You can fight National boss and Field boss together with other players. Players who deal maximum damage output to the boss will get better items. The boss fight which you can solo is the stage boss. They will be your main source to obtain diamonds, keys, gears, gold, and other great rewards, so be sure to tackle them once they become available!

Leveling up alone is not sufficient to ace the battles in Knights of Fantasy. You have to raise your BP too. There are many ways to raise your BP but some of those major options are gears, pets, forge, fairies, and of course, hero characters of different classes. Gears contribute the most to your BP. The greater the class of the gear, the higher the BP. The forging system upgrades your gear statistics further with various enhancements. One of the interesting features in the game is the fairy’s family that grants you a huge amount of BP. Improving them with Fairy’s tears or gold will increase your BP. Pets can be obtained through pet dealers. You can feed the pet and enhance their statistics. Besides leveling up your heroes, feeding them with various mysterious fruits will unlock the abilities of heroes which in turn increases your BP too.


The community system in Knights of Fantasy is based largely on the guild system, which is another important element in the game. It is the main income of a variety of other things such as gems, candies, runes, elemental crystals, and enhance materials when you complete the guild quests. You can even acquire SSS tier pets from the guild wars. Other than that, you can participate in boss fights together with your guild members to make the leveling process more efficient. If you are into PVP, you can also opt to go for ‘PK’ mode to earn various rewards, provided that you win the PK round of course. You get to choose your opponents so pick wisely.

Graphics/ Sound

Knights of Fantasy features Japanese anime artwork that will definitely appeal to ‘otaku’s. A great deal of work is put into the details of the characters illustration. The animation of the skill effects is on par with those striking role-play games despite being only a 2D game. The interface is well organized, and isn’t too overwhelming for new players. The game also uses Japanese voice over that makes the game truly anime themed. The background music is nice but can become dull very quickly due to lack of variety.


Summing up, Knights of Fantasy is a competitive browser-based RPG with sufficient Japanese voice-over and attractive characters illustration. The battle system is comprehensive even it is an idle RPG. Players have to be actively involved in some of the boss battles and gears enhancements while other activities are automated. For those who like to have a laidback play style, staring at this 2D graphics game is quite reminiscent of a retro Japanese RPG. Let's embark on the mysterious yet dangerous journey of becoming the strongest hero in the world of Odom in Knights of Fantasy!

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New Game Added: Knights of Fantasy

by tbleong Oct 15, 2021
Knights of Fantasy is a Japanese-based browser idle RPG game, whereby you play as a warrior who journeys through Odom to become the strongest warrior! Meet new friends and form your team to fight dangerous monsters, loot powerful magical gears, constantly upgrade yourself, and reveal the truth of the world of Odom! EXP tower in Knights of Fantasy Battle griffin EXP boss in Knights of Fantasy Battle chicken field boss in Knights of Fantasy Read More
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