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Kingsroad 10 rate Play all 3 of the character classes available and enjoy the challenging dungeon fights that Kingsroad has to offer! You’ll need all your wits and reflexes with you as you dodge enemy spells or abilities and prevent yourself from being penned in by mobs. If you love dungeon crawling games, then you should try Kingsroad today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Have you ever wondered what would it be like to be able to play games like Diablo or Torchlight on a web browser? If you think that is impossible, well, you are sorely mistaken! Kingsroad is a testament that even high quality dungeon-crawling games can be developed for a platform such as Facebook! It features 3 archetype character classes in which you can play all 3 of them alternately by switching your characters while you’re in town. The gameplay is simple to pick up, but the game itself can be rather challenging to play as you’ll need all your wits with you to dodge blows and spells from your enemies. The game also boasts of having a robust refining system whereby ‘junk equipment’ can be recycled to upgrade the gear that you want. If you love dungeon crawlers, you should really give Kingsroad a try. It’ll truly be the best decision that you’ve ever done!


The realm in Kingsroad has known peace and prosperity for many years, all thanks to the alliances that King Alexander has forged with rival kingdoms. However, with the mysterious and worrying disappearance of the King, a new evil starts to take hold in the kingdom… threatening not only the kingdom itself, but also King Alexander’s dearest and only daughter, princess Emma. As the world fell into darkness and chaos, it is up to you, being the knight in the King’s personal guard, to save the realm and defend it from the encroaching evil!


To start, you’ll need to select your first character to run through the tutorial with. There are 3 archetype characters for you to choose from, namely knight (defensive melee class), archer (ranged physical damage class) and wizard (ranged magical damage class). Each character will have their respective unique active and passive skills. There are a total of 14 active skills and 16 passive abilities, which can then be upgraded, at the skill trainer, up to level 10. Every level up will earn you 1 skill point which you can then apply to your skill tree.

Don’t worry about choosing the wrong character class though! You can later approach the class trainer to switch to play the other character classes if you like. You won’t lose the levels that you’ve earned for any of your previous classes as well! So, no pressure! In fact, most players play all of the classes alternately in order to enjoy the different dungeons in this game from a different gameplay perspective.

The controls in Kingsroad are very simple – you’ll be using your left mouse button to do most of the work, like moving and attacking. You’ll also be using the 1 to 5 number keys to perform your class’s abilities, which consume mana, as well as the ‘QWER’ keys to use potions and to consume food or drinks. For ranged classes, you may want to avoid taking unnecessary damage by attacking from a distance. To do this, you’ll need to press shift to make your character stay rooted to the spot as you deal volleys of bolts or spells at your enemies!

In this game, players will be able to enjoy a large variety of dungeons in the world of Alderstone as they play out the storyline of the game. The gameplay is pretty much follows the hack-and-slash formula, even when the mobs casts spells or uses their abilities, unless you are too under-leveled to face that dungeon. However, each dungeon contains a major boss at the very end and it is the boss fights that made each dungeon rather challenging. Bosses are extremely well-designed in the way that fighting them straight-up while alone can result in your character’s death. It’ll take all your wits to avoid as much damage as possible, for example, by kiting the boss around, so that you won’t be wasting too many potions or food on merely 1 boss.

The bosses in the first few dungeons are soloable, but as you progress deeper into the game, you’ll notice that these dungeons are getting increasingly difficult. Thus, in this case, it’s best to team up with other players to complete the dungeon. Teaming up with up to 2 strangers or your Facebook friends (who play Kingsroad) will not only make the dungeons much easier to complete, particularly the boss fights, you will also earn some sweet experience point and money bonuses too! At the end of the fight, you will earn a whole lot of goodies, including a free lockbox that may reward you with rare or epic items, that is if you’re lucky.

However, with so much loot to collect, you’ll notice a glaring problem. You have extremely limited bag space and additional bag slots can only be purchased using gems – the premium currency in the game. Granted that you are given a 4-slot bank to store your items and that some items can be stacked up to 20, it is still not enough to keep all those stuff that you deem are important! Not to mention, your inventory and bank slots are shared for all 3 characters, thus, the problem of an overflowing bag or bank is made even worse. Thankfully though, you can earn gems in Kingsroad without paying a single cent! For instance, achievements in this game will reward you with a nice sum of gems. You can complete a certain dungeon repeatedly in order to earn some gems too!

Furthermore, the game contains a robust equipment forging system whereby you can give 6 ‘junk’, common grade equipments to the blacksmith and he’ll give you 1 randomized uncommon grade item, for a price, of course! You can do the same thing to get rare items too – you’ll just need 6 uncommon items to sacrifice! Besides upgrading your equipments, you can also socket your gear with jewels. Jewels themselves can even be upgraded via a fusion or an evolution system. Jewels can be fused to increase the level of the jewels, but if you want to get higher quality jewels, you’ll need to evolve them instead!

There are also additional quests that you can complete to earn some items, in-game money, and gems. One such example include the Keira the Apprentice quests. There are a total of 5 quests and these quests will be refreshed daily. The best part is you don’t actually need to do anything to get the rewards except to wait! Just go up to Keira, select a quest that you want her to do, and then wait till the duration of the quest ends (it may take hours) and then collect your well-deserved rewards. There is also an event board in town that offers event-based quests for you to do. These events will have their own unique dungeons, unlike the ones that you’ve encountered in the campaign. However, not all events are soloable or team-based – there will be times when the events are guild-based, hence, you’ll definitely need a guild in Kingsroad. Events, when completed, will reward you with event currencies that you can exchange at the shop for items.

Kingsroad is extremely fun to play, but the best part is that the game doesn’t feel restrictive in any way, despite being a free-to-play, and it is certainly not pay-to-win! Unlike certain games, there are no ‘lives’, ‘stamina’ or ‘energy points’ to hold you back from going on to the next dungeon. You can play as many times as you want! Furthermore, the game does not sell over-powered items for premium currency, so the game experience is not unbalanced for both free-to-play players and spenders. However, if you love the game, why not show your support buy spending some money in the game? The developers will surely appreciate your kind gesture!


The community in Kingsroad is humongous! It boasts of having 1.1 million likes on its Facebook fan page as well as more than 1 million monthly active players with average session lengths of over an hour! The community mainly communicates with each other via the in-game chat system. Players in this game can also run dungeons in either a pick-up group or they can choose to team up with their Facebook friends.

There are even guilds that you can participate in to interact with the fellow members in the Kingsroad community. With every level your guild gained (from the experience points that you’ll passively contribute to the guild), you and your fellow guildies will be able to get significant boosts to their stats, price reduction for food/drinks, increases rate of gold and experience points earned per kill, increased item drop rate and, if your guild is at max level, increased movement speed!

Graphics/ Sound

Kingsroad features impressive-looking graphics that pay tribute to legendary dungeon crawling games like Torchlight. Its graphics may seem even more stunning, especially when you consider that the game runs entirely on your browser. It also has amazing and fluid combat animations that are able to increase the immersion of its players. On the other hand, the music in this game has a mysterious and foreboding feel to it which fits perfectly with the lore behind the game. Its intro music – the music that you hear when you’re loading the game – has a very inspirational tune instead.


In summary, Kingsroad is a 3D, browser-based dungeon crawler MMO that combines the social aspect of Facebook with its triple-A quality gameplay. In this game, you can play all 3 of the character classes available by easily switching your characters at the class trainer, without losing any progress on your previous characters. The game is very easy to play, controls-wise, though the same thing could not be said for its dungeons! The dungeons in this game are challenging, especially the boss fights, and it is not exactly a mere hack-and-slash game. You’ll need all your wits and reflexes with you as you dodge enemy spells or abilities and prevent yourself from being penned in by mobs. There is also a forging system to upgrade your gear as well as jewels to boost the stats on your gear. If you love dungeon crawling games, then you simply mustn’t miss out on this amazing game! Check out Kingsroad now and play it for free! Don’t forget to get your friends to join in as well!

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by Aethyna May 27, 2015
Play all 3 of the character classes available and enjoy the challenging dungeon fights that Kingsroad has to offer! You’ll need all your wits and reflexes with you as you dodge enemy spells or abilities and prevent yourself from being penned in by mobs. If you love dungeon crawling games, then you should try Kingsroad today! Archer class in Kingsroad Kingsroad: wizard combat Cool character skins in Kingsroad Read More
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