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by Aethyna
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Kingdom Invasion: Tower Tactics 10 rate Help King Jain defend his kingdom from the incoming hordes of orcs by building different types of towers and then push back the orcs all the way to their stronghold to eliminate them once and for all! If you’re a tower defense “buff”, The King of Towers is an excellent game for you! Play it now!
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Love games like Kingdom Rush? Well, The King of Towers, the fantasy-themed game that shares quite a lot in common with the above said game may just be that game you’ve been looking for! Help King Jain defend his kingdom from the incoming hordes of orcs by building different types of towers and then push back the orcs all the way to their stronghold to eliminate them once and for all! Recruit, equip and train your heroes to lead the charge in the fight against the enemy! Use and improve your magical skills and summon militia, evoke lightning or call hail on the hapless orcs to let them know your wrath! If you’re a tower defense “buff”, The King of Towers is an excellent game for you! Play it now!


In the year 300 BC, the orc horde invaded Azylon. To defend their cities and people, the humans fought back just as aggressive and savagely. The war lasted 100 years! The last year of the war is particularly bloody for both sides. Thus, they decided to end the war by signing a peace treaty.

However, not long ago, rumor started again that the orc army is amassing their numbers again
King Jain Lantafik has just ascended the throne and to quell the fear rising among his subjects, he pledges to do whatever it takes to ensure their safety, if the orc armies attack of course. There’s also that bit about a prophecy regarding King Jain’s destiny as the king of towers. Anyway, the rumors were proven true and the orc armies attacked...and so another war begin!


To start, you’ll need to learn how to play. The King of Towers has thankfully provided you with a nice tutorial to guide you through the basics. Although you may be an experienced tower defense player, you might want to pay attention to the tutorial, especially the upgrades part.

Let’s begin with the “how to play”! Like any other classic tower defense games, you will need to build towers in the various foundations provided on the battlefield to stop the waves of monsters from getting through to the circle at the end of the path. However, to build towers, you’ll need goods, which can be rather easily earned by killing enemies or you can call waves earlier to earn more. Monsters killed by heroes (which will be later explained, in-depth) will also give you some bonus goods. There are 4 different towers for you to choose from, namely arrow, mage, barracks and cannon. If you’re familiar with Kingdum Rush, well, the concept behind how these tower works is the same, so you can easily pick up the game.

Arrow towers have fast attack speed and specialize in dealing damage to single targets. Unlike cannon or barracks, it can attack flying targets. Mage towers are able to moderate attack speed and deals magical damage that can ignore target armor on attacks. They are hugely effective against armored enemies such as orcs. Barracks, on the other hand, are very unlike any other towers. Instead of attacking, they deploy 3 guards that will engage any enemy that is within their range. You can move them to choke points if you wish to as long as they are still within the marked area around your barracks. These troops hinder enemy movement and are immensely useful against fast-moving enemies. Last but not least, the cannon tower deals area damage and is very helpful in getting rid of clusters of the horde.

Each of these towers can be upgraded or fortified at the Engineering Quarter in your city (we’ll go into that later). There are 3 stars of upgrades per level. Upgrading by 1 star has no effect on your towers, instead, you must at least upgrade 4 times before you can get that stats increase for your tower. Each upgrade will trigger a cooldown that is accumulative and is shared among all the towers. Once you hit the limit, you will not be able to upgrade anymore, at least until the cooldown wears off. It’s a bit tedious but hey, the game’s free-to-play – it’ll need a way to fund and maintain the game, right? Do bear in mind that upgrading only increases your towers’ stats and will not allow you to “upgrade” your towers in-game. It’s more of a passive thing.

There’s also a skill-tree-like system for your towers. Once you reached certain level, you can advance your tower buy researching new tower models, meaning that this will allow you to manually upgrade your towers on the battlefield. Researching requires special resources and these resources can be earned, or more like “you’ll have a chance to earn”, by winning battles in hard mode only. There are other special resources too that you’ll need to collect and later use when the feature that uses it is unlocked. After researching 2 times, you’ll reach the branching part in the tree. In The King of Towers, you are allowed to specialize into all 3 branches of different ultimate towers, provided that you have the resources you need. Each ultimate tower has their respective 2 special skills that can be researched and used on the battlefield.

Besides towers, you are also allowed to use your unleash your magical skills on the hapless orcs! After all, victories are not only won with brute force. Mastering magic skills can turn the tide of a battle in an instant! The 3 magical skills that you wield are summoning militia, static and hail. You can call upon the citizen’s militia for free to reinforce your army on the battlefield. The skill only lasts for a short time, has a short cooldown and you can use it as often as you like. For static and hail, both skills deal quite a lot of damage and has longer cooldowns, but the only difference is that static deals much more damage and can be used on a single target while hail will cause an area dealing damage to all enemy units within the area (your troops will not be affected). Similarly to towers, you can also upgrade your magic skills as well, though you’ll need to head to the Magic Ward tower instead! Its upgrade system is the same as the tower upgrade system, except that it doesn’t have a skill tree.

Furthermore, you are given heroes, such as Vord Knight and Robin Eagleye, to help with the defensive effort too! The heroes can be categorized into various classes, such as tank or ranged and you can deploy up to 3 heroes in any battlefield. Heroes work like the characters in an RPG – they have their own equipments, experience bars, hero skills as well as roles. You can even enhance their gear and make them stronger! Heroes cannot technically “die” in battle, but they can get knocked out for 1 minute and a half before he will regain consciousness and his health before jumping back into battle.

There are many modes that you can enjoy in The King of Towers, including easy mode, heroic mode and hard mode. Get 3 stars in easy mode to unlock he heroic mode. Heroic mode will have certain conditions in place, for example, no arrow and no mage towers, only 1 wave, a lot less lives and a limit on how many levels you can upgrade your tower to in-game, which makes the level much harder than before. If you managed to complete heroic mode, you can unlock the even harder mode – the hard mode. In hard mode, you will only have 1 life. Everything’s the same as the easy mode, except that all creeps are much stronger and there are fewer foundations for you to place your towers. However, the tougher the level, the better the rewards! Moreover, each battle you play, you’ll consume a small bit of your energy points. Ran out of energy points means that you’ll need to wait for it to regenerate before you can play some more.

The game also boasts of having a humongous variety of creeps. Although some may be common in any other tower defense games, some creeps in The King of Towers are pretty unique too! Generally though, you’ll notice a certain similarity to the creeps over at Kingdom Rush as well! The King of Towers truly took a lot of its inspiration from that game!

As you play, you will gradually level up your kingdom. New levels bring new features as the many buildings in your kingdom, which serves their own functions, get unlocked. For instance, the training ground is unlocked at level 8 and it is the place where you can level up your hero without bringing him/her into battle. You’ll just need to have enough money to sponsor your hero’s training and wait for it to complete. There is also a manor whereby you can plant, grow and harvest money trees to earn more money for upgrades. Your kingdom is also important as it allows you to collect taxes from locations that you’ve liberated from the orcish horde!


The King of Towers is a rather underappreciated tower defense game though. Despite its amazing gameplay and some similarity to Kingdom Rush, it has around 77 thousand likes, a lot less than what latter game has. Perhaps players do not feel that the game has enough innovation or perhaps the game has lower promotional efforts... Who knows, right? Anyway, if you enjoy discussing tower defense strategy with your fellow players, feel free to head on over to its Facebook app page and meet the other players! You may just get some fast friends!

Graphics/ Sound

The game has an excellent inspirational and epic music in your city as well as a different yet equally inspirational music that pumps you up for battles. You may even log into the game just so you can listen to the music the whole day instead of playing! Love the game’s touch on its sound effects too! In terms of graphics, The King of Towers contains beautiful anime-like graphics that are eye-catching and may just be one of the factors that made some players stay in the game for the long term. It is that amazing!


In short, The King of Towers is an excellently-designed and developed tower defense game that has a striking resemblance to Kingdom Rush and yet has plenty of features to call its own! In this game, you’ll need to strategize and build different types of towers to defend the kingdom from the relentless hordes of orcs! Use your magical skills as well as the heroes loyal to the cause to your advantage to crush the orcs at important choke points in the battlefield! Don’t forget to improve your towers, magic skills and heroes too! Research your towers to enable the next level of upgrades during battles as well! If tower defense is your thing, then you mustn’t miss out on this exciting, challenging and brilliant game, The King of Towers! Try it for free now!

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New Game Added: Kingdom Invasion: Tower Tactics

by Aethyna Apr 22, 2015
Help King Jain defend his kingdom from the incoming hordes of orcs by building different types of towers and then push back the orcs all the way to their stronghold to eliminate them once and for all! If you’re a tower defense “buff”, The King of Towers is an excellent game for you! Play it now!
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