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Kingdom Hearts Union X 9 rate Based on one of the world’s most renowned anime game series, Kingdom Hearts Union X provides players with the rare opportunity to enjoy a fantasy-themed and casual-like adventure RPG that mashes up the universes of both Kingdom Hearts and Disney. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Based on (obviously) one of the world’s most renowned anime game series, Kingdom Hearts Union X provides players with the rare opportunity to enjoy a fantasy-themed and casual-like adventure RPG that mashes up the universes of both Kingdom Hearts and Disney. Featuring an innovative and unique combat system, this game will see you grow your ability as a wielder of the powerful, light-infused weapon, the Keyblade, and fight to banish the darkness that has managed to cover almost every corner of the world.


Although the fundamentals are thankfully retained, the story that backs this game is completely unique from any of the previous Kingdom Hearts games. The backstory details a time of peace and prosperity, where the world’s people enjoy the generous gifts of the light.

However, some people gradually grew greedy and wanted the light all for themselves, and from there, darkness was born. It spread like wildfire among the hearts of the greedy, swallowing the light everywhere it touched. Eventually, the darkness covered the entire globe and the world disappeared… or so it seemed….

In actuality, light is still alive, albeit barely, in the hearts of children, and it is these children who managed to carve out a spot for themselves in the darkness where they can survive. But of course, the battle against the encroaching darkness is never-ending, and this is where you come in!


After that enthralling story, you’ll get to create your character. Aside from being able to customize your character, you will also need to choose a union (faction) from among the “big 5”, namely Ursus, Unicornis, Anguis, Leopardus, and Vulpes. You will even get to start with your very own Keyblade right from the start.

Next, the game begins rolling its tutorial which is not skippable. This is all good and well since the game isn’t exactly a generic adventure RPG and you could use some help learning the game. Having said that, the tutorial does feel a bit lengthy and at the end of it, you’ll be required to download a huge file (the actual game). So, make sure you have enough space on your device.

The controls in this game are fairly straightforward – you simply need to tap to move and attack. Interestingly, you can also flick or swipe to attack multiple enemies. The turn-based combat system is very easy to learn as well. So basically, the number of medals you have at the bottom left corner of your screen (up to a maximum of 5, including a friend’s medal that you can bring along with you) will indicate how many actions you can take per turn. The game will reward you with more Lux (game currency) and experience points if you manage to defeat all the enemies in an encounter in a single turn.

Different medals will contain different charged abilities called Special Attacks, which you can then unleash when your energy meter (located above your health bar) contains enough energy. The meter doesn’t have to be full. Medals come in different quality levels and you can get new medals by purchasing them using Jewels. They can also be upgraded by “consuming” other medals that you no longer need. The medal “slots” themselves can even be upgraded. To do so, you simply need to strengthen your Keyblade using materials like mithril pieces and curative leaves.

There’s a paper-scissors-stone, element-based system, where for instance, a “water skill” will deal more damage on a “fire enemy”, in this game as well. However, most of these factors don’t really matter much since you’ll be able to just hack and slash your way through the throngs of enemies most of the time. In fact, I think that its combat system feels quite casual, making the game so much more accessible to players of different age groups.

That being said, I’d like to point out raid bosses can be quite challenging, spicing up its gameplay a fair bit from time to time. Unlike the mindless tapping or swiping, you actually have to aim for certain parts of the boss to disable it. If not, you’ll be taking way too much damage and may die as a result. However, if you really need help, you can work cooperatively with other players to slay the boss instead. You don’t always have to be the lone wolf.

On a side note, sometimes as you explore the dungeon location, you may stumble on barrels which can be destroyed and shiny patches on the ground. These usually contain free stuff, mostly upgrade materials for your Keyblade, so be sure to find and grab as many of them as you can before ending a dungeon run.

Like most RPGs, Kingdom Hearts Union X has a questing system that just sends you on your way to different dungeon stages, consuming a bit of your AP every time you dive into one. Dungeons are arranged in a linear fashion, so you’ll need to defeat the “target enemy” in order to unlock the next stage. This also means that you aren’t forced to kill every single enemy in a dungeon to be able to proceed to the next – just the target.

However, you might still want to completely clear a dungeon due to the dungeon objectives. Each stage offers 3 objectives that you can complete to earn a star each. Stars are, in turn, needed to unlock new story chapters (and hence, more story dungeons). Not to mention, because of the Disney influence, you’ll be able to enjoy classic Disney fairytales, ranging from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves to Aladdin, via the story dungeons in this game.

In addition to its PvE aspect, the game has a PvP mode called the Coliseum where you can test your skills against other players’. However, this isn’t really the main staple of the game. In fact, I think the best part about this game, aside from its combat system, is the insanely-adorable costumes and accessories that you can buy for your character. Imagine dressing your avatar up in a cute Winnie-the-Pooh onesie!


Having friends in this game is part of the developers’ push to make the game more social, and I reckon it works to some extent. After all, you’ll need friends so you can have an extra medal, and hence an action per turn, during combat. Plus, you may need some help from your fellow players when taking down challenging raid bosses.

Graphics/ Sound

The music in this game is simply a perfect fusion of Kingdom Hearts and Disney, and I love it. It provides the game with just the right atmosphere which matches with the game’s fantasy theme. Being Disney, the game has really adorable graphics as well. The colors used here might not suit everyone’s tastes though since it might feel a bit too bright and cheery.


To summarize, Kingdom Hearts Union X is a fun and entertaining casual-like adventure RPG that may appeal to only part (a pretty large part though) of the Kingdom Hearts fanbase, because ultimately, it is still not “Kingdom Hearts” enough.

From standpoint of a gamer who enjoys an innovative gameplay, however, I find this game very intriguing to play at first, but it does gradually feel a bit repetitive as you progress. The storyline is pretty well-fleshed out and does tie in, somewhat, to the Kingdom Hearts narrative, but I’d say to not expect too much out of a mobile game.

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New Game Added: Kingdom Hearts Union X

by Aethyna Jan 18, 2018
Based on one of the world’s most renowned anime game series, Kingdom Hearts Union X provides players with the rare opportunity to enjoy a fantasy-themed and casual-like adventure RPG that mashes up the universes of both Kingdom Hearts and Disney. Kingdom Hearts Union X: Fighting a raid boss Snow White story in Kingdom Hearts Union X Kingdom Hearts Union X: Gameplay Read More
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