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Kingdom Come: Deliverance 10 rate Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a historically accurate RPG where you play as a blacksmith’s son and go on an adventure after a catastrophic event. As Henry of Skalitz, you’ll fight bandits and interlopers in realistic sword fights, do missions for various lords, and explore and visit castles, towns, and churches. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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There are some games that go with the norm, while there are others that are under the radar yet are among the most revolutionary. Kingdom Come: Deliverance strikes belong to the latter. This medieval adventure RPG puts you in the shoes of Henry, a son of a blacksmith, in the mining town of Skalitz. Here, you’ll get to explore a portion of medieval Bohemia, which is a part of the modern-day Czech Republic.

Instead of adhering to easy gameplay and fantasy elements, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is grounded and historically accurate. The real-life setting features some towns and villages which still stand today, while the reconstructed areas make you feel like you’re exploring an actual medieval region. Apart from visiting castles, fresco-adorned churches, and bustling towns, you’ll also get to fight bandits and individual bands of a large, invading horde.

With all that has been said, is Kingdom Come: Deliverance something you’d want to dive into? Is this medieval adventure worth undertaking? To help you decide, let’s check out what it has to offer:


Set in the fateful year of 1403, Kingdom Come: Deliverance puts you in the boots of Henry of Skalitz. Without diving deep into spoilers, he loses his home, forcing him to get out in the world to find a place for himself and gain revenge. Many of the characters, particularly the nobles like Sir Divish, Radzig Kobyla, and Hans Capon, are based on real people in history, covering the events in Bohemia and the Holy Roman Empire at the time. In addition, it also has larger-than-life characters like Sigismund, the eventual Holy Roman Empire, and Wenceslaus IV, King of Bohemia.

If you’re a history nut, you’ll love KCD and likely spend hours looking at the fine details and reading the game’s codex.


Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s gameplay loop uses a typical adventure RPG format. You’ll explore a vast land, doing quests for lords and various NPCs, earn money, fight enemies, and upgrade your skills. Like the combat-focused ones like warfare, sword, and mace masteries, there are many skill trees to stealth, drinking, and speech.

KCD’s combat system is one of its main draws. Instead of using hack ‘n’ slash mechanics, it uses a multi-directional semi-realistic one where your time and block attacks depending on your mouse or joystick’s direction. There are various weapons, ranging from axes, longswords, maces, and agility-based short swords. You can use weapon combos and more skillful strikes, but you can win without using them.

You can also use a bow and arrow, although it’s important to note you won’t have crosshairs when aiming, so accurately hitting a target can be a tad tricky. The equipment mechanic is also one of its finer points. You can wear historically accurate pieces like chainmail and cuirass or simply walk around unarmored.

In KCD, you’ll also have to take care of Henry and his reputation. He has to eat and sleep, as well as not drink too much, or else he’ll suffer from a terrible hangover. As a blacksmith’s son, he may not know how to read, so it’s a must to have him visit a scribe and practice. Plus, there’s also the issue of him getting dirty and his equipment destroyed during his many travels, so bathing him and maintaining his equipment are a must. Why? Well, these matters affect his reputation, especially when talking with merchants and residents. Looking like someone who just jumped off a pool of mud will also affect how guards see him, so don’t be surprised if he’s regularly frisked.

Though limited, Kingdom Come: Deliverance gives you a bit of freedom regarding how you approach specific objectives. For example, you can kill several bandits by placing poison on their food source or increasing your stealth enough that you can kill them while they’re all asleep. You could also do it the honorable way by engaging them in combat, but remember, taking on multiple opponents simultaneously is a challenging endeavor. The same applies to quests, like in the one where you have to find heretics. You can opt to report them directly to the inquisitor or save them by taking the inquisitor out. Note that there are many ways to accomplish objectives, and it’s up to you to find them.

Unfortunately, the game had a few problems at release, including bugs like t-posing NPCs, broken questlines, and stability issues. However, after constant updates and DLCs, the game runs beautifully today, and I’ve had no problems so far. Note this is my second playthrough, with the first one on the PlayStation 4.


In terms of visuals, Kingdom Come: Deliverance delivers, although it doesn’t look as attractive as its peers. It is also prone to texture clipping, especially whenever Henry wears a combat jacket and is using an ax. On a positive note, Kingdom Come: Deliverance’s entire atmosphere and world design is nothing short of superb. The designers used advice from historians to recreate places like Rattay, Skalitz, and Talmberg, and again, it feels like you’ve gone back in time. Regarding audio, there’s also medieval-themed music, while the voice acting is outstanding.


Overall, Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a fantastic game, and it stands out thanks to its realistic medieval setting. Henry’s adventure is a rather absorbing tale, full of clashes with bandits and an adventure around busy towns, castles with tall towers, and even highly decorated churches. If you can, give the game a shot and go on an adventure and survive in Bohemia.

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by Mikhail May 19, 2021
Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a historically accurate RPG where you play as a blacksmith’s son and go on an adventure after a catastrophic event. As Henry of Skalitz, you’ll fight bandits and interlopers in realistic sword fights, do missions for various lords, and explore and visit castles, towns, and churches. Rattay during sunrise in Kingdom Come: Deliverance Using a bow in Kingdom Come: Deliverance Henry and Sir Radzig in Kingdom Come: Deliverance Read More
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