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by Aethyna
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Keepers of the Rift 9 rate Dive into the gorgeous and colorful fantasy world of Incuria to fight foes and help make the world a better place in this brilliant browser MMO, Keepers of the Rift. Assemble a team of strong heroes, bring along your combat pet, and set off on a journey to put a stop to the Dark Legion's nefarious plans! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Featuring an art style and atmosphere that is prominent in many Korean MMOs, Keepers of the Rift is a browser-based MMORPG where you play as an up-and-coming hero, who is setting off on an adventure to right the wrongs of the world. This dream of yours puts you in direct conflict with the shadowy organization called the Dark Legion. Thankfully, you won’t be taking on the enemy alone – assemble a party of heroes, bring along your combat pet and help save the gorgeous world known as Incuria from these nefarious villains.


As mentioned, you play as an ambitious adventurer who aims to help the world of Incuria in any way you can. Thankfully, there’s no shortage of issues that you can solve with your trusty *insert your weapon of choice* and your team of heroes and pets… especially the ones that involve the typical villainous organization, the Dark Legion.

The game offers plenty of side stories that play out via quests as well, including heartbreaking one where you were forced to slay a kid’s mother in front of his eyes because she was somehow possessed.


To begin your adventure, you’ll need to first create a character. The character creation aspect of this game is astoundingly in-depth for a browser MMO. There are 6 unique classes for you to play as, namely warrior, priest, hunter, bard, engineer and knight, and each class comes in two genders. Not many browser MMO games would offer that many options for their players, that’s for sure.

Anyway, once you’re done with your character, you’ll immediately be dropped into the world of Incuria where the game’s compulsory tutorial kicks in.

Questing in this game is as painless as it can be. It’s not at all grindy and although it’s automated, there is still some stuff which will require you to click on from time to time. The game’s turn-based combat is also similar in many ways. You can choose to manually select a skill to use and which enemy to use it on or you can simply let the game’s automation kick in (by turning on auto-combat) and help you take care of the enemies.

Fighting enemies is made even easier for you when you consider the fact that you can assemble quite a team to help you battle your enemies. You can recruit and “deploy” up to 4 different heroes and 1 combat pet (a pet that actually participates in fights).

Heroes in this game aren’t permanent like other MMOs, however. They are a lot like the timed guns that you can buy in some MMOFPS games. That said, the game provides 3 or so heroes for free that are rotated every week, so you needn’t worry that you’ll have no one else to help you fight your battles. Pets, on the other hand, are permanently unlocked, but you can only bring 1 pet along with you when you fight.

Aside from pets and heroes, you can also upgrade your skills, forge new weapons or inlay gems, as well as equip and upgrade wings and mounts to improve your combat capabilities. However, I’d like to point out that the “starter” wings and mount – the free ones – aren’t credited to your account immediately once the feature is unlocked. Instead, you have to click on one of the many shiny icons at the top menu to claim them. There’s a 3-day time limit on the items so if you forget to do so, you will essentially be forfeiting your free pair of wings and mount.

Not to mention, I have a bone to pick with the combat system in this game. Even if you do choose your skills manually, the game still forces you to sit through the entire 20-second plus “waiting” duration in between turns. This is all fine and well if the fight is a short one, but if it’s not, these fights will definitely start to feel like an unnecessary wait… even if you have auto-combat on.

Like most browser MMOs, you will level up by primarily completing quests (both main and side quests), but interestingly enough, this game doesn’t really offer you anything else to do (except farming monsters in the Hall of Dimensions) at least until you reach level 35, which can take quite a while. Once you reached that level threshold, you’ll unlock dungeons where you can band together with other players on your server to take out challenging bosses. For PvP, there’s a Coliseum where you can send your pets into battle.

In terms of monetization, Keepers of the Rift can be a bit skewed towards pay-to-win since you can get a ton of benefits and superior items simply by recharging, a.k.a. spending real cash in the game. There’s also a tiered VIP system that will give a player more perks as he advanced to a new tier, and there are even plenty of “Lucky Chests” scattered around the game world where you’ll need a special key to unlock – a key that can only be purchased using the premium currency, Gold. Granted that free-to-play players can still go far in this game, they will definitely need to put in a lot more effort than a spender.


Once you reached level 25, you’ll unlock the Guild feature. Similar to most browser MMOs, being a member of a guild can be immensely advantageous to you, mainly because you can access a host of new Guild-only features. In return though, you’ll be expected to contribute whenever you can and be active.

Graphics/ Sound

For a browser game, Keepers of the Rift really hit the ball out of the park with its graphics and sound. The anime-like graphics here are both cute and colorful, and they are definitely of high quality (by browser game-standards). However, what I really like the most about this game is its music. The game provides a varied range of tunes that are played in the background as you play. Different locations have different music, and of course, the music played during combat is a lot more upbeat as well. In fact, it reminds me a lot of any battle scene in an anime. My favorite would probably be the piano tune played in Elysium though!


Keepers of the Rift is a really unique free-to-play browser MMORPG that aims to wow its players the moment they log in. Featuring high-quality and colorful graphics, beautiful music, and a fun and somewhat automated gameplay, this indeed a very appealing game to play. Do give it a try!

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New Game Added: Keepers of the Rift

by Aethyna Oct 31, 2018
Dive into the gorgeous and colorful fantasy world of Incuria to fight foes and help make the world a better place in this brilliant browser MMO, Keepers of the Rift. Assemble a team of strong heroes, bring along your combat pet, and set off on a journey to put a stop to the Dark Legion's nefarious plans! Infiltrating the Dark Legion's lab in Keepers of the Rift Keepers of the Rift: Female bard Questing in Keepers of the Rift Read More
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