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KartWorld 3D 9.5 rate Enter the world of kart racing in this thrilling racing game, KartWorld 3D! There is a huge variety of amazing karts that you can collect, upgrade, customize and race with AI racers, your friends or other players worldwide! Manage your very own garage and service your customers' karts to earn money. Sounds fun? Play now! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Enter the world of kart racing in this thrilling free-to-play racing game, KartWorld 3D! The game offers a huge variety of amazing karts that you can collect, upgrade, customize and race with clever AI racers, your friends or other players from around the world on a huge range of tracks that offers different surface conditions! Manage your very own garage and help your customers service their karts to earn money. There are also plenty of mini-games, like drag-racing and jump, that you can enjoy as well! Interested? Well, what are you waiting for? Show off your racing skills in KartWorld 3D today!


The game starts off by teaching you the basics of racing in KartWorld 3D and letting you to drive one of their premium karts, the sleek Firenzo! The controls are fairly easy to learn but well, it can be really hard to master! You’ll be using your arrow keys to steer and accelerate your kart. For tight turns or corners, you can also use your spacebar, which acts like a handbrake, to perform a drift.

After the exhilarating race, you are then given the chance to give your character a name and buy your first kart! KartWorld is very generous in the sense that you’re given 3 really cool-looking cars to choose from, namely the Bug that looks a lot like a hippy-version of a Mercedes, the Eye-Que that looks like an open-top electric car and the eco-friendly hybrid kart, the Flux. These are merely the starter karts though and as you level up, you will unlock new karts as well!

KartWorld 3D offers a huge range of other awesome-looking karts as well, from classic vintage karts to the sleekest karts you have ever seen! You can even buy a pickup truck, tank, four-wheel drive, Tez that looks like an F1 race car, the gothic Kestrel or as it is also known as the kart with “fangs” and the batmobile-look-a-like, vampyre! However, naturally, most of the coolest cars are premium cash (Kart Cash) only, but there are quite a few badass karts that are available for in-game cash (KartWorld coins).

Each of these karts have their own stats for different track conditions (road or dirt) as well as the fuel capacity, which will determine how many times you can race each time it is refilled. Furthermore, you can also purchase as many karts as you like as the game doesn’t exactly have any restrictions as to how many karts you can buy and collect. Buying karts will also earn you experience points and as you level up you can buy better karts. However, although the purchasing process is instant, the kart deliver might take awhile.

Besides buying new karts, you can also upgrade your old kart by spending coins to upgrade and level up the various components in your kart. This includes the usual stuff like engine, transmission, wheel, gear box and many more! In KartWorld 3D, you will also need to repair your kart after some time, especially if you keep crashing into other karts or barriers, or the performance of your kart will drop. In addition, you can also customize your car to your heart’s content, such as by changing the rims or giving your beloved kart a new paint job.

All of these cost a lot of money however, thus, it is vital you learn how to earn cash in KartWorld 3D before you go on a spending spree! The simplest and perhaps the most fun way of earning money is by racing... but you must win the races or you’ll lose money instead! This is because to participate in any race you’ll need to spend not only fuel, which will slowly recharge over time but you can buy more if you’re running low, you will also need to spend some coins as well. Think of it like a “participation fee”. This is only a good way to earn money if you’re a very good racer.

If you want to give racing a go, well, you’ll be glad to know that you have several options that you can choose from in terms of game modes in KartWorld 3D. There is the quick race where you will play against AI racers, race (the usual sort of races), challenges and multiplayer races. Challenges are races that involve only your friends but it played not in real time. Instead, you’ll be racing one-on-one against the “ghost” version of your friend’s kart. If you return the challenge, your friend will in turn be racing against the “ghost” version of your kart. For multiplayer, there is technically no matchmaking and you can just create a match, wait for other players to join and once the player slots are filled up, the race will start.

While racing, there are several rows of green question marks that you can collect. These question marks provide you with a random power-up, including slick, pulse, shield and speed boost, which you can then use by pressing spacebar. The slick power-up allows you to drop a pool of oil spill behind you to spin any competitor who is tailing your kart, while the pulse discharges a strong circular electromagnetic pulse that will disorientate any karts that are caught in its range of influence. The shield works like... well, a force shield – your kart will be immune to any disrupting effects like slick or pulse and will not take damage from crashing into things. The speed boost acts much like a nitro boost and allows your kart to move super-fast for a short period of time. Once the race is done, there is even a replay for you to watch the entire race again! However, in this game, you are unable to choose the track you want to race in as they are randomly assigned. In terms of variety though, the game offers quite a lot of them, including the smooth roads of the speedway, jaldi or the river bend and the dirt roads in the tropico, desert discovery, or mountain climb.

In KartWorld 3D, there are also mini-games such as drag racing and jump. Drag racing is played similarly to other drag racing games out there. Basically, what you’ll need to do is to click on the gear box to shift gear whenever the bar on the dashboard reaches the yellow or green (preferably green) zone. The bar will increase as the speed of your kart increases. You won’t be actually racing in this mini-game though, just shifting gears. While for “jump”, it’s similar to drag racing mode except that instead of clocking your time, how well you did will be determined by how far your kart has jumped from leaving the ramp. You can get quite a sum of extra cash if you do well in these mini-games too!

However, the most steady sort of income that you can obtain in KartWorld 3D is selling kart maintenance services to your customers. After all, you are the owner of a garage at a kart track! To start cashing in, you’ll need to purchase and place service bays, such as the hoist bay, on your garage. The building process may take awhile though and, not to mention, you can also unlock more service bays by leveling up. Once you’re done, just wait for your customers to show up!

You can have up to 4 customers queuing up at a time since there are only 4 parking spots for them to tow their karts to. You just need to check the icon above the kart of your customers to see what type of service (for example, refueling) they’d like. Click on the customers’ karts and they will be automatically assigned to the correct service bay for the services the karts needed. Wait for the servicing to end and then click once more to send the kart on its way and collect the reward you deserve! It’s easy, right? Thus, with the money you now have, you can then buy better karts and play multiplayer races.


KartWorld 3D has almost 305 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page and this speaks volumes about the game’s popularity indeed! Not to mention, the game’s practically still in beta, so it is rather an impressive feat. The very active fan page is also a great place for you to meet up with your fellow players and make new friends. Do give the page its well-deserved “like” if you’ve enjoyed playing the game as well!

Graphics/ Sound

The game provides a catchy music that may seem a bit odd in other racing games, but it works perfectly for KartWorld 3D due to its cartoonish look and style. The sounds of the car engines as you thunder through the tracks or the squealing of the tires as you drift corners also work perfectly to enhance the gameplay. Graphics-wise, the karts are very well-designed and the sceneries are fantastic-looking! The cartoonish art style works well for the game too, giving it more than the usual dash of fun as compared to other racing games.


In summary, KartWorld 3D is a brilliant free-to-play kart-racing game that is very simple to learn but rather challenging to master! Select a kart and compete with your friends at the various tracks available or if you prefer, you could also race against AI racers or even human players from various parts of the world! Want to get that awesome-looking new kart? Well, you’ll have to earn some money first by servicing your customers’ karts at the garage or by getting a chain of winning streak in every race you’re in. Want to take a break from competitive racing? Well, the game also offers several min-games, such as drag racing and jump that you can enjoy as well! So, start your engines and race your way to the top of the leaderboard today in KartWorld 3D!

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New Game Added: KartWorld 3D

by Aethyna Jun 24, 2015
Enter the world of kart racing in this thrilling racing game, KartWorld 3D! There is a huge variety of amazing karts that you can collect, upgrade, customize and race with AI racers, your friends or other players worldwide! Manage your very own garage and service your customers' karts to earn money. Sounds fun? Play now! Firenzo in Kart World 3D Kart World 3D: Speedway Vampyre in Kart World 3D Read More
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