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KartRider Rush+ 10 rate KartRider Rush+ is a kart racing game where you can race with millions of other players around the globe. Play in a variety of game modes, from Speed and Item races, or rise up the ranks in Ranked mode. Go through the story with Dao and friends and try to stop Captain Ludomani’s evil schemes! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Imagine playing a kart racing game with your friends. You’re on the lead up until the last moment when someone managed to land a pretty lucky missile on you.

Sure, it’s infuriating - but you play for moments like this.

Kart racing games are undoubtedly the biggest in the racing genre with big names like Mario Kart and Crash Team Racing dominating the space. KartRider Rush+ happens to own a piece of that lucrative pie on mobile, even managing to keep in step with the big names.

Developed by Nexon, I was pleasantly surprised by its high production value and the vast amount of content it dishes out. This is thanks to its many game modes, arenas you and your friends can race in, as well as the riders and karts available. In a way, you could say that if the kart racing game space is a race, it’s one of the frontrunners.

Thing is, would you want to get in a track in KartRider Rush+, and is it a game you’d want to play? Let’s take a look at what it has to offer:


KartRider Rush+ has a well-made and produced story mode where you’ll get to play as Dao and his crew. Without diving deep into spoilers, you’ll play as Dao and his friends, like Bazzi and Ethen. The plot centers around trying to stop the game’s villain, Captain Ludomani, from executing his evil schemes.

The story is presented in a way that makes it appear like a Saturday morning cartoon. You’ll be able to see the different personalities of various characters which are more distinct given they’re fully-voiced.


At its core, KartRider Rush+ is a kart racing game with a variety of modes, giving you a lot of things to do, strategies to execute, and moves to perform on the track. There’s a Story Mode where you can explore most of the game’s lore and get to know the characters. Meanwhile, the multiplayer modes range from the purely racing Speed Race to the Mario Kart-type Item Race where you pick up items on the track to use against the competition. Different modes require different playstyles and challenges. Speed Mode requires you to firmly focus on racing, while Item Race requires a two-pronged focus: your driving and the way you use your items.

One thing that astonishes me in KartRider Rush+ is the amazing number of unique tracks that are uniquely designed and offer a lot of depth. For example, one foreign planet-themed track provides a lot of gravitational jumps, while one set in a power plant uses cogs and huge wind turbines. Different tracks have a variety of perks that will keep you on your toes and in a way, will give you something to look forward to every time you unlock a new one. There are dozens of tracks available to date and you’ll race in more the further you progress.

KartRider Rush+’s biggest draw is, of course, its racing aspect. Races are short - Item Races can go for as short as 2:30 minutes while Speed Races are half that, giving you bite-sized racing fun. When you race, you’ll earn experience which will level your account up which will pave the way for you to unlock Ranked races. The game is also generous with rewards, granting you coins (called Lucci) and other items.

Meanwhile, the controls pretty standard and is similar to most racing games. The throttle button is on the right side of the screen alongside the nitro and item buttons, while the steering is on the left. There’s a bit of a learning curve when trying to master the drift and drag mechanics, but you’ll be able to go over the hump after the tutorials.

Outside of the racetrack, you’ll gain access to a lot of customization options. These range from kart types, pets, drivers, and accessories which you’ll earn as you progress. Apart from this, you’ll also have access to your own home and even decorate it. However, this isn’t exactly what you’d call an integral part of the game, but it adds a nice touch and a bit of variety.


KartRider Rush+ has a large and robust community. Finding races takes 5-10 seconds regardless of the mode. Moreover, it has a well-made social community: you can form clubs with other players and easily add others as friends. There’s also like, BFF, friends, and even a mentorship system.


KartRider Rush+’s presentation elements are on the level of a console game. The voice-overs are fantastic and fairly well-acted, the same can be said about the dialogue. On an iPhone 8 Plus, the game runs smoothly on the highest settings with no noticeable framerate drops. Though the visual effects and sound leave much to be desired, it holds up well and the experience is it provides is nothing short of outstanding.


Overall, KartRider Rush+ is a must-play. It manages to excel and keep in step with the top racers in the gaming world. Thanks to its many game modes, it keeps things fresh and offers more in terms of variety. Its races fast-paced and short, giving you bite-sized chunks of pure adrenaline-fueled entertainment.

Give it a shot and start making a name for yourself on the racetrack.

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New Game Added: KartRider Rush+

by Mikhail May 26, 2020
KartRider Rush+ is a kart racing game where you can race with millions of other players around the globe. Play in a variety of game modes, from Speed and Item races, or rise up the ranks in Ranked mode. Go through the story with Dao and friends and try to stop Captain Ludomani’s evil schemes! Kart in KartRider Rush+ Drifting in KartRider Rush+ Nitro boost in Kartrider Rush+ Read More
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