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by Aethyna
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Karos Returns 7 rate The tenuous peace between the 4 races of Broccion in Karos Returns has been shattered and the world is once again in war! Take up arms, grow your character's strength and seize the glory a true warrior deserves in this old school MMORPG. Sounds like fun? Well, download the client and give Karos Returns a try today! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The tenuous peace between the 4 races of Broccion in Karos Returns has been shattered and the world is once again in war! Play as 1 of the 7 different character classes and level up to proceed to the more advanced classes. Invest your Fletta points wisely into the many different Fletta attributes to give your character a leg’s up. In addition to PvE and PvP events, there are also random bosses spawned in the in-game world for you to find and defeat. Most interestingly, the game also offers an in-built botting option, which allows you to “level” your character automatically. There are even plenty of mounts, pets and costumes that you can collect in this game. So, do drop by the game’s website (or its Steam page), download the client and give the game a try today!


After a rather so-so and oddly pointless cinematic intro, you’ll be sent straight to the character creation screen. Here, you can choose between the 7 different character classes available, namely Mystic, Bowmistress, Blader, Paladin, Gunner, Rogue, and Sorceress, and customize your character. Don’t worry too much when choosing a class as you’ll be able to create up to 4 characters – just go with whichever class that you prefer the most.

Another odd thing about Karos Returns is that the game doesn’t offer a huge range of customization options although it is an MMORPG. Perhaps this is because it is a pretty old game. That being said, you only get to select your character’s face type, hair style and hair color, and you only have 5 selections to choose from. The characters you choose are gender- and (surprisingly) race-locked as well.

Everything’s set up? Awesome! After adding in your secondary password (it’s a compulsory part of the game, unfortunately... or should I say “fortunately”?), you’re ready to see some action! In Karos Returns, the game doesn’t provide the interactive-type of tutorial that you’d see in the more recent MMOs. However, the game has a text-based guide called Karos Returns Diary that works a lot like a separate quest tracker. You can complete the tasks listed in the dairy to learn more about how the game works in addition to earning yourself some nice rewards.

In terms of questing, Karos Returns offers plenty of quests that you can pick up and complete and most of these quests are made up of the usual stuff like killing, fetching or collecting, and “running between NPCs” quests. Thankfully though, the quests in this game are not at all grindy... at least in the beginning. There are even random event bosses that will be spawned in the in-game world for you to find and defeat.

The game also features an auto-path system, much like most browser-based MMORPGs out there, called the Pathfinder. However, the Pathfinder system in this game seems a tad bit buggy as it may sometimes guide your character into a wall when the character should have gone around the wall instead. Nonetheless, if you find that you’d rather move your character manually, there’s a helpful arrow at the top of your character’s head to point you in the general direction of your quest location.

Interestingly, Karos Returns provides its players with Karos Returns Guide – a bot that allows you to let the game play itself. You can set your character’s spell/skill rotation during combat. Via the Guide interface, you can also change the settings to allow for the automated consumption of potions, and collection of dropped loot items. The system can even help you track your party buffs when you decide to bot in a party. Basically, once you have everything set up and ready, the game can play itself for you. This feature is, admittedly, not at all unique since other MMORPGs, like Monkey King Online, has implemented it as well.

As you quest and level up, your character will grow progressively stronger in Karos Returns. For instance, you’ll start off with only 1 skill available, but you’ll eventually be able to unlock up to 6 different active skills. Don’t forget to upgrade each skill (up to 5 times) to increase their power as well! Once you’ve “tinged” at level 10, you can specialize your character class into 1 of the 2 advanced classes available. For example, for the Blader class, you’ll get to choose between specializing to become a Swordsman or a Spearman.

Moreover, Karos Returns also features a rather unique Fletta system. This system is technically an attributes-based system whereby you can ramp up your character’s stats by investing Fletta points into various Fletta attributes. The Fletta attributes available are separated based on various elements (Air, fire, wood, earth and water) as well as Yin and Yang. Like skills, you can upgrade each attribute up to 10 levels by investing more points into them.

Besides the usual PvE and PvP events (along with the upcoming “Warfront” PvP feature), there are plenty of other features in Karos Returns, such as amazing mounts (Phoenix and wolf mounts, just to name a few), adorable pets and costumes, that you can buy from the in-game shop too. On the downside though, the game can be very much pay-to-win because there are also potions that you can buy at the cash shop which will give your character’s stats a significant boost. Considering that this game is pretty much stats-based, you wouldn’t want to be facing a “spender” at PvP, that’s for sure!


The community in Karos Returns is rather small. This is perhaps due to its old-school charm that seems to be lost on the newer players... or that the game has just been recently relaunched and has yet caught the eyes of casual MMO players on the internet. Nonetheless, if you really want to be a part of the game’s community, you should definitely sign up to join a guild or go to the game’s forum to introduce yourself.

Graphics/ Sound

The music in Karos Returns is pretty impressive in spite of the game being rather old school. The tunes are inspirational and have very upbeat rhythms. Overall, the music does give players a very nice feeling. In terms of graphics, this game falls rather short when being compared with other client-based MMORPGs on the internet. The visuals have that old-school look which may deter newer players from giving the game a shot, but for players who don’t care about the graphics as much, the visuals can be considered as passable. The animation in the game can be pretty clunky as well. For example, when your character “talks” to an NPC, the NPC won’t even turn towards your character.


To sum it all up, Karos Returns is a pretty old school-type of game that has been relaunched recently. Due to keeping all of its older in-game elements, it seems that this game may not be able to compete with the other MMORPGs currently out there on the internet. Thus, this game would mostly cater to ex-players of Karos Online or casual MMO players that prefer old school stuff. That being said, the game has plenty of interesting features, such as the pathfinder and the in-built botting features, which makes it a tad bit different from most client-based MMOs but a lot similar to most of the web-based MMOs. So, if you think you would enjoy this sort of game, be sure to give Karos Returns a go today!

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New Game Added: Karos Returns

by Aethyna Nov 12, 2015
The tenuous peace between the 4 races of Broccion in Karos Returns has been shattered and the world is once again in war! Take up arms, grow your character's strength and seize the glory a true warrior deserves in this old school MMORPG. Sounds like fun? Well, download the client and give Karos Returns a try today! Cool wolf mount Dragon fight Awesome wings Read More
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