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Kamicat Football: Soccer 3D 8.6 rate From being the manager of an ambitious small football club to being the manager of a popular and high profile champion FC, if you think you have what it takes to be the best soccer manager out there in Kamicat Football: Soccer 3D, you should definitely give this game a go! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Summary Gameplay Community Graphics/ Sound Conclusion We are sorry to say that the game is no longer available. Please feel free to browse through our list of Games like Kamicat Football here: http://www.wwgdb.com/games_like_kamicat_football


From being the manager of an ambitious small football club to being the manager of a popular and high profile champion FC, if you think you have what it takes to be the best soccer manager out there in Kamicat Football: Soccer 3D, you should definitely give this game a go! Play in single player against the clever AI or compete with other human players on an international level! You can even choose to play in player mode whereby you are given controls of the players themselves or in manager mode, in which you will view the entire in an overview format with plenty of virtual action in 3D as replays! Develop your home stadium and the surrounding facilities to help improve your players so they can be in the best form possible! Fight your way to the top and prove yourself as the great football club manager that you know you can be in Kamicat Football: Soccer 3D today!


To start, you’ll have to select a championship you want to compete in. There are 5 choices, namely Erste Liga in Germany, Primary Division England in England, Primera Liga in Spain, Prima Lega in Italy and Premiere Ligue in France. The championship you chose will determine which national league your club will compete in. Unlike what most players will think, it will not affect your language settings in any way. For international matches, you can still participate no matter which league you apply to. The game doesn’t exactly have a very comprehensive tutorial, but whatever that it has it is in the form of quests.

Ready to show the world your football skills? Great! You should begin by choosing a game mode. There are mainly 2 game modes – single player whereby you’ll be playing against clever AIs and multiplayer in which you’ll be pitting your team against other human player’s team. Let’s start with single player and we’ll go on from there!

Single player mode will start your team off from the district league and if your team performed well, your football club will slowly and gradually move up the ranks to the big leagues pretty soon! The teams that you’ll be facing are randomly assigned but don’t worry! The difficulty won’t be too drastic, in fact, initially, the games can be rather “tame”. In other words, it is fairly easy earlier on.

Once you start a single player game, you’ll be prompted with 2 sub-mode selections. You can either play by controlling your players or in manager mode. In manager mode, you’ll see only the overview of playing field with your players and the opponents transformed into dots on the map. However, whenever there’s a goal scored, a foul or penalty or the critical moment before a goal or a near miss, the game will present you with the thrilling 3D replays of the scenarios. Matches will be resolved much faster in manager mode since the game is played by the computer.

On the other hand, in player mode, you’ll be able to actually control your players who are running about on the field! To start the match, you’ll need to click on the pitch. In this mode, you’ll use your cursor to direct your selected player to run in a certain direction. The player is automatically chosen for you depending on his proximity to the ball. To kick the ball, you can use your mouse to aim and then click on your left mouse button to kick.

If you want to steal a ball from an opponent, just run your player close to the opponent with the ball and click to kick. However, be careful! Sometimes, you may accidentally kick the player in the foot or something while injuring him, earning your currently-controlled player a yellow and even worse... a red card! To the delight of the “sadists”, you can also control your player to purposefully kick another opponent in this game, but of course, you won’t be getting away with it! Of course, the player mode is much more exciting than being in manager mode, but it’s a lot more risky. After all, computers rarely do mistakes while human players, well, they do that pretty often, especially when they don’t know how the game works.

In Kamicat Football: Soccer 3D, you will also have your own stadium and facilities, such as gym, administrative offices, club shop, and training centers. The club shop is where you’ll be earning most of your money to fund your team from. The building will generate money by itself over time, so you’ll just click to collect money from it. You can upgrade the building, up to a maximum of 10 levels, to increase the coins you’ll earn as well! Another method to earn money is by playing matches in your home stadium. After a match, you can then click on your stadium to collect your income.

To increase your stadium income, you can upgrade, design and decorate your very own ideal stadium with the preset tools provided... though not all items can be bought using in-game cash. Having a better stadium equals to earning more money from ticket sales. It doesn’t hurt to have increased club popularity too, which you can increase by winning matches and leagues. Club popularity, as you may guessed by now, affects attendance at matches and the more people attending matches, the more tickets you’ll sell!

Besides collecting income from ticket and merchandise sales, you can also sign a contract for a sponsorship. You’ll have to be patient and wait until the end of the contract before you can collect your money. However, since sponsorships usually provide you with a huge chunk of money, it’s very worth the wait!

Another important building is the team management office. It allows you to click on players to review their stats (skill, power, agility, mentality), renew contracts, health/injury sustained or sell them. You can also change team formation as well as swap players here. You’ll start with only 1 team formation, but as you level up, you’ll unlock many more other formations which you can use to your advantage!

To transfer players to your team though, you’ll need to head to the transfer market instead! Players, no matter what positions they play (goalies, defenders, midfielders or forwards), can be really expensive in this game and the better players, meaning that the players with better stats, are cash only... unfortunately.

Surely you’ll want to improve the players in your team so that they can blaze through the opposition during matches. To do so, you’ll need to collect XP from the training ground and use them at the training center to improve player performance by selecting the right training sessions for your team. Since matches will drain your players’ health, you can also choose to recover them faster by hiring therapists at the gym.

The key to a good football club is to have its own identity. In Kamicat Football: Soccer 3D, you are given exactly that! You can customize your club’s team colors, set your team’s name and even set the hometown of your team. Design your team’s crest from the many selections available, both free and premium choices, and design your home and away stripes for both your players and your goalie!


Kamicat Football: Soccer 3D has over 620 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page and it boasts of having more than 500 thousand monthly active users. The fan page is a great place to meet up with your fellow players and passionate soccer enthusiasts. The players there usually discuss and predict the winners or outcomes of real life football matches and leagues, and needless to say, they really know their stuff! If you fancy getting a friend who is into football as much as you do, the page is a great place to start! Who knows? You may even want to challenge him or her to an in-game match one day!

Graphics/ Sound

The 3D graphics are rather small and pixelated. Honestly, the graphics are not exactly top-notched or well-polished, but if you don’t mind it too much, the gameplay’s great! Furthermore, the game seems to take up a lot of processing power when you play in player mode. Lag is a common side effect, causing you to accidentally “kick” the ball all over the place and making the game rather tough to play.

In terms of music, Kamicat Football: Soccer 3D contains some very interesting music. There is a nice variety as well – you get to enjoy music from rock music with some nice beats to techno music. There is also a pleasant music that sounds both soothing yet quirky. As mentioned, this game has some pretty interesting sounds. Not forgetting the cheers and roar of the crowd that is the cause of the electrifying atmosphere in any football match. There are no commentaries though!


In short, Kamicat Football: Soccer 3D combines manager elements of building up a successful team, attracting sponsors and building a grand stadium for your club with the challenge of actually playing matches in 3D against your competitors. It is indeed one of the best browser-based football simulation games on Facebook! However, it may lose out to some of the football simulation games on the mobile platform with better polished 3D graphics! Unless you are really particular about graphics, Kamicat Football: Soccer 3D is one free-to-play game that every fan of football simulation games shouldn't miss out on!

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by Aethyna May 14, 2015
From being the manager of an ambitious small football club to being the manager of a popular and high profile champion FC, if you think you have what it takes to be the best soccer manager out there in Kamicat Football: Soccer 3D, you should definitely give this game a go! Shooting for the goal in Kamicat Football Kamicat Football: Home stadium Kamicat Football: Goal! Read More
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