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Just Cause 3 10 rate Play the third installment of the Just Cause franchise and strap on your boots and glide in the air with your wingsuit as Rico Rodriguez. Be a rebel and liberate the island of Medici under the tyrannical rule of General di Ravello. Use a variety of weapons, explosives, drive cars, and fly a vast array of aircraft! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Ever wonder what a video game would be like if Michael Bay created it? Well, you don’t need to look any further: Just Cause 3 is arguably the best example: it’s like playing through an action movie that defies physics and logic, yet it will be a fun and immersive experience. You will get to explore a large open world with various terrains, from large mountains, vast seas, and rocky cliffs. The game is set in an archipelagic country called Medici, which has a number of provinces under the rule of a brutal dictator named General di Ravello.

You will fill in the boots of Rico Rodriguez, the gun-toting, wingsuit-flying, and grapple-hook loving protagonist. Plant explosives on bridges, statues, other destructible structures, blow up fuel tanks, fly an attack helicopter to launch volleys of rockets, and even drive tanks. It is currently a free game for Playstation Plus users for August 2017, and is also available in Xbox and Steam.


Just Cause 3’s plot and story isn’t its strongest point, since most of the time, you’ll be ignoring it. Instead, you will be spending most of your playthrough liberating the various hamlets and provinces of Medici by destroying General di Ravello’s military assets. You will be attacking military bases, police stations, and outposts through a variety of means, may it be dropping missiles on watchtowers or the old fashioned “plant bombs and run” method.

Since you will be playing as Rico Rodriguez, you will be interacting with his motley crew who will be aiding you throughout the game. After all, even action heroes need sidekicks. By finishing certain side quests, you will earn the right to get more gear and upgrades. Note that the dialogue and cutscenes are mostly comedic and corny, and you’ll get a laugh or two by watching them.


Just Cause 3’s gameplay elements are phenomenal. You can drive a variety of vehicles across all terrains, may it be on the land, sea, and air. These include fishing and speed boats, to fighter and civilian planes, as well as attack helicopters armed with an infinite amount of missiles. Driving on land though is a little clunky, especially when driving cars and tanks. Nevertheless, there’s a lot of fun driving a speeding car on a highway, jumping off it, and watching it crash and burn on your enemies.

However, you won’t be spending a lot of time behind the wheel or sitting in a cockpit. Just Cause 3 has a grappling mechanic that lets you shoot a cable on a certain location or vehicle, and it takes you to it within a couple of seconds. With this, you can hijack vehicles (even aerial ones), travel faster than land vehicles, and easily climb mountains and elevated areas. You can also throttle yourself to the air using your grapple + parachute, and then glide in the sky using your trusty wingsuit.

There are a variety of weapons in Just Cause 3. These include rocket and grenade launchers, assault rifles, and small machine guns. There are also weapons from the environment, including SAM sites that you can hack, AA guns, and miniguns that fire an unbelievable amount of bullets per second. Moreover, you can also tether two objects together - for example, an explosive, gas-filled barrel and an enemy tank - to destroy them. There are a variety of ways to cause mayhem, and you will have fun doing so. Remember, you will end up dismantling bridges, large satellite dishes, and even power plants.


Just Cause 3 is purely a single player experience. However, you can connect online and your achievements and statistics will be shared among your friends and the game will automatically compare your records with them. These include things like how long you stayed in the air with your wingsuit, or how many objects you destroyed in a single explosion. If you want to find fellow JC3 players, try visiting its community on Reddit.


Despite the intricate, highly detailed world and endless explosions, Just Cause 3’s graphics look and feel a little dated. It’s a very slight downgrade when compared to other games like GTA V and Assassin’s Creed. There are parts that appear grainy and pixelated when up close, but you’ll barely notice these.

That aside, huge kudos to the developers for creating a picturesque paradise-like country that is somehow ruled by a tyrant. The Republic of Medici is a fictional nation, located in the Mediterranean sea. Its environments and biomes are varied, from large rocky cliffs, icy mountains, forested areas, to sandy beaches that are tourist hotspots. You will have fun roaming around these areas and basking in its beauty.

The characters are well-voiced: their accented English fits coincides with their upbringing. The soundtrack is highly appealing, but it’s the sound effects that stand out. Explosions are loud and they coincide with how far you are from them. Furthermore, the sound of rockets and bombs going off feels like soft music to those playing it.


Overall, Just Cause 3 is a game that you would call nonsensical, yet it is fun, enjoyable, and is a must play for those looking for an exciting open-world game. You would not want to miss it: JC3 often leaves you satisfied and wanting for more action. Despite the subpar story, explosions and destroying things never get old. We highly recommend it.

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New Game Added: Just Cause 3

by Mikhail Aug 30, 2017
Play the third installment of the Just Cause franchise and strap on your boots and glide in the air with your wingsuit as Rico Rodriguez. Be a rebel and liberate the island of Medici under the tyrannical rule of General di Ravello. Use a variety of weapons, explosives, drive cars, and fly a vast array of aircraft! Helicopter destruction in Just Cause 3 Beautiful sunset in Just Cause 3 Destroying a bridge in Just Cause 3 Read More
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