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by Aethyna
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June’s Journey – Hidden Object 9 rate Search various challengingly-dense hidden object scenes for clues, solve puzzles and set off on June’s quest to find out the truth behind the apparent murder-suicide of June's sister and her husband and to have the real culprit behind bars in this brand-new hidden object adventure, June’s Journey – Hidden Object. Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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The sudden and unimaginable murder-suicide of June’s sister, Clare, and her husband, Harry, brought June back to the family estate. However, instead of consoling her niece, Virginia, and grieving for her loss, Virginia pointed out several inconsistencies with the crime scene that eventually leads them on a chase for the real murderer. Search various challengingly-dense hidden object scenes for clues, solve puzzles and set off on June’s quest to find out the truth for her and her niece’s sake as well as to have the real culprit behind bars in this brand-new hidden object adventure, June’s Journey.


June’s Journey starts off with a rather sad story. June Parker, the character you’ll be technically playing as, hurriedly returned home to the family estate after learning of an apparent murder-suicide case involving her sister, Clare, and her husband, Harry. Apparently, the police have determined that Harry murdered his wife before turning the gun on himself.

However, Virginia, the only daughter of the murdered couple and June’s niece, found some clues in the crime scene that had led her to be skeptical of the police’s conclusion of the case. After looking around for a while (and finding more clues that a third person is involved), you gradually became more inclined to believe Virginia’s version of events. This sets you off on a crucial quest to find out the truth and to eventually bring the real murderer to justice.

June’s Journey is a story-heavy sort of hidden object adventure. Due to this, the game’s many hidden object scenes are separated into Story Chapters, with each scene providing 2 clues to help you advance the storyline. Going from one chapter to the other is as easy as leveling up. You won’t need to ask your friends to help out. The game has 2 chapters at the moment, but more will definitely be added soon.


Being a hidden object game, the first aspect of the gameplay that we should look at is the hidden object scenes. In June’s Journey, the scenes are all very well-designed. Each hidden object just seems to blend so well into the stunning background that more often than not, you may find it hard to get that coveted “perfect score” the very first time you play a scene. Not to mention, as there are up to 5 stars you can earn per scene, the more stars you already have; the more difficult the scene gets.

Although there isn’t a visible timer in the scene, there is actually one. So, you might want to find the objects needed as fast as you can. Not to mention, there is a combo system in place as well. Hence, chaining up your finds is a good strategy to maximize your score and fill up those stars a lot quicker. Unfortunately, the combo meter drains rather quickly in this game... perhaps a bit fast even for a veteran HO player. Personally, I find myself losing a combo streak simply because I got stuck on an object for just a few seconds more.

Thankfully though, the objects in the scene are pretty much static so once you’ve found an object in a scene, you won’t need to worry about finding it again (as long as you can remember its position, that is). Of course, this also means that it’s best, if you aim to get all stars in the game... which you should, to play the same scene repeatedly at one go while the locations of the objects are still fresh in your mind.

Replaying a scene multiple times just so you can get as much stars as possible is advantageous and is something you should definitely do mainly because stars are needed to expand your family estate (more on this later) and you’ll also get a nice gift box, containing goodies like more coins, energy, collection items (so you can uncover story snippets about the cast of characters in the game), and upgrade materials, for every star you get.

Now, energy is naturally the “currency” you’ll need to play a scene. You start off with a sizeable amount of energy at first but if you don’t mind linking your Facebook account to your June’s Journey game account, you can get a whole lot more energy simply by linking those two up. In fact, I’ve got so much energy that I ran out of coins before I ran out of energy – still at 200+ the last I checked and I’ve already completed Chapter 1 of the game.

Coins is what I’d call the “limiting factor” in this game. Like Pearl’s Peril, June’s Journey will allow you to develop, decorate and landscape your family estate with a nice variety of items, ranging from beautiful, coins-generating fountains to a plethora of leafy and flowery ornaments. Most objects aren’t upgradable, but for those that are, you’ll need to collect sufficient upgrade materials, most of which can be earned by playing scenes or opening boxes, before you can do so. Aside from landscaping items like adding water, grass or even nice garden paths, there is also a selection of special event items, if there is an event going on, that you can buy too.

All of these decorating, upgrading and landscaping are necessary because each item you place will give you points that will help you level up, in addition to costing you some coins. And only by leveling up will you unlock new scenes to play and new décor to buy. Since most items can be get pretty costly in comparison to the rate of coins you can earn per scene, you might find yourself running out of cash to use really quickly, resulting in a rather vicious cycle of trying to get more energy to replay scenes in order to earn coins just so you can level up and unlock more scenes.

That’s not all, as you progress, you may find that the land space is also a pretty valuable commodity, especially considering that some décor can be rather large in size. You can buy new plots of neighboring land for a price but this time, you’ll need compasses too. Compasses can be earned in the same way as you get more upgrade materials – through gift boxes and playing scenes. The land you buy may have obstacles on it, like dead trees and rocks, that you have to clear. This clearing process will cost you coins, yet again, but in return, you can get a diamond (or maybe 2) in return.

The diamonds you get – and you start with a pretty generous amount – can then be spent to speed up upgrading or installing (a new decor) processes. As a freemium game, there is an in-game shop as well. The shop only sells gift boxes, diamonds and coins, all of which can be purchased using real cash.


June’s Journey is a recently released game and as such, the community might still be a bit on the lower end at the moment. However, if you’ve enjoyed playing the game, be sure to recommend it to your fellow hidden-object fans and friends. The more people play the game, the longer Wooga will keep the game alive.

Graphics/ Sound

What June’s Journey did a lot better than Pearl’s Peril is definitely the graphics and sound. Granted that visually, Pearl’s Peril looked quite alright for its time, but the graphics in this game is just superb. The details are simply astonishing and the scenes, as mentioned, are all very well designed. This is definitely not a hidden object game for players who want something easy to play. This game will put your object-finding skills to the test!

In terms of sound, I really enjoyed the piano-based musical score played at the start of the game. At your family estate, you’ll also be treated to the calming sounds of the sea, namely of waves crashing onto the cliffs/seashore. There is no voice acting for the dialogues though.


To sum up, June’s Journey is, to some extent, a spiritual successor to the popular hidden object game, Pearl’s Peril and in that respect, the game did fantastically well. The hidden object scenes are all every well-made and challenging enough to play while the progression, although it may feel restrictive at times due to the lack of coins, is still pretty bearable for a freemium game.

However, if there is one thing that Wooga wants to improve in this game, I would suggest making it slightly easier to earn more coins. They can do so by boosting the coins you get from buildings and from scenes, and maybe adding in special daily quests (requiring players to play a specific scene for example, or to earn a specific score) for players to earn more coins/energy.
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New Game Added: June’s Journey – Hidden Object

by Aethyna Oct 17, 2017
Search various challengingly-dense hidden object scenes for clues, solve puzzles and set off on June’s quest to find out the truth behind the apparent murder-suicide of June's sister and her husband and to have the real culprit behind bars in this brand-new hidden object adventure, June’s Journey – Hidden Object. June’s Journey: Old Garden Gate scene Finding a clue in June’s Journey June’s Journey: Developing your estate Read More

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Great Game

I have looked into other hidden object games before, but I didn't care for them. I really enjoy this one.
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great game

I love this game but I am sick and tired of watching videos that I don't get credit for and today I watched 6 and last night 4.But even though I watched them it would say video unavailable when ...Full Review
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