Journals of the Unknown

by Aethyna
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Journals of the Unknown 7.8 rate Join Jane Goodhart, a rookie investigative journalist, as she searches for the truth behind mysterious and deadly events in this exciting free-to-play hidden object game, Journals of the Unknown! Are you good enough to get to the bottom of the mystery and land that front-page spot on the magazine? Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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Join Jane Goodhart, a rookie investigative journalist, as she searches for the truth behind mysterious and deadly events ranging from a witch hunt in Salem to killings in the Wolf’s Labyrinth in this exciting free-to-play hidden object game, Journals of the Unknown! In this game, you will need to find and collect useful items as well as clues by scouring the location or by playing the game’s many hidden object scenes! These items and clues are vital in order for you to progress in the game! Earn stars from replaying hidden object scenes and use them to analyze important evidences and to interview or communicate with key characters in the story. Are you good enough to get to the bottom of the mystery and score that front-page spot on the magazine? Play Journals of the Unknown to find out!


Two strange deaths have occurred in Salem. Local media says they are related to witchcraft. “Has a witch hunt started there?” Jane Goodhart, an investigative reporter, wondered. She wants to find out the truth behind these deaths. On the journey there, she encountered something mysterious that emits a creepy shriek, which caused Jane to crash her car into a tree! From there, she will need your help to lead her to her destination, Salem and also in her investigation into the mystery behind the deaths and the creepy little town!

As you play the game, you will gradually unlock other mysteries as well, including the Wolf’s Labyrinth. Each case can contain up to 12 episodes in total and the game keeps adding more on a fortnightly basis!


The game starts off with the story in your very first case, The Witches of Salem. Each case consists of scenes and episodes and both of these are very different from each other. Scenes are basically the hidden object scenes that you usually play in. Scenes are not usually timed in Journals of the Unknown, but sometimes you may encounter a timed mode or two along with other modes such as the silhouette and night mode. In silhouette mode, instead of getting a list of words to find in the scene, you’ll be provided with shadow shapes, or in other words, silhouettes of the objects that you’ll need to find, while in night mode, the entire scene is darkened and you will have only a beam of flashlight to help you scan through the scene for the hidden objects you need!

The first time you play any scene, you’ll only need to find a total of 5 objects, which is easy enough. 4 of those 5 objects are random stuff that you’ll need to find while the one last object is needed to progress the storyline. Find all of the objects consecutively to earn combo, which in turn will reward you with bonus points. However, you have to be quick since there’s a timer on your combo. If you wait too long to find another object on the list, you’ll lose your initial combo multiplier.

Furthermore, each scene allows you to earn up to 5 stars, which can be gradually obtained by replaying scenes. These stars are important to progress the story in Journals of the Unknown as well! They are needed in interactions with Jane’s team back at the Amazing Magazine headquarters as well as to interview key characters in the story. However, scenes that are replayed will not be as easy as the first time you play the scene. You’ll be given a lot more objects to find and the scene will be filled with more objects to distract you from the important ones on the list. Since the positions of the objects in each scene do not change, after a couple of rounds, you should be familiar enough with the scene to quickly notice any new addition to the scenes, allowing you to breeze through the process of searching for hidden objects in a scene!

Besides scenes, the Journals of the Unknown also consists of episodes. Episodes are made of up locations that you can walk Jane around in. In episodes, you can collect usable items and stash them in your inventory for later use. When you want to use the items, just drag and drop them to the person or place you want to use them on. There are also various materials that you can collect, such as chisel, screws and wood (each episode will have different materials for you to collect), from fallen leaves on the ground, barrels, cardboard boxes, sheets of paper and crates in the in-game environment. Each collection will cost you 1 energy point, but in return, you may also get free energy points, coins and experience points, in addition to the materials, too! The materials will then be used to progress the story. For example, you can collect wood and pine cones to start a fire.

Both scenes and episodes will cost you energy points to play. Episodes may cost you more than scenes when you first encounter them, but for replays, every scene and episode will cost you an equal amount of energy, which is basically 15 energy points. You will start off with a maximum of 90 energy points and you can buy more using diamonds or wait for it to regenerate by itself. By leveling up, you will also get a free boost of 30 energy points!

In addition to scenes, episodes and tasks that require stars to complete, there are also tasks that you can complete by just activating it and waiting for the duration to finish. To make things much simpler, Journals of the Unknown provides a case board, whereby all the scenes you’ve uncovered can be easily accessed, and also a task board that details what to do next in order to proceed with the plotline.

If you’re having any trouble with a particularly difficult hidden object scene, Journals of the Unknown offers you with a range of hints to help you. You can use a compass to find any hidden objects that you can’t seem to find. The compass will highlight a random object on your list with sparkles. There are also other helpful boosts or hints, such as sparkle that highlights what to do next when you are lost during an adventure; flare, which lights up the scene for 30 seconds in night mode and filter goggles that reveals the true colors of the silhouettes of the objects. Most of the hints or boosts require diamonds to buy, though there are 2, namely the compass and extra time, can be purchased using in-game cash.


The community for Journals of the Unknown is rather huge – the game has around 450 thousand likes on its Facebook fan page! If you encountered any problems in-game, feel free to ask for help there, or if you need more friends to earn more free energy points, you can meet your fellow players there and perhaps add them to your friends’ list as well!

Graphics/ Sound

The game, Journals of the Unknown, contains astonishingly beautiful graphics with incredible details that befit a hidden object game! In terms of its soundtrack, the game provides quite a variety of tracks that are all absolutely eerie to the point where you may even get chills or your heart thumping a tad bit faster than usual the first time you hear the music. Journals of the Unknown is very well supplemented by both sound and graphics to provide an overall feeling of mystery and creepiness!


All in all, Journals of the Unknown is, indeed, a very enjoyable and addictive hidden objects game whereby you get to join investigative journalist, Jane Goodhart, in her adventures as she pry into mysteries that occurs from all over the world in hopes of uncovering the truth! Help her search for important items and clues by playing the many beautifully-designed hidden object scenes to progress the storyline! Earn stars by replaying scenes to initiate a variety of interactions with your team or wait for the required period of time for a clue to be analyzed! So, put your powers of observation to good use and help Jane uncover the truth behind the mysteries in Journals of the Unknown today!

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New Game Added: Journals of the Unknown

by Aethyna Jun 3, 2015
Join Jane Goodhart, a rookie investigative journalist, as she searches for the truth behind mysterious and deadly events in this exciting free-to-play hidden object game, Journals of the Unknown! Are you good enough to get to the bottom of the mystery and land that front-page spot on the magazine? Journals of the Unknown: Silhouette mode Green house in Journals of the Unknown Journals of the Unknown: Magazine archives Read More

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It is asinine that you need to waste stars to talk to people. It's also asinine that you talk to somebody and then have to talk to them again. I think finding information on how to play this game...Full Review
Oct 22, 2016 | 1 Votes 1 0

I love the game, but....

I enjoy the game very much but wish it didn't take SO much energy to gain stars - it is not possible to play for any length of time without having to buy energy which I simply will not do every d...Full Review
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