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by Aethyna
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Jewel Legends: Atlantis 10 rate For millennia, adventurers and deep sea divers have sought the sunken kingdom of Atlantis and its countless treasures, but did it really exist? In Jewel Legends: Atlantis, the ancient city of Atlantis is not only real, you are tasked with the job to discover its secrets and restore it to its former glory! Play Now Similar Games Played Post a Review

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For millennia, adventurers and deep sea divers have sought the sunken kingdom of Atlantis and its countless treasures, but did it really exist? In Jewel Legends: Atlantis, the ancient city of Atlantis is not only real, you are tasked with the job to discover its secrets and restore it to its former glory! Match 3 or more of the same symbols to earn ... while enjoying the game via the many game modes, such as adventure, tournament and freeplay, provided. Take a break once and awhile with some challenging yet fun mini-games! Collect ancient artifacts and secret treasures that you can use to build Atlantis! Will you be able to show the world the legendary city of Atlantis in its full glory? Play Jewel Legends: Atlantis to find out!


The lost city of Atlantis is not “lost” after all! On one of your diving explorations, you’ve, by the luck of Poseidon, encountered the merpeople of Atlantis and they need your help!

A long time ago, the people of Atlantis lived in peace and prosperity on the island of Atlantis ... that was before they were turned into merpeople. However, their happiness was short lived. An evil and jealous god cursed their island to sink into the sea, banishing the good people of Atlantis to an underwater life for an eternity! Eons later, the evil god has been recently and finally defeated... though at a rather huge cost. The city of Atlantis is in now ruins and they need you to help save them and their city of Atlantis! Are you up to the task?


The game provides a very comprehensive tutorial to guide you through the basics of the game, but if you are familiar with match-3 games, you should not have any problem with this game. In fact, inexperienced players can also enjoy this game as it is very easy to pick up on!

To start, you’ll have to select a game mode to play in. Jewel Legends: Atlantis provides 3 different game modes for you to enjoy, namely adventure whereby you are tasked with the honored duty of rebuilding the magical city of Atlantis, tournament in which you are able to compete with yourself or with your friends as well as the freeplay mode that will allow you to revisit and replay layouts that you’ve unlocked in the adventure mode.

Since adventure is where the most fun is at, so let’s go into that for the moment. The adventure mode in Jewel Legends: Atlantis boasts of having over 140 challenging levels and it offers 2 sub-game modes – timed or zen modes. The timed mode will definitely keep you on your toes, and if you had enough of the challenge and just wanted to relax the hours away... well, you can switch to zen mode without losing any of your progress.

In Jewel Legends: Atlantis, you will have to make combinations of 3 or more of the same pieces in order to collect them. Combinations of more than 3 tiles will give you additional resources. For instance, match 4 of the same tiles and you’ll earn a naval mine. Naval mine is able to destroy surrounding tiles and marble tiles and you can activate it by merely switching it with any adjacent tile. However, the mine will not have any effect on obstacles, such as chains or anything under the chains. If you managed to perform a match-5, you’ll obtain an adorable purple squid. This squid converts surrounding tiles into coins. You can trigger it by switching it with any adjacent tiles.

Furthermore, collecting matches will fill up their respective containers on the bottom left of your screen. Load the container to the maximum and receive bonus power-up credits at the end of the level. Coins however do not have a container. Instead, they directly contribute to your power-up credit. However, you may wonder, what’s up with these power-up credits? What do they do?

Well, power-up credits are vital for you to purchase power-ups, or as the game calls them “tools”, when you encounter a particularly tough level. There are 9 different tools in Jewel Legends: Atlantis that you can have fun with. This includes the trident, squid, jellyfish, electric eel, slingshot, Crown of Poseidon, fireball and others! The trident is the earliest tool that you’ll unlock – it functions by destroying a random tile or chain. The squid on the other hand destroys some tiles of a single type while the jellyfish destroys some tiles of various types... all of which are randomly chosen. The electric eel will generate electricity that will destroy many tiles at random and the slingshot works by clearing all the tiles in its path (vertical path, that is).

The Crown of Poseidon works in an opposite manner as to the slingshot and clears horizontal rows of tiles instead of vertically. The fireball tool functions much like the electric eel, but instead of electricity, you can see fireballs raining down on your layout from the sky. Honestly, it’s surprising that the fire didn’t get extinguished by all the water around... after all, Atlantis is supposed to be underwater! These power-ups are not only fun to play with but are also important especially when you needed to get rid of tiles that are in some tricky hard-to-get-to spot on the layout.

To spice up the game, Jewel Legends: Atlantis provides a range of interesting obstacles to challenge you. There are marble tiles that you’ll need to destroy in order to complete a level. Dark blue marble tiles can be destroyed by making combinations over the tiles. Light blue/ cyan-colored tiles will, instead, require 2 combinations to break. There are also metal chains that will bind your tiles in place. Destroy these bothersome chains by making combinations with the tile below the chain. Similar to the cyan tiles, double-chained tiles require 2 combinations to break.

Moreover, at the end of every level, a brick will drop into your layout and you’ll have to get it to the bottom of the layout by removing the tiles below it in order to collect it. After you have enough bricks, you can then use them to construct or upgrade buildings in Atlantis. There are quite a variety of buildings that you can construct, such as the clam farm, tavern, hippocampus stables and many more! Each new building built will unlock a new power-up skill for you.

After building a new building, the next building site in line will show a “blueprint” icon. To construct it, you’ll need to first unlock the blueprint by collecting the Pearl of Atlantis. This will bring you to a mini-game whereby tiles fall from the top of the layout rather rapidly. What you need to do is to complete matches as fast as you can to prevent the tiles from reaching the line at the top of the layout. You’ll have to match tiles as the meter reaching to the Pearl is slowly filled up. Once the meter is full, you’ll obtain the Pearl which will in turn provide you with the blueprint you need and the mini-game ends.

In addition, by upgrading the buildings, your power-up skill will increase and you’ll also get a permanent boost to the power-up credits you’ll earn per level you play. Your final goals are to rebuild Atlantis and to upgrade all buildings in order to restore the legendary city to its former glory!

If you recalled, there’s a tournament mode that you can enjoy in Jewel Legends: Atlantis as well! In tournament mode, you’ll be playing against time and every match you make will give you some extra time. The game is not endless though – When all colored marble tiles are destroyed, you’ll move on to the next level. In this mode, the more combinations you make and the further you get, the more points you’ll gain. At the end of the day, you can even compare your score in each round to the scores of the other players on your computer (you can switch profiles in this game)!


Despite being a rather popular match-3 game on the Big Fish Games website, the community in Jewel Legends: Atlantis is not exactly massive. However, if you fancy meeting up with your fellow gamers, you can head on over to the game’s forum on the Big Fish Games forums homepage. Who knows? You may make new friends with the other match-3 enthusiasts there.

Graphics/ Sound

The graphics in Jewel Legends: Atlantis is simply astounding! The tilesa re all very well-designed and looks brilliant! Got to love the background underwater sceneries as well as the beautiful Atlantian buildings! In terms of sound, the game provides excellent soundtracks, which include epic music, and soothing yet mysterious music. The sounds are all very suitable to the theme and to the game. There are even voice overs for the leader of the merpeople as he narrates the story to you as well as other characters.


In summary, Jewel Legends: Atlantis is an amazing match-3 game that has a great underwater theme and it is based on the popular legend of Atlantis. In this game, you’ll need to match three or more of the same symbols to collect them into containers to earn more power-up credits. You can then spend these credits on awesome tools that will definitely make your life much easier especially in some of the tougher levels. Collect stones from completed levels and help the merpeople of Atlantis rebuild their city! There are 3 different game modes of varying difficulty and challenges that you can enjoy, namely adventure (with timed and zen modes), tournament and freeplay, as well as mini-games too! Watch in pride as you slowly restore Atlantis to its former glory in this exciting match-3 adventure, Jewel Legends: Atlantis!

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by Aethyna May 11, 2015
For millennia, adventurers and deep sea divers have sought the sunken kingdom of Atlantis and its countless treasures, but did it really exist? In Jewel Legends: Atlantis, the ancient city of Atlantis is not only real, you are tasked with the job to discover its secrets and restore it to its former glory! Jewel Legends: Atlantis: Brick stone Light blue tiles in Jewel Legends: Atlantis Jewel Legends: Atlantis: Naval bomb Read More
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